China, Trudeau, the selective enforcement which is the replacement for rule of law: Links 1, June 19, 2020

1. A short list of some of China’s recent actions

(This list is woefully short however. Debt trapping many African nations and other forms of unwelcome enslavements are just some of the things China is doing to control the world. And then there is Tibet.)

2. Anyone want to bet how much police resources will be used to catch people from these two acts and what will happen to them if they do? By contrast of course.


2b. Police investigate vandalism of statue of former PM Pierre Elliott Trudeau in Vaughan

Police are investigating after the face of former Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau’s statue in Vaughan was spray painted black.


Investigators said they were notified of the vandalism around lunch hour on Thursday after a citizen reported that the statue, located at Pierre Elliott Trudeau Park near Clark Avenue and Bathurst Street, had been damaged.


“Someone spray painted the face of the former prime minister and unfortunately it is an act of vandalism and in these times I’m not sure what that accomplishes,” York Regional Police Sgt. Dave Mitchell told reporters at the scene. “It’s a disrespectful act and it’s vandalism.”

(Given as its a statue, how can you tell if its ‘racist’ (not really, its mocking his son’s racism not racist itself) graffiti or if it was just amateur statue restoration?)

3. Justin Trudeau suggests we all “just download” an app that lets the government know everyone you meet with all the time anywhere.

4. Mahar Arar, the man who spent some time at Gitmo based on an arrest in the US and time as a guest of Club Fed in Syria, is opening a business of sorts in Ottawa’s Vanier.

Most Canadians know of Arar’s national profile: During a 2002 layover in New York, the United States detained him without charge and extradited Arar to Syria, where he was tortured and held for nearly a year. He would eventually be fully exonerated and receive an apology and reparations from the government of Canada for the role it played in his plight.

Before and after that time, however, Arar has lived as an Ottawa-based founder and engineer. Arar says entrepreneurship has always been a part of his identity, and he takes a bit of pride in the fact that he never held a job at Nortel in the 1990s.

5. Karl Marx wrote poetry about destroying the world. Well worlds actually.

November 20, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – Karl Marx, father of Communism, was born 200 years ago (as of this past May 5). Between 1835 and 1843, that is to say, between the ages of 17 and 25, he wrote a great deal of lyric poetry and humorous doggerel, which might be rather surprising to those who know only the “mature Marx” of Das Kapital, his famous critique of capitalism, which consists of hundreds of pages of ponderous and rather dull prose. The poetry is published in the very first volume of the Collected Works of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, published by International Publishers in New York.


But more volatile feelings were soon to emerge in his youthful verse, with a Luciferian twist:

I am caught in endless strife,
Endless ferment, endless dream;
I cannot conform to life,
Will not travel with the stream.

Heaven I would comprehend,
I would draw the world to me;
Loving, hating, I intend
That my star shine brilliantly. […]

Worlds I would destroy for ever,
Since I can create no world,
Since my call they notice never,
Coursing dumb in magic whirl. […]

So the spirits go their way
Till they are consumed outright,
Till their lords and masters they
Totally annihilate.  (p. 525–26)

These verses radiate the nihilistic force of one who would destroy if he cannot create ex nihilo. If creation is unavailable to men, what about manipulation by dark forces? With surprising regularity, Marx uses the language of magic and demonology. For example:

Ha! In nerve and spirit I was stricken
To the bottom of my soul,
As a demon, when the high magician
Strikes with lightning bolt and spell.  (p. 524)

(His statue in East Germany seems perfectly safe and unblemished by protestors however)

6. Twitter Permanently Blacklists British Conservative Katie Hopkins

Twitter permanently blacklisted the account of Katie Hopkins, a British conservative commentator who had over 1 million followers prior to her ban. The company claims the deverification of her account and the subsequent ban are based on “hateful conduct.”


A Twitter spokeswoman confirmed that Hopkins has been permanently banned in an email to Breitbart News, accusing her of “hateful conduct.”

(The measures being used against all voices in opposition to the full-on, communist take over of the world is increasing in amplitude while decreasing in legality. Things are REALLY bad at this time)

7. Joe Rogan interviews the Prof from Evergreen U. (Please see item 6 above)

Video is 3 hours. TL who sent it in says its an excellent interview on the issue of communists imposing totalitarian measures on us all.)

8. PJ Watson lists some of the people cancelled by the insurgency. Interestingly among them, is the first black woman to ever win an Oscar. She was in Gone with the Wind.


Police in the Netherlands arrested a 24-year-old Syrian man on Tuesday at a reception center for people seeking asylum in the country. The man was accused of involvement in a terrorist organization, and was taken into custody in Balk, a village in Friesland about 25 kilometers west of Heerenveen.


“The investigation into the man, who applied for asylum in the Netherlands in December 2018, started with information from the [Immigration and Naturalization Office],”  the Public Prosecution Service (OM) said. Several data storage devices were seized from his room at his temporary residence, the OM stated. He was remanded into custody on Friday for two weeks while the investigation into his case continues.


“He probably participated in the Islamic group Ahrar al-Sham in Syria in 2015 and 2016.”

The Salafist-Jihadist group operates is not officially categorized as a terrorist organization in the Netherlands, though two connected court cases in Rotterdam last year determined otherwise.

10. Black Trump supporter: “Police are everyday heroes”

Thank you C., M., Wrath of Khan, Johnny U., Coram Deo, PePi, TL., ML., PC., Richard, and all who have been sticking with us for the past several days through all this uncertainty and chaos of having our domain illegally seized and locked and now restored.

Tucker: The point of censorship



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  1. 3. Thanks to Dear Leader. But how about him first, huh? Let the whole country see every, single move he makes and who he makes it with. Then we talk. The simple discard he makes by saying “…download and forget about it…” is more ominous than anything else he could have said. It means they’re watching everything and want to know as much as possible about every individual. As in communism.

    Dear Leader should worry less about the Lives of Others. He should worry more about his own.

    • The registrar locked it. Its by miracle we managed to get it back long enough to move it. We will be telling the whole story soon.

      • I read an incredibly long National Post hit-piece on Ezra Levant and it mentioned Vladtepesblog – something about a guy named “Lazlo” running the blog as a proxy for Ezra.

        I was a bit surprised to find out that people care about what gets said here and that the National Post considers us to be unvarnished unmitigated neo-Nazis who practice “hate” just because we are so full of hate that we can’t help it. I’ve yet to hear a leftist argue facts, it’s always ad hominem attacks with them.

        As for me, I’m nobody, but if I can influence just a handful of people to open their eyes and use the brain that God gave them instead of relying on the brains of liars I will have done more than my share. I’m just one. If I can wake up just another one, then I’m doing OK…

    • When I get caught up I will post the videos by “The Frustrated Indian” about who they are counting on to help them.

      Don’t ever forget that there are Centuries of rivalry and blood between China and Russia, they may side with China against the US but when it is in their best interest they will go against China. Russia’s best interest right now is to have a large well armed India facing off against China and limiting what China can do.

  2. About CENSORSHIP:
    Notice MSM never say ‘Far-Left’ or ‘Right’.
    It’s always the ‘Left’ or the ‘Far-Right’.

  3. Marx hated mostly the Slavs.Funny that the Commies in Russia still love him.
    Also he wanted back Ex-German Territory in the West…uh–is this not not Imperialism?

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