Shark Tank regular analyzes Trudeau’s economic performance

Correction: The guest is “Mr. Wonderful” from Shark Tank and The Lion’s Den. A successful entrepreneur who is being sued for wrongful death in a boating accident. Kevin O’Leary.

Thank you for the correction Charles Hawtrey

Update 2:

Listen at the end. He is pitching the globalist view .. trading with China as though everything will be great once the US acquiesces to China. He is totally out of touch.

Here is Gordon Chang on China

It should probably be added that the arrest of the Huawei executive is one of the few good things Trudeau has done, and probably at the request of the USA.

Canada is holding her under house-arrest for extradition to the US although it is taking quite a while.


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6 Replies to “Shark Tank regular analyzes Trudeau’s economic performance”

  1. for god sake he is not an abc is mr wonderful from shark tank and the lion’s den…he is a rich entrepeneur who is now being sued for wrongful death in a boating acident….his name in case you forgot is kevin o’leary! !

  2. Of course he is going to push the globalist agenda, do you really expect them to put on someone who would push for economic independence for Canada or any other nation that isn’t a communist nation?

  3. Canada – US trade valued at over 600 billion should be what is on the mind’s of people like O’Leary.

    While Justine Trudeau allows the Sunni Islamist and Iranian/Khomeneist forces to build in Canada, he is taking a big risk with the lives of Canadians and Americans. Iin a time when the capabilities of groups and countries are looking to harm Canada and the United States are increasing, allowing these groups to build their strength in Canada is dangerous to US interests directly. All of this while Iran and thenUS remain in a state of potential conflict over a variety of issues involving the spread of the Khomesiests political influences, nuclear weapons, oil pricing and Iran competing with the Saudis for influence in the Gulf and around the world.

    Islamists, globally appear to be increasingly violent and growing in strength. islamist violence is spreading in Indonesia, Pakistan, Nigeria, Kenya, Afghanistan, Somalia, France, the UK, Russia, Germany, Syria, Belgium, Iraq, Canada and the USA. What is Canada doing to address the problem while accommodating those who form the basis of the problem? Canada will not be able to plead ignorance when faced with accusations of complicity from future American victims. Canada will pay a high price for their submission to the Islamists.

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