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Each day at just after midnight Eastern, a post like this one is created for contributors and readers of this site to upload news links and video links on the issues that concern this site. Most notably, Islam and its effects on Classical Civilization, and various forms of leftism from Soviet era communism, to postmodernism and all the flavours of galloping statism and totalitarianism such as Nazism and Fascism which are increasingly snuffing out the classical liberalism which created our near, miraculous civilization the West has been building since the time of Socrates.

This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

So please post all links, thoughts and ideas that you feel will benefit the readers of this site to the comments under this post each day. And thank you all for your contributions.

This is the new Samizdat. We must use it while we can.

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    The Statues of Ghandi were erected to commemorate the good things he had done, to lead – like Martin Luther King – a people to independence by non-violent means. The former slept with children just to touch, the latter slept with prostitutes too much.

    There are no statues of them for that. These were cut out by the sculptors, who only presented their pure sides.

    And you want to tear them down.

  2. While I was never anti-vaccine, I also am not for being injected with an alleged “chipped” dose of ideologically-loaded Frankenjuice. I am for hard, real science and not for flat-earth, sun-around-the-earth, globally-warmed commie crack.

    Our chaos cannot become more real than when the tyranny we cannot trust forces a needle into your arm, or your child’s arm. It may as well be a brick crashing through your front window.

    But it is for the greater public good, we are told.

    The “greater public good” was hardly served by catastrophic modelling that catapulted the world economy into a greater depression than what people currently realize is coming. So it will also be that the greater good will not be served by dubious, unnecessary medical concoctions. What is the difference between an imposed vaccine and natural herd immunity? Billions in big-pharma profits? Massive leverage to control you via the mandatory requirement of immunization, or else…?

    Help the vulnerable to self-isolate, but don’t use this CCP WMD as an excuse for political takeover and control. Because the vaccine that radicals want in you has much more to do with the adjunct regulations piled against you for your compliance to the collective.

    Need your driver’s licence renewed? Shoot up.

  3. We knew you were lurking, PC. (We could hear you breathing.) And I hope you’re satisfied and sufficiently flattered by my manly whining (not pining!) Yucki was way, way worse (snicker). (Of course, she’s usually off Saturdays so she’ll never read this, so don’t tell her I said so…)

    • Hi Jonnnyu,

      I hope you and your family are well.

      I was gone – following other media – and so behind the times, here.

      I enjoy to be a catalyst, a rock, to help people with their shifting sands or unwilling to let go to save their own lives. I went and chased the purveyors of false information on Whatsapp and reinfected their readers with an antidote.*

      But there always has to be a willingness to hear the plain simple truth – as mundane as it – before it lost again, forgotten in something more distracting, salacious, evokes pride by association, and totally addictive.

      Black Live Matter brings me to lend a hand the team. This is serious. Vlad has stood firm. Because behind them the Communists and Islamists can use them to drive a wedge. In the UK the Home Secretary used her Racism-experience credentials. How much longer before she will check her privileges and islamic credentials too?

      So, Johnnyu, anything interesting happened?


      Whatever will be will not be; you have to make it be. You have a part to play in what will be in your life, so don’t leave it to chance.

      Why settle for half bread when you can get a full bread or even own a bakery. This is a limiting belief that positions you to settle for less and it is a mediocre to philosophy.

      A fool at any age can be a fool forever if he refuses to let go of his foolishness. It is never too late to become wise because the day you wake up and wise up is the day you CHANGE!

      Yes! Physical fingers in your hands are not equal but that does not make any of them valueless. Lose one and you realise that they are all valuable. You are not even a finger, so why look down on yourself.

      If you are below forty and believe this, I feel so sorry for you because it means you are not yet alive.

      Is your age coming down? Is your wisdom and knowledge coming down? Is the price of goods coming down? Think my friend!

      Why laugh last when you can laugh always and why laugh best when laughter is not a competition. When we programmed ourselves with these strange philosophies, they limit and restrict us.

      You have the opportunity to



      Right Philosophies

      “1. *Whatever will be will be,* means not crying after spilt milk. It is not defeatist like Allah’s Will removing your future or Stalin’s Will removing your past.

      2. *Half bread is better than non,* means one bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. To take the oportunities presented before you, rather than always moan that your glass is half full.

      3. *A fool at forty is a fool forever,* means take your chances now, and do not let them get away. This is good advice.

      4. *All fingers are not equal,* means whoever you are and wherever you are, you can still succeed. Life is full of opportunities.

      5. *Life begins at forty,* means that for many their cares and worries had taken on a new perspective, to see what really matters and live with less worry.

      6. *What goes up must come down,* means what goes around comes around. A good deed can be passed from person to person, as can a bad deed. So if you uplift your life you uplift a nation.

      7. *He who laughs last, laughs best.* The joke isn’t over until it’s finished, and if you have patience, you will see the whole picture. So your mistake – the joke on you – was not mistake at all because you learned more.

      8. *The devil you know is better than the angel you don’t,* because everyone who faces their devil in the wilderness and gives back the pride they took for resenting them, are set free. The angels around you can only keep telling you – they can’t do it for you.

      Change your attitude and you will see those who try to snatch the wisdom from you.”

      Simple stuff for the kids to know they’re being played.

  4. Germany: Arab clans declare the Duisburg district of Marxloh a Sharia zone and forbid all Kafir to enter the district – They threaten to use military weapons against infidels and police officers

    Kaiser-Friedrich-Straße in the Duisburg district of Marxloh is one of the streets that is said to be firmly in the hands of Arab clans. The police often patrol the pedestrian zone, it is usually peaceful, and the officers sometimes wink at the numerous children playing. The situation is similar on the evening of May 17th: At 6:07 p.m., a uniformed patrol car crew with two police officers and a third-year commissioner candidate notices the German-Lebanese S., a German-Lebanese who is known to the police, is an 18-year-old intensive care offender and member of a Lebanese extended family. This is a momentous encounter that will lead to a public reopening of the conflicts in the north of Duisburg and will make headlines nationwide in the following days. (See for that the following Tweet:)

    Since the arrest of S. “the conflict seems to be simmering again in Marxloh and the surrounding area,” according to investigators. The police tactic of zero tolerance, which has been applied in the area for several years, is actually working. Since 2017 with 24 “tumult situations”, the number has been reduced to eleven in 2018 and to four last year, according to the present investigation file.But in the days after the arrest alone, there were two more tumult situations in the north of Duisburg, on 19th of May and 28th of May.

    On the 22nd of May, according to the file, the Duisburg police headquarters receives an e-mail with a threat of attack and a warning that they should withdraw from Marxloh. “Subject: Allahu Akbar. Duisburg-Marxloh is our district. (…) We forbid all unbelievers to enter our district. We will expel or kill all policemen, journalists and other unbelievers with force of arms. Only the radical Sharia applies here,” the letter says. “We have procured 2000 AK-47 assault rifles with sufficient ammunition from Turkey and Russia. Allahu Akbar, kill all infidels.”

    Investigators find out that the sender’s email address belongs to a platform that disguises email addresses and identities. The investigating authorities apparently take the threats seriously. The police file says that the public prosecutor’s office sees this as an initial suspicion of disturbing the public peace by threatening to commit crimes.

  5. Saudi-Led Coalition Claims to Have Downed Missile Fired at Saudi Arabian City of Najran (sputniknews, Jun 13, 2020)

    “The air defences of the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen said that they had shot down a ballistic missile flying towards the Saudi Arabian border city of Najran.

    The coalition said that the missile was launched from the Yemeni city of Saada, and several people were slightly injured by the wreckage of the missile when it was destroyed, according to a statement issued via the Saudi Arabian state news agency.

    Earlier, the Saudi-led coalition has carried out about 30 air raids on Yemen’s four western provinces, according to the Houthi rebel group.

    The province of Saada was subjected to six airstrikes by the alliance’s air force, according to the movement. At least two air raids targeted al-Jawf province.

    Both Saada and al-Jawf border Saudi Arabia.

    Yemen has been mired in a conflict between the UN-backed government and the Houthi Shia rebels since 2015. The parties signed a ceasefire agreement in late 2018, which collapsed shortly thereafter.


  6. Anti-Government Protesters Rally in Beirut Amid Economic Crisis – Video (sputniknews, Jun 13, 2020)—video/

    “The renewed unrest comes on the back of a precipitous decline of the Lebanese pound against the US dollar, trading at 5,000 or 6,000 at unofficial markets, as opposed to the officially pegged 1,500 per US dollar.

    Sputnik is live from Beirut, where anti-government demonstrators are rallying on Saturday amid the decline of the Lebanese pound against the dollar.

    Last week, the Lebanese pound’s exchange rate sank to 5,000 per $1.

    Demonstrations in Beirut began in October 2019 after the government proposed a slew of new taxes to abate the economic decline. Though initially opposing the taxes, which included a proposal to tax the use of WhatsApp calls, they grew into a wide-scale movement against endemic corruption and mismanagement.”

  7. “Beijing’s Revenge? Two Pro-China Communist Parties Coordinate Violent US Protests” by Trevor Loudon – June 12, 2020

    “Trevor Loudon on Antifa protests: ‘What we’re witnessing is a communist insurrection'” – Podcast
    Secure Freedom Radio – June 8, 2020

  8. France: ‘African Defence League’ Threatens Statues of Napoleon and De Gaulle (breitbart, Jun 13, 2020)

    “The far-left French “Black African Defence League” has threatened statues of some of France’s most famous icons, including Napoleon Bonaparte and General Charles De Gaulle.

    On Wednesday, the group called to remove a statue of Jean-Baptiste Colbert, the former First Minister of State under King Louis XIV.

    The Black African Defence League took to the streets of Paris to demand the statue be removed last weekend. They said: “In front of the National Assembly, there is the statue of Colbert: that fat son of a bitch who wrote the Code Noir, who said that black people were not human beings.”

    The Code Noir was passed as a decree by King Louis XIV in 1685, two years after the death of Colbert. It defined the conditions of slavery in the French empire from religious practice to sexual relations and marriage to punishments for those who broke the code’s rules.

    The Black African Defence League called for the statue to be taken down and placed in a “Museum of Racism”. They went on to add: “The public statues of the accursed Colbert, Napoleon, General De Gaulle will be thrown in the bins of humanity’s history; thus, their memories will be wiped from the face of the earth for the benefit of younger generations.”

    While few statues of Napoleon have been vandalised in recent years, statues of General De Gaulle have been attacked on multiple occasions. In 2017, the tomb of the World War II General was vandalised, causing widespread anger from French politicians.

    Across many countries, far-left activists are demanding the removal of statues of historical figures or toppling them, themselves…”

    • “Across many countries, far-left activists are demanding the removal of statues of historical figures or toppling them, themselves…”

      This was an error of translation.

      “Across many countries [Socialist], far-left activists are demanding the removal of statues of historical figures; and they are toppling themselves…”

  9. Alleged Illegal Ramadan Party Blamed for Hundreds of New Coronavirus Infections (breitbart, Jun 13, 2020)

    “The German city of Göttingen in Lower Saxony has seen a fresh wave of hundreds of Chinese coronavirus infections, with some blaming them on an alleged illegal party to mark the end of Ramadan.

    At least 200 people have been infected with the virus in a wave that some have blamed on a party held by Kosovar Muslims at a local hookah bar to celebrate Eid al-Fitr, the feast that represents the end of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.

    The city of Göttingen later claimed that there was little evidence infections were spread at the hookah bar, but traced their source to Muslim families living at the Iduna Zentrum high-rise apartment complex, broadcaster Norddeutscher Rundfunk reports.

    “They wrote in the newspaper about a big celebration. There was nothing at all. There was no big celebration. How can we make a big celebration in one Apartment with 71 square meters? Or with 50 square meters?” a member of one of the families affected claimed in comments to the broadcaster.

    Local imam Mahmoud Abdel Aziz claimed that the local mosque had abided by coronavirus guidelines, saying: “We said that if you don’t have a mask, you can’t come in. We’re making the hygiene regulations even stronger than those set by the state.”

    The residents of Iduna Zentrum, many of them migrants from the Balkans who speak little to no German, say they feel discriminated against due to the anger from locals over the outbreak leading to the closure of local schools and businesses.

    “All I want is for people in the rest of Göttingen to stop treating us so unfairly,” one resident said.

    Others said they did not avoid coronavirus testing, as has been alleged, and that they informed authorities about an individual with a confirmed case and how they were breaking quarantine rules repeatedly.

    Germany has also seen a number of coronavirus outbreaks in asylum homes across the country, such as in the town of Halberstadt in April when a mass brawl broke out between asylum seekers.

    Other towns reported that asylum seekers under quarantine had been caught violating quarantine measures many times.”

  10. In London, far-right activists rally to ‘guard’ Winston Churchill statue

    Several hundred people gather in central London around the statue of Winston Churchill and the Cenotaph, as fears people will try to vandalise the statue grow.

  11. At Least 17 Killed In Attacks Across Afghanistan (rferl, Jun 13, 2020)

    “Afghan officials say at least 17 people have been killed in a string of attacks across the country.

    There was no claim of responsibility for the series of attacks on June 13.

    Violence in the country has spiked in recent weeks despite progress toward the launch of direct talks between the Taliban and the Afghan government over a permanent cease-fire and future power-sharing deal.

    Gunmen killed eight people in the eastern province of Khost, the spokesman for the provincial police chief said.

    Spokesman Adel Haidar said Abdul Wali Ekhlas, a candidate in last year’s parliamentary elections, was among those killed in the Ali Sher district.

    There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the attack.

    In the eastern province of Logar, a local official said gunmen stormed a house in the provincial capital, Pul-e Alam, killing a woman and her three daughters.

    In the northeastern province of Badakhshan, the provincial spokesman for the police chief said a pro-government militia commander and three of his men were killed by gunmen.

    Meanwhile, a cleric was gunned down by gunmen in the northern province of Takhar.

    On June 12, a pro-government cleric was killed in an explosion in the capital, Kabul.

    Also on June 12, an official in the central province of Ghor said Taliban militants stormed a police checkpoint and killed 10 police officers.”


    Génération Identitaire

    Génération Identitaire s’invite à la manifestation d’Assa Traoré et réclame justice pour les victimes du racisme anti-blanc !

    Ce samedi 13 juin, Génération Identitaire s’est invité à la manifestation d’Assa Traoré, Place de la République à Paris, pour dénoncer l’explosion du racisme anti-blanc.

    Les jeunes identitaires ont déployé sur la façade d’un immeuble une grande banderole portant le message : « Justice pour les victimes du racisme anti-blanc – #WhiteLivesMatter ».

    La mort de George Floyd aux Etats-Unis a entraîné une vague de violences sans précédent en marge du mouvement Black Lives Matter.

    En France, le comité « Justice pour Adama », du nom du délinquant Adama Traoré décédé en 2016 lors d’une interpellation, profite de ce phénomène pour accuser de racisme les forces de l’ordre et, à travers elles, notre pays et ses institutions.

    Le comité pousse le vice jusqu’à exiger que tous « les gendarmes et policiers mettent un genou à terre, le poing levé. »


  13. reuters – Transgender couple angry at new Hungary ban

    Transgender couple Tamara Csillag and Elvira Angyal had to postpone their wedding because of a government ban that prevents people from changing the gender shown on identity documents.

    • “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; ”

      The Cult of LGBTQ+ should stand or fall on its own merits. No Involvement by governments, anti or pro, period. However, yet again the West establishes a ‘Council of Nicea’ to unite the divided kingdoms of Western Europe to rule under one authority that is allowed to make new laws up for fairness where before there would be none.

      “We believe in the Diversity of Creation, the maker of bodies, of all that is seen and useen. We believe in the one true expression, in persons made flesh, eternally from genetics, nature from nature, nurture from nurture, and true identity from true identity.”

      So the freedom of thoughts and expressions that young people conform to, reject, or adapt into their own paths; are abused from the priesthoods who yet again dominate with Blasphemy, Hate Crimes and Excommunications. Returning civilizations into the Dark Ages.

      Moral-appropriations from Society, are equal to Christians stealing from Jesus.

      Just look-alike, sound-alike and act-alike failures, who demand that all you have to do is believe and bend the knee.

  14. reuters – Astrazeneca wins coronavirus vaccine deal with Germany, France, Italy and the Netherlands

    ROME (Reuters) – British drugmaker AstraZeneca Plc said on Saturday it signed a contract with Italy, Germany, France and the Netherlands to supply Europe with a vaccine against the coronavirus, with deliveries starting by the end of 2020.

    The contract is for up to 400 million doses of the vaccine, developed by the University of Oxford, the company said, adding that it was looking to expand manufacturing of the vaccine, which it pledged to provide for no profit during the pandemic.

    “With our European supply chain due to begin production soon, we hope to make the vaccine available widely and rapidly,” Chief Executive Pascal Soriot said in a statement.

    The experimentation phase of the vaccine is already advanced and expected to end in the autumn, Italian Health Minister Roberto Speranza said in a Facebook post.

    AstraZeneca has agreed manufacturing deals globally to meet its target of producing 2 billion doses of the vaccine, including with two ventures backed by Bill Gates and a $1.2 billion agreement with the U.S. government.

    There are no approved vaccines or treatments for COVID-19, the highly contagious respiratory illness caused by the novel coronavirus.

    “Many countries in the world have already secured vaccines, Europe has not yet. The rapid coordinated action of a group of member states will create added value for all EU citizens in this crisis,” German Health Minister Jens Spahn said.

    The European Commission received a mandate from EU governments on Friday to negotiate advance purchases of promising coronavirus vaccines, the EU’s top health official said, but it was unclear whether there would be enough money available.

    • EUROPRAVDA – Coronavirus vaccine: Europe’s Inclusive Vaccines Alliance strikes giant agreement with AstraZeneca

      Europe’s Inclusive Vaccines Alliance struck a deal with pharma giant AstraZeneca for the supply of up to 400 million doses of a COVID-19 vaccine currently tested by the University of Oxford.

      The alliance was formed by Germany, France, Italy and the Netherlands to speed up the production of a vaccine.

      The agreement with the Anglo-Swedish pharma giant also makes the vaccine available to other European countries that wish to take part in the initiative.

      The cost is expected to be offset by funding from the governments.

      “This agreement will ensure that hundreds of millions of Europeans have access to Oxford University’s vaccine following approval,” AstraZeneca’s CEO Pascal Soriot said. “With our European supply chain due to begin production soon, we hope to make the vaccine available widely and rapidly.”

      AstraZeneca recently struck similar agreements with Britain, the US, the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI), and Gavi.

      An agreement also has been reached with the Serum Institute of India for 1 billion doses.

      Testing of the experimental COVID-19 vaccine began with healthy volunteers in Britain in April with over 1,000 people aged 18 to 55. Another round with 10,000 volunteers began last month.

      Other companies, including Moderna and Sanofi, are pursuing the creation of a coronavirus vaccine, the only way to effectively guarantee a safe return to a normal life in the post-COVID-19 world.


      Company exploring further additional global
      capacity to provide broad and equitable access

      AstraZeneca has reached an agreement with Europe’s Inclusive Vaccines Alliance (IVA), spearheaded by Germany, France, Italy and the Netherlands, to supply up to 400 million doses of the University of Oxford’s COVID-19 vaccine, with deliveries starting by the end of 2020.

      With today’s agreement, the IVA aims to accelerate the supply of the vaccine and to make it available to other European countries that wish to participate in the initiative. The IVA is committed to providing equitable access to all participating countries across Europe.

      AstraZeneca continues to build a number of supply chains in parallel across the world, including for Europe. The Company is seeking to expand manufacturing capacity further and is open to collaborating with other companies in order to meet its commitment to support access to the vaccine at no profit during the pandemic.

      Pascal Soriot, Chief Executive Officer, said: “This agreement will ensure that hundreds of millions of Europeans have access to Oxford University’s vaccine following approval. With our European supply chain due to begin production soon, we hope to make the vaccine available widely and rapidly. I would like to thank the governments of Germany, France, Italy and the Netherlands for their commitment and swift response.”

      The Company has recently completed similar agreements with the UK, US, the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations and Gavi the Vaccine Alliance for 700 million doses, and it agreed a licence with the Serum Institute of India for the supply of an additional one billion doses, principally for low- and middle-income countries. Total manufacturing capacity currently stands at two billion doses.

      Oxford University last month announced the start of a Phase II/III UK trial of AZD1222 in about 10,000 adult volunteers. Other late-stage trials are due to begin in a number of countries. AstraZeneca recognises that the vaccine may not work but is committed to progressing the clinical programme with speed and scaling up manufacturing at risk.

      The Company’s comprehensive pandemic response also includes rapid mobilisation of AstraZeneca’s global research efforts to discover novel coronavirus-neutralising antibodies to prevent and treat progression of the COVID-19 disease, with the aim of reaching clinical trials in the next three to five months. Additionally, the Company has quickly moved into testing of new and existing medicines to treat the infection, including the CALAVI trials underway for Calquence (acalabrutinib) and the DARE-19 trial for Farxiga (dapagliflozin) in COVID-19 patients.

      Financial Considerations

      Today’s announcement is not anticipated to have any significant impact on the Company’s financial guidance for 2020; costs to manufacture the vaccine are anticipated to be offset by funding by governments.


      ChAdOx1 nCoV-19, now known as AZD1222, was developed by Oxford University’s Jenner Institute, working with the Oxford Vaccine Group. It uses a replication-deficient chimpanzee viral vector based on a weakened version of a common cold (adenovirus) virus that causes infections in chimpanzees and contains the genetic material of SARS-CoV-2 spike protein. After vaccination, the surface spike protein is produced, priming the immune system to attack COVID-19 if it later infects the body.

      The recombinant adenovirus vector (ChAdOx1) was chosen to generate a strong immune response from a single dose and it is not replicating, so cannot cause an ongoing infection in the vaccinated individual. Vaccines made from the ChAdOx1 virus have been given to more than 320 people to date and have been shown to be well tolerated, although they can cause temporary side effects such as a temperature, influenza-like symptoms, headache or a sore arm.


      AstraZeneca (LSE/STO/NYSE: AZN) is a global, science-led biopharmaceutical company that focuses on the discovery, development and commercialisation of prescription medicines, primarily for the treatment of diseases in three therapy areas – Oncology, Cardiovascular, Renal & Metabolism, and Respiratory & Immunology. Based in Cambridge, UK, AstraZeneca operates in over 100 countries and its innovative medicines are used by millions of patients worldwide. Please visit and follow the Company on Twitter @AstraZeneca.


      For details on how to contact the Investor Relations Team, please click here. For Media contacts, click here.

      Adrian Kemp
      Company Secretary
      AstraZeneca PLC



    I hope people can access the above.

    “Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.”
    – George Orwell, 1984

  16. The Jaamiah Al-Uloom Al-Islamiyyah school for boys in Ajax, Ontario, is modelled after the Madrassas in Pakistan and focuses almost exclusively on religion and memorizing the Qur’an, Hadith and words of Prophet Mohammed.
    The institute is infused with Deobandism, an anti-colonial Islamic movement which promotes an “austere” fundamentalist interpretation of Islam.
    Rules are strict, dress code is traditional and outside influences like the internet, tv, music, dating, alcohol, photographs and radio are all forbidden.
    The institute has lost its charitable status.

    I am wondering if the boys sing the National Athem, and recite the Pledge of Allegiance or is this just one more “hotbed” in Canada.

    I noticed today the Miami Imam, Dr. Fadi Yousef Kablawi said
    “That Is the very problem I see in America—Christianity. Seriously. And Europe is not any better. Christianity—the way it got corrupted—is the main reason for what you see happening in this country, Christianity.
    Does he recite the Pledge of Allegiance?

    I cannot help but wonder why so many people are removed from Facebook and yet the Canadian leader of the terrorist’s group, Hibtz-ut-Tahrir, Mazin Abdul-Adhim is allowed to spew his hate for Canada and demand what the Islamists want.
    He has stated quite clearly “Islam is ABSOLUTELY incompatible with democracy”.

  17. The first day the arrows were on the floor at the local Walmart a couple of new Walmart employees were trying to enforce going down the aisles in one direction only, now no one and this includes the employees pays any attention to the arrows.

  18. Is America Losing the Rule of Law?

    Martin Luther King, Jr. once said, “There comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe nor politic nor popular, but he must take it because his conscience tells him it is right.” With this in mind, I cannot stand aside and watch what is happening to our society without giving voice.

    On February 12th, 2020, the Dow Jones Industrial Average enjoyed a record high, closing at 29,551.42 points. A little over one month later, on March 23, 2020, the DOW had plummeted 37% to close at 18,591.93. While there has been significant rebound from the lows of March, our economic framework is visibly damaged.

    The Federal Government increased our National Debt by at least another $2 trillion dollars In March. The U.S. Gross Domestic Product shrank 5.0% last quarter. Unemployment went from under 4% in February to over 13% in May. Currently there are 21,000,000 people unemployed. And even today, many states still have COVID-19 closure orders preventing the bourgeoisie (to borrow a Marxist term) from fully returning to work.

    In my lifetime, I have not observed my country in such a fragile condition exposed to threats both internal and external. Destructive rioting has demonstrated what happens when the police cannot respond. The looting and destruction of businesses has produced a further drag on our economy that has yet to be quantified.

  19. MUST SEE: “Move Or Get Your Ass Whooped! Period!” – Black Woman DESTROYS White Liberals Blocking Her Car in Street (VIDEO)

    The white liberal protesters weren’t expecting this!
    A group of dumb Black Lives Matter protesters, mostly guilty white liberals, shut down an intersection for what the media would call a “peaceful protest.”

  20. China Takes Over Hong Kong: EU Shrugs

    by Giulio Meotti
    June 13, 2020 at 5:00 am

    In the aftermath of China’s approval of a new national security law for Hong Kong, which de facto ends the autonomy of the former British colony guaranteed by an international treaty, two Anglo-Saxon democracies immediately protested very loudly.

    The United States and the United Kingdom tried to convene a meeting of the UN Security Council to deal with the matter (China prevented it). Then the governments of the United States, Britain, Australia and Canada released a joint statement stressing that the international community has a lasting interest in the stability and autonomy of Hong Kong. The UK even announced that it will extend to more than three million residents of Hong Kong a renewable one-year visa and the eventual possibility of obtaining British citizenship. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo raised the possibility of canceling the privileged commercial status that the US has so far given to Hong Kong, and President Donald Trump announced sanctions against Chinese leaders responsible for introducing the national security law in Hong Kong.

    The last British governor of Hong Kong, Chris Patten, said that China had “betrayed” Hong Kong. True, the Chinese regime has forsaken the commitment laid down in the treaty. But a greater betrayal is from Europe. What did the EU do on Hong Kong? Nothing. It is simply allowing China to overpower and crush its last bastion of freedom.

    • The Floods in the South and the high temps in the north are doing more damage to the internal food production. The CCP is going to miss the money they are giving to the protest/riot groups in the US.

      There is a theory that the CCP knew they were in serous trouble and that China at best was going to have an economic collapse. That this is the reason they decided to spread the Wuhan Flu around the world to weaken the entire world so the US wouldn’t be able to make major advances in spreading freedom while China was collapsing. It looks like that theory may be true and that China is in more trouble then they knew at the time they let the Wuhan Flu spread around the world.

  21. Turkey Military Runs Drill in East Mediterranean

    “Turkey’s military has conducted air and naval exercise in the eastern Mediterranean, its defense ministry said on Friday, affirming news by the Libyan Government of National Accord (GNA) forces in this regard.

    The drill, conducted by Turkey’s navy and air force, was dubbed an “Open Sea Training” exercise by the ministry.

    Eight frigates and corvettes participated, along with 17 warplanes based in the central Turkish airbase of Eskisehir, in a 2,000-km round trip, it said in a statement.

    The military said the drill was meant to test and develop Turkey’s ability to command and execute long-distance operations.

    Turkey’s statement came 24 hours after the “Volcano of Rage” operation room announced that Turkish aerial and naval forces have conducted drills above the Mediterranean Sea, using E-7T airborne early warning and control aircraft.

    Fayez al-Sarraj’s GNA room, backed by Turkey, also noted that Ankara launched an air bridge consisting of 17 aircraft between Istanbul and Misrata, as well as frigates carrying precision-guided missiles and armed drones.

    Itamilradar website, which monitors military aircraft movements over Italy and the Mediterranean Sea, said it detected on Thursday a new mission by the Turkish Air Force.

    Italian Flightradar24 site confirmed the claims, pointing out that three Turkish military cargo planes and a ship carrying weapons approached the airspace of western Libya.

    It said two of them took off from Istanbul airport, while the third flew from Konya military base in Misrata but returned without landing.

    The Turkish cargo ship (CIRKIN), which sailed from Istanbul, was intercepted by a Greek frigate, which follows the EU’s military mission in Libya Operation, known as Irini, Flightradar24 reported.

    Turkish media also confirmed the Greek naval interception of a “Turkish commercial cargo ship,” which was accompanied by Turkish frigates heading to Libya.

    European Union High Representative for Foreign Affairs Josep Borrell confirmed that the incident occurred in international waters off the Libyan coast.

    He said Turkey opposed Irini’s inspection of the ship after it was suspected of violating the UN arms embargo on Libya.”

  22. Saudi Arabia to implement noon work ban from June 15 for 3 months

    “Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development announced on Friday that it is going to ban work under the sun — from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. — for three months, citing a ministerial decision.

    The ban, which covers all private sector companies and establishments, comes into force on June 15 (Monday) and will continue until Sept. 15, 2020.

    The ministry said the decision aims to preserve the safety and health of workers and employees in the private sector and is in line with its commitment to provide them a healthy and safe work environment and spare them from any risks and harm as part of the safety and occupational health considerations.

    The ministerial decision stipulates that it is not permissible to make an employee work in the open under direct sunlight from 12:00 noon till 3:00 in the evening during the period between June 15 and Sept. 15 of each calendar year.

    The decision excludes workers in the oil and gas companies, as well as emergency maintenance workers, provided the necessary measures are taken to protect them from the harms of direct sunlight.

    The ministry calls upon employers to organize work hours and implement what is stipulated in this decision, as the ministry strives to provide a work environment that is safe from various occupational hazards.

    The ministry also aims to raise the level of efficiency and means of prevention so as to reduce occupational injuries and diseases and protect workers from accidents, which will be reflected in improving and increasing the production level.

    The decision excludes a number of governorates in some regions of the Kingdom, due to the difference in temperatures that decrease in some regions and governorates to levels that do not require a ban on working in the hours mentioned in the ministerial decision.

    The decision calls for coordination with the directors of the subdivisions of the regions to determine the extent of the need to implement the decision in their work areas and the provinces under their jurisdiction, according to the climatic conditions and temperatures prevailing in the region during the prevention period.

    The ministry added that it is also possible to enquire and submit a complaint about the violation of the decision via the customer service phone number (19911) or through the “Together for Monitoring” portal…”

  23. Tunisia: Ennahda party concerned about growing incitement against businessmen

    “The Tunisian Ennahda party expressed its concern about the growing incitement wave against businessmen and the demonisation of national capital.

    This came in a statement issued by the movement (54 out of 217 seats in parliament) late on Thursday, of which Anadolu Agency obtained a copy.

    The statement disclosed that the Ennahda party is concerned about the alarming levels of social tensions in light of economic difficulties.

    The statement called on the government to: “Persevere in managing the dialogue between all political parties and national organisations and expanding the political belt supporting the government.”

    The movement indicated that this endeavour will contribute to the government’s: “Success in setting an economic and social rescue program, which would achieve social stability and national solidarity, and provide all guarantees and incentives to attract investment.”

    A few days ago, deputy public prosecutor at the Court of First Instance, Mohsen Dali, announced that the Tunisian judiciary referred 44 Tunisians on suspicions of using significant funds illegally to purchase real estate and apartments in the Spanish city of Alicante.

    The total value of real estate, goods and financial assets seized, according to Dali, was 25.7 million dinars ($8.9 million).

    Tunisia ranked 74th out of 180 countries in the 2019 Corruption Perceptions Index, issued by Transparency International last January, after ranking 73rd last year, despite maintaining the same number of points 43 out of 100 points in the index (corruption decreases as points increase)…”

  24. Dozens injured as Lebanese security forces crack down on angry protesters amid ongoing currency crisis

    “At least 49 people have been injured in Lebanon’s northern city of Tripoli as violent protests against a collapsing economy and currency continued for the second night running on Friday.

    Clashes broke out between protesters and soldiers in Tripoli’s iconic Al-Noor Square, where anti-corruption protests have taken place since September last year.

    The Lebanese army and security forces used tear gas against the protesters and six of the injured were soldiers. The Lebanese Red Cross treated the injured in field clinics near the Square…”

  25. Iran prepared to retaliate if U.S. stopped Venezuela-bound tankers: news agency

    “An Iranian news agency close to the elite Revolutionary Guards said on Saturday Iran’s naval forces were preparing to target U.S. commercial vessels in the Gulf last month in case U.S. forces interfered with Venezuela-bound Iranian oil tankers…”

  26. Minor girl married off to 41-year-old man in K-P

    “The Peshawar police have arrested three members of a Jirga for ordering a marriage of a minor girl to a 41-year-old married man as Vani.

    Vani is a tribal tradition under which a girl is married to a person (whatever his age or social status may be) as a penalty for the wrongdoing of her elders or family.

    According to sources, the 13-year-old girl was married as Vani as a punishment for his brother’s alleged illicit relationship with an 18-year-old girl, Ma****.

    The sources privy to the development said that Su*** and his sister was confined in a house after the allegations, who now have been recovered by the police.

    The Jirga to settle the matter had decided to marry Su*** sister as Vani to the married man. However, his uncle reported the incident to the police, who took a timely action and rescued both the siblings.

    According to police, a case had been registered against all the Jirga members, Three accused Jirga members have been arrested while raids are being conducted for the arrest of three other members, they added.

    Although banned and outlawed by the government in 2011, the custom still exists and has spilled over into other provinces in the country.”

  27. Malnutrition threatens millions of Afghan children

    “Millions of children in Afghanistan are suffering from malnutrition, says the Save the Children, arguing that 12.8 million are in urgent humanitarian needs.

    The London-based relief organization says that the deadly Corona virus had worsened economic situation in Afghanistan.

    “The vulnerable families and the families who live in remote areas are poor and cannot get access to healthy and enough foodstuff for their children in the quarantine days. We call on the international community to assist children in Afghanistan with foodstuff,” said Maryam Ataie, spokeswomen of the organization on Saturday.

    The organization says that it is very important to import humanitarian aids and merchants to take them to the remote areas where it is needed.

    The United Nations International Children Emergency Fund (UNICEF), had warned in April that a long lockdown for prevention of the Corona virus spread would make many troubles for the poor families in Afghanistan and children would be the first victims.

    The number of malnutrition-hit children in the country had 11 per cent increase compared to last year.

    The total number of children affected by malnutrition reaches to 690,000, according to the UNICEF.

    The United Nations reports that 14 million Afghan children need humanitarian aids.

    Big cities in Afghanistan including the capital Kabul are in a lockdown since late March that has put a negative impact on the people’s lives.

    The number of people infected with the Corona virus is around 24,000.”

  28. 2 terrorists ‘neutralized’ in southeast Turkey

    “Two armed PKK terrorists were neutralized in an air-backed operation in southeastern Turkey, the Interior Ministry announced early Saturday.

    The ministry said the terrorists were struck as part of domestic security operations and a large cache of ammunition and survival equipment was confiscated. Operations in the region are underway, it added.

    In its more than 30-year terror campaign against Turkey, the PKK — listed as a terrorist organization by Turkey, the US, and EU — has been responsible for the deaths of 40,000 people, including women, children and infants.”

  29. Solving ‘Ancient Conflicts in Faraway Lands’ Not in US Military’s Job Description, Trump Says

    “A US soldier should defend the United States “strongly” against foreign enemies, Trump declared.

    US President Donald Trump has announced that the age of “endless wars” is coming to an end as he addressed the graduating cadets of the US Military Academy at West Point.

    As Trump told the graduating class, their job will be defend “America’s vital interests”, and that rather than rebuilding foreign nations, a US serviceman should “defend, and defend strongly, our nation from foreign enemies.”

    “We are ending the era of endless wars,” Trump said, arguing that it’s not the job of US forces “to solve ancient conflicts in faraway lands that many people have not even heard of”.

    The US president delivered this announcement as he faces criticism over his plans to pull out some 9,500 US troops from Germany and to relocate them to Poland and elsewhere, Reuters points out.”

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