Sweden’s odd application of measures, slavery as it really was by the numbers, video of Atlanta shooting: Links 2, June 14, 2020

1. Sweden continues to lead the world in irony. The country that did no lock downs or implement any Wuhan Flu measures, arrest dozens of BLM marchers for social distancing violations.

2. Communists in Atlanta arrange for black people to burn down their own neighbourhoods

3. What CHAZ looks like today

4. Humorous but essentially accurate look at CHAZ

5. Condensed body cam footage of the events leading up to, and including the shooting of a DWI man in Atlanta.

6. A number of people have checked this claim and found it to be the case. I believe at this point, Google out of sheer embarrassment has restored the image of Churchill, but its blatant Orwellian attempt to remove him from the list of British PMs is nothing short of contemptuous. The man who actually inspired and directed the fight against the actual nazis. not old ladies trying to get into a gym to listen to a speaker, but Hugo Boss wearing, genocide waging Nazis.

7. Dennis Prager may not be one of the very few who get it, at this point lots of people get it. But he is one of the very few that still has the guts to say it out loud.

8. Would be interesting to know more about this event. Toronto? Did this hit the news?

9. It is a strange time indeed where we need to cheer and celebrate a president that defines sex in law, as biological sex. A male is a male and a female is a female. It is a strange time when that actually does take courage and it does. But these are the times, and the president did do it.

10. Thomas Sowell on slavery

Thank you Xanthippa, M., Wrath of Khan, ML., Yucki, PC., Johnny U., Richard, and very many more who stayed vigilant over the weekend. And a weekend which is the first one for many of us where there are options other than staying in the house.

By the way, if anyone is wondering what the next global plague from China will look like, CBC gave us a hint today.


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  1. #1
    I was surprised to see all the signage in english and hear all the chants spoken in english. I thought they all spoke raghead.

  2. The black guy shouldn’t have reacted the way he did but I couldn’t help feeling for him just the same. Before the drunken driving hysteria took over they would have just had a coffee with the guy, looked him straight in the eye, and said, “Are you capable of driving your vehicle home safely, Sir?” And if he answered “yes” just as clearly as he was talking on the video, they would have said, “You’re free to go… Drive carefully… good night…”. And that would be it. But today who knows what horrors would be awaiting him for getting caught DWI in Atlanta. Suddenly the black guy is looking at spending the night and who knows how much longer in a prison cell and then having to take sobriety classes and drunk driving courses and community service and a fine and a one-year suspension and very possibly minimum jail time. They’ve turned having a few drinks into a huge criminal enterprise and it gives them so much reason to hassle so many people, doesn’t it…?

    Like I said, I felt for the guy. Just the fact that he was going to jail for doing absolutely fuck all and just wanting to go home because he’s sleepy… I felt his sudden explosion of anger at it… But the cops don’t make the stupid laws…

      • I hate to disagree with you but when he turned and tried to shoot one of the officers with the taser he justified the lethal force being used against him.

        As to the way his drunk driving would have been handled back in the 70s or early 80s, that is correct back then a two person car would often drive the man home with one of the officers following with the drunks car. This was one of the early cases of the “do-gooders” making things worse in their stated quest to do-good.

        • The guy definitely shouldn’t have grabbed the taser and pointed it at the cops. That was a huge mistake, I agree. I didn’t say the shooting wasn’t justified, just that he should have been treated better in the first place. I don’t think a guy should be clapped in irons just for falling asleep. Is it medieval times or something? He’s just a guy who happened to be tired and reacted badly to being fucked over by the cops; why does he have to be chained up like a raging monster? American cops are way too enthusiastic. They always want to hit a home run and put you away for forty years with no chance of parole… Zero tolerance. Maximum Bob… Tough-on-crime. No “wimp factor” here…

          • In many ways it is medieval times, the left has decided that certain things are blasphemy and any one that performs one of those actions must be burned as a heretic. We are already under attack in one religious war (Islamic Conquest) and now the left has gained the power (in their minds) to enforce the rules of the Marxist religion. During the medieval times individual rights were severally limited and under Islam and Marxism individual rights are severally limited.

            There are many other ways the current situation mirrors medieval times and the left is working to impose more “religious” duties on us.

            • I remember thinking that as I watched poor George Zimmerman sitting in handcuff, leg-irons, and a chain around his waist as he was tried for “murder”. They didn’t use to do that, I don’t think unless the case was incredibly severe. I think it’s barbaric and not a little medieval…

  3. I think this whole problem has been caused by the war on drugs and the war on drunk driving. It gives the police a constant reason to wonder what’s in your pockets and even what’s in your bloodstream and it gives the police the discretion to choose which people they pick to check out. It used to be a fringe on your jacket or long hair that triggered them, but now it’s other things. And you can always say you “smelt marijuana residue” and then search anywhere the heck you like. In the US a burnt-out tail-light can turn into a drug-search which can turn into an arrest which can put you in the penitentiary and effectively ruin your entire life…

    I wonder how many times a black guy in a Ferrari gets the complete drug search per year. I’ll bet it’s multiple… Oh, and I’ve driven around Vancouver with black guys in the car and you actually do get pulled over more often, which I never do on my own. It’s surprising…

    • And the underlying problem is that the Americans elect their judges and prosecutors and Sheriffs so they are always suffering under ambitious characters out to prove how tough they are to the 35-50 age group or whatever. There shouldn’t be a “Maximum Bob”, only a “Fair and Just Bob”. The other word for Maximum Bob is “Gestapo”. The American justice system is way too predatory and way too enthusiastic about putting you away for a long, long time… Maybe they should trade it in for a fair and sober justice system…

      • I wrote the other day about getting pulled over doing 34 km/hr over the limit–then was let go. Still don’ t know what to think about it. Why go to the trouble of pulling me over for no reason?

      • I attended court every Monday- first appearance day- for 3 years, if you think the U.S. system is in trouble, you should go sit in a Canadian courtroom and listen to the nonsense:
        i.e. A guy (not a man) beat his girlfriend severely and the judge said to the girl, “You probably provoked him”.

        A guy with 72 priors, who also beat his partner is allowed to go home before sentencing, I was shocked the judge let him go home. That weekend he shot his partner in the head and killed her. At the trial he said he was only fooling when he said “bye babe” just before he shot her. He maintained the gun misfired!

        Dentist, who was charged with impaired, a Doctor testified he was so drunk, he thought the guy should be in a coma—he was found not guilty.

        Oh well

  4. Google did drop FDR off the list, I don’t like the first and only (so far) President For Life in the US but he was President for most of WWII.

  5. Germany trusts their citizens to be able to drive responsibly on their autobahn, even at unlimited speed in quite a number of areas. How is that for trust?
    Of course though, DUI gets you the kitchen sink.

    • Years ago I saw that some French Euro-politician was trying to pass a “European speed limit” and ban the Germans from having the autobahn. It was at that moment that I realize the EU was simply not going to work out…

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