Mass stabbing in Scotland, more attacks on black people in Nigeria (no BLM) and for some reason, threatening to kill gay people, not a crime if you are muslim: Links 2, June 26, 2020

1. More on the “Major incident in Glasgow”

2. Denmark gives Norwegian-Iranian 7 years for spying for Iran

COPENHAGEN, Denmark — A court in Denmark sentenced on Friday a 40-year-old Norwegian man of Iranian descent to seven years in prison after he was found guilty of spying for Iran and being accessory to attempts to commit murder on Danish soil.


The man, who was not identified by the court, “collected information about an exiled Iranian in Denmark” during the period of Sept. 25-27, 2018.

The Roskilde city court said it was “proven” that the information was handed over to a person working for an unnamed Iranian intelligence service. It added that online chats between the defendant and the person working for the Iranian intelligence service “weighed in” as evidence.


The court in Roskilde, about 40 kilometers (25 miles) west of Copenhagen, also sentenced him to be expelled from Denmark after having served his time, with a permanent entry ban.

3. In Nigeria, an Islamic State-linked group steps up attacks

An Islamic State-linked group appears to be regaining strength in northeastern Nigeria and is now warning it will target civilians who help the military or even humanitarian organizations

MAIDUGURI, Nigeria — An Islamic State-linked group appears to be regaining strength in northeastern Nigeria and is now warning it will target civilians who help the military or even humanitarian organizations.


The Islamic State in West Africa Province, which broke away from Boko Haram in 2016, had appeared weakened earlier this year by internal feuding, said Nnamdi Obasi, the senior adviser for Nigeria at the International Crisis Group.

But earlier this month it killed more than 120 people in a single week, including 40 in Monguno, a town housing an estimated 150,000 displaced people and a U.N. humanitarian base that was only able to repel the jihadists after hours of fighting.


“The new attack now suggests that there is a new flare to their violence,” Obasi said.

4. Mueller report witness gets 10 years on child sex charges

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (AP) — A Lebanese American businessman who was a key witness in special counsel Robert Mueller’s report and who helped broker the release of American hostages was sentenced Friday to 10 years in prison sentence on child sex charges.


George Nader pleaded guilty in January to bringing a 14-year-old boy from the Czech Republic to the U.S. 20 years ago to engage in sexual activity. He also acknowledged possessing child pornography.


Nader’s name appears more than 100 times in the Mueller report. It details Nader’s efforts to serve as liaison between Russians and members of President Donald Trump’s transition team.


In the 1990s, Nader served as a broker to facilitate the release of American hostages held in the Middle East.

The convictions carried a 10-year mandatory minimum. The judge could have imposed a longer term, though prosecutors also recommended a 10-year sentence.

Nader also agreed to pay $150,000 in restitution to the Czech boy he abused, who is now an adult and testified at Friday’s sentencing hearing in U.S. District Court in Alexandria by phone.

5. a dollar gets you ten this guy will never be arrested for this and we already know if a white person says 1/100th of this kind of material, they will go to JAIL

(Try to remember what happened to Rasmus just for saying Islam was non-miscible with the West)

6. It is very difficult for people who saw things coming and then took time and effort to inform others that this terrible thing was coming, not to be a bit of a dick about it. So… I guess we should forgive that aspect of this video.

7. Marc Zuckerberg seems to be ramping up all of Facebook to make sure ONE election goes his way. You can guess which one that is. Is anyone aware of Facebook making sure these kind of voting procedures have been in place for any other election anywhere ever?

We know of course, hate speech is only ever speech that interferes with a Marxist agenda.

8. Would Zuckerberg ban this hate speech on Facebook?

Probably only for those pointing it out.

9. About that brutal beating of a white clerk at Macy’s.

10. Satellite images show buildup at site of deadly India-China border clash

Hong Kong (CNN)China appears to have rebuilt and expanded a military camp in the Himalayas that was the site of a deadly border clash with India, satellite images show.

The images, from the US satellite operator Maxar Technologies, were taken Monday, a week after what has been described as hand-to-hand fighting with sticks and clubs left at least 20 Indian troops dead.
China has not given any casualty numbers from the clash in a river valley along the Line of Actual Control (LAC), the ill-defined and disputed border between the two powers high in the Himalayan mountains.
Beijing says the deadly clash began when Indian troops crossed into Chinese-controlled territory and tried to dismantle a tent camp erected by Chinese forces in the Galwan Valley at what is known as Patrol Point 14.
The new satellite images appear to show a large expansion of the Chinese encampment on the banks of a river since the fighting on the night of June 15.
(Satellite photos and a video at the link)
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8 Replies to “Mass stabbing in Scotland, more attacks on black people in Nigeria (no BLM) and for some reason, threatening to kill gay people, not a crime if you are muslim: Links 2, June 26, 2020”

  1. As Facebook is now a Content Regulator that prevents untruths – please can he state for all the narcissists and sycophants that he has attracted in order to steal their data from, (because fools gold is the most precious metal of all), that the love-of-money Muhammad is their Prophet.

    In this bubbleverse of virtue and their handlers.

  2. Am I ever tired of this. One arrest-resisting black criminal dies from police brutality and the whole world explodes but us white people are just supposed to suck it up every time a black guy decides to shoot two of us for visiting our white son’s grave, a 92-year-old white lady gets punched for afro-amusement, or a white guy gets beaten up or sucker-punched for no reason other than racial hatred on the part of some incredibly racist violent muscle-bound black man. I doubt that the George-Lloyd-killing cop, “Chavin”, had anything like the evil intentions of the grinning monster in the above photo but he goes down in history as the world’s greatest “murderer” instead of a stressed-out constantly-abused-by-blacks cop who made a mistake because his ancestors came from Europe…

    Like the girl said. “I’m sick of your bullshit!”.

    • Why do you think the sale of guns and ammo is at record highs? People are buying more guns and ammo with a lot, I mean a lot of first time buyers. When things explode the left is going to be shocked at the number of people who are not only resisting their BS but doing it will firearms and screaming about how Self Defense is a God given right that the state can’t take from us.

      The Kinetic portion of the civil war is just starting, it will get a lot worse with the patriots fighting back and the left screaming about racism when the patriots win the majority of the gun fights.

  3. Who will be save my low to keep mind from propagandists programs of freely doing. My genetic is only Australian-English,I like our traditions. Over are east,for Me! I see this (liberal propaganda,crazy) in RF as first motion of everybody them. I want legal to respect to clear Biology type with squeamish.

  4. Lucy,
    Where be my pickles and your onions? To from your grey coconut no milk falls. Will not the propaganda send his Goebbel in stinky tongue like Lucy? Not even an fakery accent like non-Anglo will trick notrick
    Vibes To Beaver.

    Uckfay ouyay earday Ucylay.

  5. 10 – What CNN didn’t say was that the Chinese camp was (and is) being built in an area where both China and India had agreed that there would be no military installations. That China is increasing the number of troops and equipment in that region and is building roads to facilitate the movement of men and equipment.

    China is deliberately creating the problems and tension in the border region to keep peoples minds off what is happening in China. Dictatorships that are facing massive internal unrest and external pressure from the rest of the world often use the “Foreign Adventure” to try and use patriotism to increase internal support.

  6. 9 – The vast majority of these incidents are happening in big cities that the Democrats have been in charge of for many decades, some as long as 5 or more decades. If the Blacks want to blame someone else for their problems why don’t they blame the people who have been running the big cities for so long? Big cities that have done nothing to help the Blacks lift themselves out of poverty.

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