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4 Replies to “Piers Corbyn with Sargon of Akaad”

  1. OK – I got about 18-19 minutes into this interview, and had to stop or my blood pressure would not just harm me, but the resulting explosion might take the whole of the city and/or 200-mile-radius around me with me.

    What a load of commie crap – so sad Sargon has so completely lost his credibility…

    At this point, I would usually say “sad, so sad…” – but that would be highly inaccurate.

    This is just so wrong on so many levels, I cannot wrap my brain around it that someone like Sargon would treat this as, well, words fail me…

    • I spent half an hour deconstructing Corbyn’s reasoning, but then I thought, ‘why give your wisdom to Jans’

      Blood pressure boiling.
      Wrong on so many levels.

      If we can’t give people the guidance on where they erred in rationality, we cease to be a blog.

      So I’ll summarize:
      Brickcoin harms the housing market by investing in its scarcity.

      Corbyn wants Communism, where the government steps in and take all the empty properties, (a precurser to taking empty second-homes); ergo, creating a second wave of shortages caused by a house-price collapse and no new homes built, where they will have no one else to steal from but use the bullet to move people out, or heavily subsidize the same investors now to go into the building trade.

      Whereas, Socialist governments already weaponize tax, and so these non-dwelling investment properties could be used to fund new housing, and thus in two ways create a disincentive to make investors look elsewhere for a rigged market of mass-immigration and its vast amount of untapped-shortages to exploit.

      My preferred option: controlled immigration.

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