Question not, but obey in all: Links 1 for July 8, 2020

1. Donald Trump called it back in 2016 with Epstein and Clinton. Its amazing to think how the left has made him the bad guy when he was trying to actually stop all this distilled evil. Which shows you what the left really wants. And it is not a better world for your children.

2. I did not know that the monument to the victims of communism that PM Stephen Harper had arranged to be built, and that Trudeau had placed obstacles in front of, had gotten far enough even to be vandalized!

(Of course this will not be seen as a hate crime. Hate crime is a uniquely communist way of selectively enforcing existing laws against people who oppose state communist tyranny. Kind of like how giant graffiti on the road saying BLACK LIVES MATTERS, which is a purely Marxist group, is protected speech, and covering it in road coloured paint is a hate crime, which the couple who tried to cover it are charged with.

So in a free society you have vandalism and terrorism laws for all, in whatever transitional phase to communism we are now in, we have vandalism only for people who oppose communism or any of its beards, and 1st amendment rights for those who promote it. Terrorism is stopping terrorism, and doing terrorism is free expression. Any questions?)

3. Senator and Doctor Scott Jensen on this investigation for failure to conform to the narrative on Covid 19

video – 13 mins 48 secs

Senator Scott Jensen is being investigated for comparing COVID-19 to influenza and for telling the public about orders to label unconfirmed COVID-19 deaths as COVID-19.

4. Four years ago, Obama defended a BLM killing of five police officers.

5. Pakistani carrier fires 28 pilots over fake licenses scandal

The spokesman of Pakistan’s national carrier says the airline is firing 28 pilots found to have tainted licenses, the latest chapter in a scandal that emerged in the wake of the Airbus A320 crash in Karachi in May

ISLAMABAD — Pakistan’s national carrier is firing 28 pilots found to have tainted licenses, the company’s spokesman said Wednesday, the latest chapter in a scandal that emerged in the wake of the Airbus A320 crash in Karachi in May.


An inquiry into the May 22 crash that killed 97 people on board resulted in the stunning revelation that 260 of 860 pilots in Pakistan had cheated on their pilots exams, but were still given licences by the Civil Aviation Authority.

The government later fired five officials of the regulatory agency and criminal charges against them are being considered. According to news reports Wednesday, 262 pilots are currently grounded in Pakistan.


The scandal has shocked the nation, including the families of those passengers who died when the flight PK8303 went down in a congested residential area while trying to land in the port city of Karachi. There were only two survivors on board and a girl died on the ground.

(Another reason to avoid muslim pilots. But the #1 reason is still…)

6. The Source Of BLM’s Super Power


I salute Mayor Ben Rozier of Bloomingdale, Georgia for kicking off the pushback by refusing the city council and BLM’s demand that he resign for his truthful post on Facebook. Mayor Rozier’s post is titled “Privilege.”


“What is privilege? … Privilege is wearing $200 sneakers when you’ve never had a job. Privilege is wearing $300 Beats headphones while living on public assistance. Privilege is having a Smartphone with a data plan which you receive no bill for.


“Privilege is living in public subsidized housing where you don’t have a water bill, where rising property taxes and rents and energy costs have absolutely no effect on the amount of food you can put on your table.

“Privilege is the ability to go march against and protest against anything that triggers you, without worry about calling out of work and the consequences that accompany such behavior.


“Privilege is having as many children as you want, regardless of your employment status, and be able to send them off to daycare or school you don’t pay for.

“Privilege is sending your kids to school early for the before school programs and breakfast, and then keeping them there for the after school program… all at no cost to you… paid for by the people who DO HAVE TO DEAL WITH RISING TAXES AND COSTS! …you know, us so-called ‘PRIVILEGED’ the ones who pay while you TAKE TAKE TAKE!”


BLM protesters’ and the Bloomingdale city council’s heads exploded over Mayor Rozier daring to state the truth. Anarchists deem speaking the truth unacceptable.

7. In this CBC clip about the ever diminishing role of choice in Canada, they actually use the word, “consensus” properly. Meaning a more or less arbitrary choice that appears to be agreement but is forced on a majority by a minority. Consensus is Habermas/Marcuse and its in heavy use now in the West.

8. Now that masks are mandatory based on a Marcusean consensus, lets look at the physics and science of mask wearing.

9. Matthew Whitaker claims Obama was ‘clearly’ involved in Flynn investigation

10. New Study Shows That Hydroxychloroquine Saves Lives, States AAPS”
AAPS – July 7, 2020

Related video:

Notice how the government/deep state reaction against hydroxychloroquine is much like the same agencies insistence on mandatory mask wearing. Which again seems to indicate this has more to do with compliance than about science and medicine.

Its important to understand that communism/leftism is profoundly and dramatically anti-science when science leads away from pre-forged Marxist determinations about the world, in exactly the way Islam is anti science. Both systems are not above hijacking the appearance and language of science to gain and maintains control however.

For those interested in an unrelated example of this which is both enjoyable, and more convincing that anyone on any side trying to build a case for their PoV, check out this fantastic documentary about the nature of Dogs. Although every moment of this is enjoyable, there is a segment which deals with a Soviet evolutionary biologist who’s research was illegal at the time because it was based on real science. Specifically Charles Darwin’s work, which was illegal in the USSR because it suggested that there was not perfect equality in living things. But in that segment, you get a sneak peak at communist approach to science which goes a very long way to explain how things have shifted in the West in the last few decades underground and now, as we see more and more, on the surface as well.

Dogs Decoded NOVA 55 mins from Science on Vimeo.

Thank you all so much who have contributed to this site in any way this week.

That would include, but in no way is this a complete list:

Coram Deo, M., Wrath of Khan, Xanthippa, PePi, Mad W., Johnny U., Richard, ET., EB., Babs, PC., C., Chris Jones and many more who support this effort quietly and in various ways.

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17 Replies to “Question not, but obey in all: Links 1 for July 8, 2020”

  1. 4. A reply to Obama’s funeral speech:

    Replying to
    Oh believe me – I have not forgotten. He preached to us whypeepoh about being racist after those police officers were killed, ignoring the fact that many officers on the force had run toward danger risking their lives only to be preached at later”

    “whypeepoh” That’s all-folks!

  2. 4. Related:

    “President Obama: What’s With the Native American Blessings?”
    by Ben Barrack – January 17, 2011


    In the minutes after the Fort Hood massacre at the hands of Nidal Malik Hasan, Americans waited to hear from their president, who was scheduled to speak at the Tribal Nations Conference. Hundreds of American Indian leaders were on-hand to hear Barack Obama support them publicly. He vocalized that support before expressing remorse over the Jihadist massacre that left 14 dead and 32 wounded; in the nearly two minutes prior to even mentioning Fort Hood, Obama astonishingly gave a “shout out” to Tribal historian Dr. Joe Medicine Crow…

    At Fort Hood, Obama showed insensitivity toward the victims with his “shout out” and his administration exhibited hypersensitivity toward the shooter’s religion, all in the name of diversity. In Tucson, contempt was shown for the faiths of the deceased victims in the form of a pagan prayer, thereby demonstrating a complete lack of diversity and respect for those faiths.

    In the Declaration of Independence, Our Founding Fathers accused King George of using “merciless Indian savages” to excite “domestic insurrections” among the colonists. In light of Obama’s seeming contempt for our founding documents, should the similarities between the handling of the Fort Hood and Tucson massacres be viewed as completely coincidental?

    History In The Making – Declaration of Independence


    He has excited domestic insurrections amongst us, and has endeavored to bring on the inhabitants of our frontiers, the merciless Indian savages, whose known rule of warfare, is undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes and conditions.

  3. 10. “How many people died because mainstream media panned Hydroxychloroquine?” by JD Rucker – July 3, 2020

    “I want to ensure that everyone understands the gravity of the situation here.
    Hydroxychloroquine worked this whole time.
    The media said it would literally kill you if you took it simply because POTUS promoted it as a cure.
    Thousands of people likely DIED because of this.”
    Dr. David Samadi – July 3, 2020 – Twitter

  4. Thoughts of a British Army veteran:
    Today the world is upside down
    Where black is white and blue is brown
    Where if you dare to air your thoughts
    You’ll be escorted through the courts
    And if you challenge your offence
    They’ll tell you truth is no defence
    The only way out of this mess
    Is for you to acquiesce
    You have to tell them you agree
    You don’t believe the things you see
    You gain release but with a warning
    Do not oppose the new world dawning
    The future will be ours they say
    The old world brought so much dismay
    Our history must be cast aside
    Along with it our national pride
    Guilt is placed upon your head
    For actions of those long since dead
    Your homeland is no longer yours
    For we have opened wide the doors
    To all and sundry old and young
    You’ll have to learn to live among
    New people who don’t share your tongue
    Our children then they sore abuse
    But you’ll not hear it on the news
    You see behaviour at its basest
    But protest and you are labelled racist
    Our soldiers forty years before
    Performed their best to end the war
    Of terror knocking on our door
    They braved the hardships of the time
    But now they face a charge of crime
    For doing what their masters tasked
    Yet clemency for the ones once masked
    The murderers excused and freed
    And good men charged to fill the need
    Of lawyers never ending greed
    Do not refer to a man as he
    He may prefer to be a she
    And women too can change their sex
    The genders now are so complex
    At one time there was only two
    Well nowadays there’s quite a few
    But oddly they have never found
    Ancient bodies from the ground
    That showed anything other than
    This was a woman or this was a man
    Black lives matter, of course they do
    But not those of a different hue
    Say white lives matter and you’ll face
    That ultimate in man’s disgrace
    Banishment from your own workplace

    Mankind, it seems has lost all reason
    Society today has no adhesion
    The people and their views are scattered
    We have forgotten all that mattered
    Could someone please tell me when
    The world will turn upright again?

  5. So what happens if people in New York start to think that they are surrounded by millions of violent minorities who want to kill them and burn their businesses while at the same time the perfectly insane Mayor deBlasio is actually going to go ahead and defund the police, and they decide it’s time to move to, say, Tenessee, and start a new life. And what if others see them doing that and think, “Gee whiz. If I don’t sell now who knows how much I’ll get for the place in a year, so they sell too. And on it goes. And that would be a “run”, just like the American banks in the Great Depression. And then a few years from now they’re showing films of New York and it looks like those deserted parts of Detroit, with peeling paint and graffiti everywhere…

    And the five Burroughs of New York City become dangerous no-go zones where the police do not dare to tread unless they’re in a Bradley fighting vehicle and the water and the power are intermittent at best while the rich huddle into Long Island and stop going to the city altogether. And if you were the enemy wouldn’t you be proud of yourself for causing all that with your psychological warfare prowess…? Adolf Hitler would be almost as impressed as Chairman Mao and Uncle Joe…

  6. Forget it, Chris. Your stubborn adherence to truth puts you at the very forefront of our miasma, and you will never escape your own intellect. Right now I bet my VTB friends are some of the best friends I’ve got. Think about that. We’ve never met and never will, yet we share our worries and reflections more in these pages than with the people with whom we interact daily. How twisted is that? Now it is my children who get the business end of me, and for their complete benefit.

    I used to love sci-fi when I was younger. But reality has zoomed on past, and somehow sci-fi became sci-fact (to quote a friend.) How sad. My real solace now is in what’s left of my imagination. Here is how I see myself: always and forever a man of action caught in another’s 1975 future dystopia. If only I could reconcile that future, to our no future now:

    • I’ll keep nagging you, Johnny.
      Summer camp in Hungary, the best Christmas gift you’ll ever give your kids. They’re learning the language now, which is great. Socializing with Hungarian kids their own age can’t be beat. Friendships for a lifetime.

      Just. In. Case.
      Right of Return is theirs by birth (thank-G-d).

      I’m not thinking traumatic exile; more like French Jews doing Boeing aliyah. It’s nice to have options, to be in a position to make choices.

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