From sedition to magician. Its dangerous to be normal today: Links 1, July 19, 2020

1. Wuhan seems to be on the brink of destruction from flooding from the 3 Gorges dam and subsequent crop shortages

2. 50th night of “protests” in Portland…

And then…

Related: Interesting report from Portlandia

3. Aden, Yemen. A stage magician, hired to do his act at the opening of a mall, gets a death fatwa on him for being a magician. Locals protest.

Aden residents rallied in support of a young, local trickster magician in the country’s temporary capital city this week after an imam at a mosque issued an alleged religious ruling for his killing.

In a social media campaign that has picked up speed in just two days, Yemenis expressed solidarity with Mohammed Abdul Karim, known by his stage name Mohammed Tika, condemning a Friday sermon that called for his killing over his talent.

The campaign was launched after the imam of the Othman bin Affan mosque in the coastal city of Aden incited violence against Tika, including making permissible his killing, after the young magician was hired to do a magic show at the opening of a new mall.

“Everyone has declared their solidarity with the young man, Mohammed the magician, but this is not enough. We are facing a dangerous precedent and this is why we hold the Southern Transitional Council [STC], judicial authorities and all those concerned in Aden, accountable for the life of this Adeni youth,” Yemeni rights activist Anis Abdulla wrote in a Facebook post on Saturday.

4. Fauci in position A

5. More of Operation Paint Drop. African Americans against Marxist usurping of the black experience in America for the spread of communism.

6. Interesting protest. Will be an excellent example of how the dialectic works. One is protected and done by the mayor. What will happen to this guy and his protest?

7. President Trump did some highly symbolic redecorating at the White House. Scott Ventureyra does some proper counter-narrative analysis. Could be a good sign for the people who want a gold standard.

A bold move was made by President Trump, when he replaced Bill Clinton’s and George W. Bush’s portraits from the Grand Foyer of the White House with those of William McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt. Clinton’s and Bush’s portraits were shifted into an unused room.

But, why would The White House do this? Is it a personal vendetta or something deeper?

Interestingly, McKinley raised tariffs to promote and protect American industry. Trump himself had set high tariffs on China in September. McKinley also signed into law, The Gold Standard Act of 1900; this established gold as the only standard for redeeming paper money. He significantly advanced the U.S. economy. McKinley was assassinated in 1901. He was succeeded by Roosevelt. In 1912, in his third run for presidency, Roosevelt was shot in the middle of his speech. Throughout American history four sitting presidents were assassinated: Abraham Lincoln (1865), James A. Garfield (1881), William McKinley (1901), and John F. Kennedy (1963). Moreover, two were wounded in assassination attempts Roosevelt; and Ronald Reagan, as a sitting president in 1981. All of the attacks were carried out with a firearm. All of them with the exception of JFK and Roosevelt representing The Progressive Party from 1912 onward were Republicans.

8. French police detain Rwandan man over Nantes cathedral blaze – reports

A man has been taken into custody as part of an investigation into a series of fires, which are believed to have been started deliberately, at the Cathedral of St. Pierre and St. Paul in the western French city of Nantes.

The 39-year-old man was arrested at his home on Saturday afternoon, and the prosecutor revealed that he was in custody on Sunday morning.

According to local media reports, the individual is understood to be a Rwandan man who worked for the diocese as a volunteer. He was not previously known to police, according to the Europe1 news outlet.

On Saturday, prosecutor Pierre Sennes revealed that three fires had been started at the church. The blazes completely destroyed the cathedral’s grand organ, smashed a prominent stained glass window on the building’s facade, and ravaged a valuable 19th-century painting that had been sent from Rome.

(The French State was fast to admit it was arson and provide evidence for it, saying that the fire started in 3 locations. It will be interesting to learn more about the perp and what happens to him in this case. The French typically hide or bury info on these attacks when its reasonable to assume its a muslim or leftist who starts a fire at a Church or other significant Christian or Jewish site.)

9. Tech giant Cisco has reportedly fired a number of its employees for making comments critical of Black Lives Matter, including the statement “all lives matter” in response to the popular refrain.

Tech giant Cisco has reportedly fired a number of its employees for making comments critical of Black Lives Matter, including the statement “all lives matter” in response to the popular refrain.

ReclaimTheNetreports that the employees were fired for commenting on a video conference by the company’s CEO and other top executives, who expressed vocal support for the Black Lives Matter organization.

The publication reports that an internal company survey found that only 3.8% of Cisco employees were black, and that the executives at the top committed itself to changing this number by hiring more black employees.

10. Communist anti-individualist uses her nearly unique sexual and racial identity as authority to declare that the US as a polity should be destroyed.

Thank you M., Snaphanen.Dk., Johnny U., M., Wrath of Khan, Xanthippa, EB., and many more who have been following and contributing to this site despite the increased amount of pressure and attacks on it. We are working to reestablish the kind of reliability you are all used to. But new attacks have resulted in new challenges. And that is where things are these days.

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10 Replies to “From sedition to magician. Its dangerous to be normal today: Links 1, July 19, 2020”

  1. Item 7: The Democrats know they have no possibility of winning the upcoming election. And Trump has wiped out almost all of Obama’s legacy.

    The usual ‘sex scandal’ card can’t be played this time around. They tried the Russia-Russia, it flopped. They tried accessing his tax returns but the case will likely proceed after the election. Now, the strategy is to blame Trump for the CCP Virus deaths.

    If their internal polling indicates a Trump victory in November – which will happen, I truly believe they will attempt to assassinate him. And Trump knows it.

    • I agree. However, wouldn’t it be fantastic if Trump reinstated the gold standard? If he did that, “devastating” wouldn’t be adequate to describe what it would do to the world’s current banking system. Fiat currency, fractional reserve banking – the whole stupid house of cards would be atomized with the stroke of a pen. And in its place would be a stable, reliable currency that benefits the productive class more than the elite parasites currently growing ever fatter at our expense.

      • Sorry, I should qualify my comment: it would be a game-changer for anyone who does business in USD, including a large portion of the petroleum industry and international trade of all kinds.

      • Personally I have mixed feelings. The question for me is on balance, how much suffering would we see?
        I think if we went to a gold and silver standard, which in some ways is great, we would see a much tighter availability of money where wealth is limited by the amount of PM and not real economic growth. If that happens, then the value of the limited currency would keep going up to the point where you have to fractionate the metals more and more.

        More likely is they would start printing promissory notes for more metal than exists.

        Pretty much everyone thinks thats already happened and we don’t even have a gold standard. Its just to keep the cost of metals down that paper and paper shorts are issued on Ag and Au.

        I would appreciate an easy to read explanation of how a gold standard could actually work, and actually be better than a PROPERLY run Fiat. And yeah I know I know, but a gold standard would also have to be properly run. And as we see, they are using fractional reserve already for Gold in some ways now.

    • You know what? I was just now sitting here thinking the exact same thing. If the people who are running the show are willing to let thousands of people die by preventing them from getting hydroxychloroquine, putting infected patients into old folks homes, and prolonging the “pandemic” by fudging the death-rate numbers to destroy the economy before the election, they would most certainly not have a problem with assassinating the man they love to hate.

      The entire course of world history might well rest upon the results of this coming election. And you’re right. Trump did come along and completely undo Barack Obama’s legacy. I can’t begin to imagine how freaked out Barack must have been when he first realized that his nemesis might actually become President and undo everything he spent the last eight years doing.

      In this day and age it is simply not allowed to say the truth, that the “climate change” hysteria is entirely a hoax perpetrated for the purpose of stealing untold wealth while crippling the Western economies. Nice try, lefties… A great many entire nations would love to see the end of Donald Trump.

      Trump is very smart and you can bet he has this figured out and will make it hard for them to hit him. I’ll be praying for him…:)

      • Masks are for sheep 🙂
        Unlike those mask humans above, these masked sheep are peaceful and friendly.

        Bringing Home The Blacknose

      • When genocides happen it is often noted how surprisingly quickly people can go from being your next door neighbor and friend to cutting your skull in half with a machete. Like, overnight…

        Now can you imagine how bad it’s going to get if the left-wing prevails and they really start acting on Climate Change the way they want to? They will stand in judgement of every single thing you do as they decide what kind of carbon footprint you are leaving. What a nightmare! And, of course, with the severity of the Climate Crisis to back them up they are going to need total access to all your particulars to fight the war on carbon…

        If Trump loses or is assassinated it will be clear sailing for the left. Calm seas ahead…

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