Fraudsters calling Canadians, trying to trick them to send money via WalMart

This post is a Public Service Announcement:

Canadians have been plagued by calls from fairly crappy scammers that try and trick people into going to a local Shoppers, WallMart or 7/11 and get, I guess a prepaid money card and send it to them. They claim they are from “Service Canada” and that you will be arrested if you do not follow instructions.

This is one of those calls: (Language warning)

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  1. This ability to curse the people that they are trying to fleece, to play the victim, is the last card to play to get them to submit, before killing them:
    Black Lies Matter

    Socialist Farewell : ‘You are an ape, (Racial inferiority) you are a child of a husbandless woman, (Masculine inferiority) you have small genitals. (Sexual inferiority).’

    They tell you who they are: because their truths designed to upset you, are exactly those that reveal them. They are not your truths – and they blame the rebound onto themselves, the ‘hot coals onto their own heads,’ as you throwing them. Accused of Hate, because you do bend the knee and Believe.

    A phone distance away to less than six feet away? Be wise. Why do you think they demand Welfare? They cannot function without stealing and raping in their own camps. Why should yours fair any better with them in it.

    32 arrested at Indian call centre that targeted Canadians Writer Ryan Flanagan @flanaganryan Contact
    Published Monday, November 18, 2019 11:37AM EST
    the scam typically begins with a robocall purporting to come from Service Canada.

    Offshore financial intermediaries often process the money to insulate the scammers from scrutiny.
    (1) Akshat Arora r/o Uttam Nagar,Delhi, Age-19 Yrs.
    (2)Alok Kumar r/oJamnagar, Gujrat, Age 23 Yrs.
    (3)Alok Narang r/oShakur Basti, Delhi, Age-20 Yrs.
    (4)Anil Kumar r/oDistt. Hisar, Haryana, Age 24 Yrs.
    (5)Anshu r/o KakrolaVillage, Dwarka, Delhi, Age 19 Yrs.
    (6)Gurjeet Singh r/oVirender Nagar, New Delhi, Age 27 Yrs.
    (7)Harmeet r/o VishnuGarden, New Delhi, Age 20 Yrs.
    (8)Jasjot Singh r/o Ludhiana, Punjab, Delhi, Age 26 Yrs.
    (9)Jatin r/o PaschimVihar, Delhi, Age 19 Yrs.
    (10)Jobin George r/oTagoreGarden Extn., Delhi, Age 20 Yrs.
    (11)Krishna Kanta Kalitar/o Kamrup, Assam-781101, Age 26 Yrs.
    (12)Kumar Vaibhav r/oLucknow, Up, Age 37 Yrs.
    (13)Kunal Kapoor r/oUttar Nagar, Delhi, Age 22 Yrs.
    (14) Md. Ashif Ali r/o Nangloi,Delhi, Age 21 Yrs.
    (15)Md. Rizwan r/o LajpatNagar-Iv, Dayanand Colony, Delhi, Age 24 Yrs.
    (16)Mohit Ahuja r/oBhalaswa Dairy, Delhi, Age 19 Yrs.
    (17)Mohit Mittal r/oUttam Nagar, Delhi, Age 26 Yrs.
    (18)Niroj Kuri r/o Dimapur,Nagaland-797112, Age 24 Yrs.
    (19)Nitin Kumar Jha r/oRajokari Village, Delhi, Age 19 Yrs.
    (20)Prabhjot Singh r/o Vishnu Garden, New Delhi, Age 38 Yrs.
    (21)Pranab Wadhwani r/oAshok Vihar Phase-Ii, Delhi, Age 18 Yrs.
    (22)Prashant KumarPandit r/o Baprola, New Delhi, Age 23 Yrs.
    (23) Priy Pravas Dubey r/o PaschimVihar, Delhi, Age 20 Yrs.
    (24) Rajendra r/o Bareilly, Shiviganj,U.P., Age 23 Yrs.
    (25) Sagar Kapoor R/O Old RajinderNagar, Delhi, Age 22 Yrs.
    (26)Sajid Akhtar r/o Allahabad, U.P. Delhi, Age 20 Yrs.
    (27)Sarabjot Singh r/o Ludhiana,Punjab, Age 25 Yrs.
    (28)Shubham Tiwari r/o Ghaziabad, UP Age-21 Yrs.
    (29)Shubham r/o Matiala,Uttam Nagar, Delhi, Age 20 Yrs.
    (30)Tausif Mozammil r/o NewAshok Nagar, New Delhi, Age 27. (31)Tushar Arora r/oLudhiana, Punjab, Age 26 Yrs. (32) Sagar Jain r/o Gurgaon,Haryana, Age 33 Yrs.

  4. I guess the people “on the run” didn’t bother to update their scripts. “a tip” LOL Someone didn’t get his pay-off on time ….
    (address is in the previous link from India’s 1st floor,Property no-A1/9, DLF Industrial area, Moti Nagar, West Delhi
    seems to be a 4 minute walk from police station,+DLE+Industrial+Area,+Moti+Nagar,+New+Delhi,+Delhi+110015,+India/@28.6589251,77.1435727,17z
    The arrests were made on Friday after police raided a “fake call center” in DLF Industrial Area of Moti Nagar based on a tip. Five other persons, suspected to be the masterminds of the racket, are on the run, said police. delhi Updated: Nov 18, 2019 00:38 IST

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