ANTIFA now tells its followers to buy and use guns: Links 1, July 18, 2020

1. 1. Video of Israeli anti-weapons system, David’s Sling

2. Item one is needed because of this attitude:

3. Canada is so screwed

4. I don’t know who “Josh” is or why Cernovich retweeted him. But I do know I trust his report more than anything out of the WHO, the UN, or the Canadian Government’s various authorities on Covid and Health. I know they lie. Josh gets the benefit of the doubt.

5. Clearly this guy had a half baked idea of what “Green Screen” is and how it works. Your only invisible on video. Not in real life.

‘Green man’ shot dead after storming Egypt’s media production city

An Egyptian man painted in green was shot upon storming Egypt’s media production city outside Cairo, local media reported Thursday.

The “Green Man” was shot by security forces when he stormed in carrying a knife and shouting “God is Great”.

The Egyptian man, who was naked from the waist up, reportedly wounded two officers before being shot, Egyptian media reported.

The man was in his thirties and working as a farmer in the Beheira Governorate, The New Arab’s Arabic-language outlet reported quoting anonymous sources.

(He was shouting, “God is Great” was he? I wonder what that would sound like in Arabic. Oh wait like this…)

6. What does mask wearing do to one’s health?

7. Actually they are terrorists, not criminals. Criminals are people that use violence or deception for personal gain. Terrorists do ‘crime’ for political purposes.

8. From Oz-RIta: “Morning of July 18: fire breaks out inside the Cathedral of Nantes. According to AFP, a reliable liar, the cause is a defect in the organ.”

Live feed:

(This week the French government announced they plan to restore Notre Damme to its original specs. That is very difficult to believe.)

9. Ever wonder what a free people might look like? Maybe like Serbs who forced their government to scrap curfews.

10.  ANTIFA about to take it up a few notches

Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, Johnny U., Oz-Rita, PC., Hellequin GM., C., and all who continue to assist what at this point is undeniably a counter-revolution.

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9 Replies to “ANTIFA now tells its followers to buy and use guns: Links 1, July 18, 2020”

  1. Re: item 10, Antifa with guns – I thought they’ve been armed for years. Didn’t they used to post photos of themselves at little “training camps” with shooting ranges? They were trying to train the soyboys to shoot without reflexively tinkling and crying. But if they really are turning to guns now, then it’s just a matter of time before the army is called in to neutralize them.

    And to some degree, item 10 ties in to item 8, burning the Cathedral at Nantes. We all know it’s the muslim filth doing this kind of thing, but I’m always a little surprised to see how proud most Europeans are of their idiot orcs. I think the reason the violent trash is so revered is because they’re being supported by globalists, who are truly working for China. Anything to tear apart the west is praised because it obviously benefits China’s interests. And the collaborators who knowingly fund and direct this destructive effort deserve to be put against the wall just as much as the filthy subhuman orcs they import into their homelands.

    It’s a nasty state of affairs, but it all comes down to communists vs. nationalists. Parasites vs. producers. One way or the other, the productive people of the world must rid themselves of the parasites if we are to have any hope of peace.

    • There are smaller factions of ANTIFA which are savy with warfare. In Montreal, ANTIFA is allied with hard core Palestinian terrorists. But the percent of ANTIFA that is sophisticated this way to useful idiots who buy their own poison like transgender rights and so on and so on is the question. I guess now they want all of ANTIFA to be outright terrorists and revolutionaries for communism.

      • They want some of the soy boys to start shooting at the police and be killed so they can scream about the police massacre and how we need to disarm the police. Once this type of action has happened a couple of times the Propaganda Press will cheer when the trained people start killing the police.

    • Going to a knife fight with a gun. A boxing match with a kick-boxer. A staff-fight with a bow and arrow. Works every time.

      To walk away as this was a fair fight? Now, that’s the winner over losers.

    • The weapon is the brain of the person using the weapon, anyone that forgets this and forgets that projectile weapons equalize the force used by both sides is doomed to die by the superior warrior.

  2. Why are Muslims afraid of Donald Trump / Republicans and why did Canada waste all the taxpayers money and politicians time to vote for Motion-103, the “hate speech motion” introduced by Muslim MP Iqra Khalid and supported by ALL the NDP and ALL the Liberals, except CYA Justine Trudeau who was probably out looking for unicorns on the day of the vote.

    The Religion of Peace, Imam Mazin Abdul-Adhim, Canadian leader of Hibz ut-Tharir, the terror offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood hoods latest hate speech:

    “ I thought it couldn’t get any dumber than Bush, but then Trump came along. And then I thought it couldn’t get any dumber than Trump, but Kanye is actually dumber than Trump, so I’ve been proven wrong again.

    And you know what I think he could win it too. This is how moronic the U.S. voter base is. Absolutely the dumbest collective of human beings possibly in the entire history of mankind.

    When the Prophet (saw) spoke about Ruwaybidha (the idiot who speaks about public affairs), I never thought it could get this bad.

    A real life idiocracy.

    The truth of the matter is, this is what happens when the world has no real, respectable, global leadership. The standard for the world is Ruwaybidha, and therefore the world accepts Ruwaybidha as their leaders ——whether on a global, national, local, or organized level. This is the age we live in. The age of Ruwaybidha.

    Only with a true Khilahah on the Path of Prophethood will the world understand what real POLITICL LEADERSHIP is.

    Only then will people understand that our POLITICAL LEADERS must be the best of us, the most sincere of us, the wisest of us, the most intelligent of us, and the most knowledgeable of us — not simply the wealthiest and most famous of us.”

    Political leaders, oh my I thought “they” said Islam is a religion.

    He also has stated that Canadian soldiers are war criminals,
    “During WW11 the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem met with Hitler in Germany to discuss the elimination of the Jews – – – Muslim troops served the Waffen SS on the Eastern Front and a war between the Nazis against Britain, France, America and some others”.

    Dereck Sloan, of the Conservative Party has said he will designate the Muslim Brotherhood hoods a terrorist group. Mazin and many other Imams and Muslim groups may be not so bold in the very near future. He may be shocked to find not all the “dumb” politicians kowtow to the barbarian way of life. Qur’an 8:12

    • Trump fights for America and Civilization, he is the leader we need to save what is left of civilization are restore our freedom. The Islamic groups know this and know that when he turns the might of the US loose to fight the war they have lost.

      • Trump is a leader, a real leader. We have a puppet PM and deputy PM in Canada, with George Soros pulling their strings. We are living in very dangerous times.

        Muslims are advising Justine Trudeau and taking, taking from Canadians. They are walking all over our Canadian values and Justine is aiding them.

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