Major incident in Scotland, mass stabbing event: Links 1, June 26, 2020

1. It would be great to have the whys of this explained to us properly.

2. Another horrifying Tucker segment from last night’s show.

3. Rep. McCarthy seems to get what the ‘destatuing’ of the US is about

4. Gad Saad does a proper video on the dialectic standards applied to academia. Readers of this site will know his points already. But it is richly rewarding to see someone with a public profile point out how sharia law, and what he calls “progressive” values, have the same evil nature. Specifically that an action’s nature is determined by the actor and not the act. So its a crime to say White lives matter but not to say Black ones do.

5. The first thing we have to do to solve this festering sore in Civilization, is not cooperate with the villains who are creating these areas.

Calling it what they want it called, is cooperating. As Kung Fu Tze said, “The beginning of wisdom is the proper naming of things”.

These are communist occupied zones. They are nowhere near autonomous. They have to beg from the outside, or be funded from the outside and send people out to buy stuff to keep it going. If one wishes to solve these problems peacefully, and nowhere is it easier than Toronto, lay siege to it. Block it off from all supplies and get rid of all bathroom facilities. Make sure they won’t even be allowed to leave until they agree to clean up their own faeces. Perhaps then they will learn the value of civilization. That it takes work to make it all go unnoticed by us all.

6. Australian news clip about how some muslims seem to not have to obey Covid rules, or for that matter any rules.

7. Knifeman ‘stabs three victims dead in Glasgow hotel before being shot by armed police’ as major incident is declared

Glasgow is on lockdown today amid unconfirmed reports that three people have been stabbed to death in a hotel stairwell by an attacker who stabbed a policeman before being shot by armed officers.


The Scottish city centre is on lockdown after Police Scotland declared a ‘major incident’ at around 1pm before officers with automatic weapons stormed the Park Inn hotel in West George Street.


BBC reporter Catriona Renton is on the scene and tweeted: ‘Understood three dead in a stairwell of hotel. Had been stabbed. Police shot suspect’. It is not known if the knifeman is among the dead.


One man, Shaun, who was staying inside the Park Inn Hotel in Glasgow says he saw a man enter the reception area and stab two people. His mother was also staying inside and he called her to stay in the room. 


Police Scotland have not said what has happened other than that the ‘situation is contained – there is no danger to the public’ – the Scottish Police Federation has confirmed that one of their officers was stabbed.

8. Interesting video on who funds BLM. 

Those who have read Assange’s book, When Google Met Wikileaks, would know there are also lots of other sub-surface billionaires who fund communist destructive moments like the British Labour party and others.

Thank you M., Johnny U., PC., Richard, Yucki, Wrath of Khan, Sassy, EB., ET., and all who sent in materials during this even longer than usual, week.

Hungarian flash mob!

(Anyone looking for more music like this might want to watch the Tony Gatliffe film, “Latcho Drom” whcih has several clips from this general area and are all exceptional and very much in this flavour)

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  1. Live Updates: Three People Reported Dead, Suspect Shot by Police Amid Stabbing Attack in Glasgow (sputniknews, Jun 26, 2020)–video/

    “According to preliminary reports, “around 20 police vehicles, armed officers, sniffer dogs and riot shields” have flooded the centre of the Scottish city to respond to an ongoing incident. According to Sky News, there are multiple victims as a result of the knife attack.

    A “Serious police incident” took place in central Glasgow on Friday, Glasgow City Council’s Traffic Control and Management team (TRAFFCOM) stated.

    The British media is reporting, citing witnesses, that “multiple” people may have been stabbed in a knife attack in broad daylight. The BBC has reported at least three fatalities, but there is no official confirmation so far.

    Police have confirmed the incident, stressing that the situation has been contained and “there is no danger to the general public”, but haven’t provided details on the matter.

    The news comes after a brutal knife attack in Reading, England last week. Khairi Saadallah, a Libyan refugee, was arrested as a suspect in what is now considered to be a terror incident. According to The Guardian, he was previously known to security services and allegedly spent some time in prison for a series of minor offences not linked to terrorism.

    Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon Urges People to Avoid Site of the Incident

    PM Boris Johnson Says He is Deeply Saddened by Glasgow Incident

    Officer is Stabbed in Glasgow Attack, Scottish Police Federation Says

    Scottish Police Confirm Suspect in Glasgow Attack Shot Dead

    Knife Attack Suspect Reportedly Shot Dead by Police in Glasgow

    At Least Three Reported Dead After Glasgow Stabbing Attack”

  2. New without any news. Reporting without reporting.

    “multiple” people may have been stabbed in a knife attack in broad daylight”
    For not Social Distancing. First reports indicate arrests were for those under The Priority of Crimes Act 2020.

    By chance, ‘around 20 police vehicles, armed officers, sniffer dogs and riot shields” had flooded the centre’ to march in support for BLM.

    “Police have confirmed the incident, stressing that the situation has been contained and “there is no danger to the general public”,” if they are muslim.

    “First Minister Nicola Sturgeon Urges People to Avoid Site of the Incident” to reduce witnesses.

    “PM Boris Johnson Says He is Deeply Saddened by Glasgow Incident”
    He also said his babymother had gone out for the day at number 10 and anyone in a skirt could comfort him, if they were quiet and not wake the infant. Anyone.

    So it’s off to Social Media once again to figure what actually happened.

    • Whenever there is a news block like this they are usually busy concocting a narrative to white wash the incident.

  3. hotel was an asylum center , 120 gimmigrants , afros , arabs etc , mr stabby had his cell phone stolen went on a rampage , cops shot him in his hotel room , not terror , nothing to see move on

  4. Sky News: ‘Desperate’ Migrants In Glasgow Stabbing Hotel Unhappy with ‘Limited WiFi’, ‘Poor’ Food (breitbart, Jun 26, 2020)

    “Sky News reporter James Matthews said that asylum seekers staying at a Glasgow hotel where multiple people including a police officer have been stabbed were unhappy with the “limited WiFi” and “the quality of food”.

    Matthews, the Scotland Bureau Chief at Sky News, said he had spoken to an asylum seeker “who was in the [Park Inn Hotel] when this incident took place” and that “he’s told me about limited WiFi which made it difficult to get in touch with relatives back home, the quality of food was very poor, there was little to no money given to the asylum seekers” — leading to “a great degree of unhappiness”.

    Matthews added that “campaign groups” speaking “on behalf” of asylum seekers in Glasgow had said they were “desperate people getting more desperate with time”, claiming that one had committed suicide because he had “reached the end of the road in terms of his ability to cope with conditions he regarded, and many like him regard, as untenable and unacceptable”.

    An April 2020 report by the left-wing Guardian newspaper says that the “untenable and unacceptable” conditions faced by migrants moved into hotel accommodation in Glasgow as part of the government’s coronavirus containment measures included “three meals a day, basic toiletries and a laundry service”, in addition to the aforementioned WiFi. A report in The National published only yesterday about the death of the asylum seeker last month — said to be a drug user — cited by Sky News in their report noted that his death was unexplained and had not been ruled as suicide.

    As of the time of publication, the police have confirmed few details of the stabbing spree other than the fact that the suspect has been shot and six people injured, including a police officer who has been hospitalised — although many outlets including the BBC have reported that there are at least three fatalities.

    The suspect’s identity, background, and motivation have not been disclosed at this time.”

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