Canada and US accelerate the communist insurgency: Links 4, June 22, 2020

1. Vancouver Teachers Assn. bans police from all schools, and all school events.

(Boy that poor kid who has to talk about his dad being a police officer in front of the class. Used to be a prestige thing.)

2. White House grounds. Communists battle police

3. Crowd in communist occupied Seattle attack a private car business. The owners are armed. If the owners defend themselves from attackers in an occupied area where police have been forbidden to enter, will the defenders be taken to task later? In Canada certainly.

4. Communist insurgents in Washington DC get shields and stand off against police in ranks.

5. Tucker Carlson. Please watch Tucker Carlson. The first segment is important. One analogy doesn’t hold water though. The son who does heroin is not analogous to leftist cities who’s policies do this to themselves. But that is an essay for another time.

Thank you all for these videos and links. More to come soon.

And just when you thought you had seen everything


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  1. 3 – The answer to your question is that depends on where the incident occurs, since this is Seattle I will say probably. Once that starts the question is will a jury convict them, if the defense lawyer can get the trial moved to a smaller town away from Seattle the answer to that question is probably not. Inside Seattle who knows?

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