How the leftist engine of destruction is running roughshod over the staff at the NYT: Links 3, July 14, 2020

1. Brazilian President recovers from Covid with Hydroxychloroquine.

(Anyone know the story with Boris Johnson? Did he take HCQ? It feels like they make you stay silent on that for some reason)

2. President Trump is acting against the aggression of China in the region.

3. President Trump’s Speech which James Woods raved about, starts at about 59 minutes.

4. Large group of white communists screaming obscenities along with “black lives matter” disrupt a nice Dallas evening where a lot of folks are enjoying a meal with live music outdoors at a restaurant. As it happens, many of the people they frightened are black children and the adults they disturbed are black people. The communists are nearly all white however, using the beard of black civil rights to foment a communist disruption.

5. The dialectic engine of destruction continues…

(A “sensitivity advisor” is what the Soviet Union used to call, “A political officer”. Someone who made sure all actions conform to communist theory. ITs quite disturbing that all film sets have to have one on staff. Please see our rant in the previous post after item 6.)

Thank you Johnny U., M., Wrath of Khan, ET., EB., Malca and many more who are keenly observant and deeply caring.

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