More attempted attacks on Jewish Canadians by muslims, and some fashion advice: Links 1, Nov. 1 2019

1. If we only had a few tens of thousands more of these

2. SECURITY INCIDENT: These Two Men Tried Gaining Access To Yeshiva In Toronto 

Two men claiming to be repairmen attempted to get into Yeshiva Darchei Torah of Toronto.

The men were dressed in construction vests.

Thanks to proper security measures in place at the Yeshiva, the men never got inside.

The following letter was sent to the parent body of the yeshiva on Tuesday evening:


Dear Parents,

Over the last months, we have worked to enhance our security infrastructure and procedures. While we believe that our well-being is ultimately in the hands of the Ribbono Shel Olam, we must still do our part to address the threats that we face in these troubled times.

3. New fashion wear for the Western minded non-communist who opposes being replaced or Islamic law.

(I kinda feel like they should say, “Bullet resistant” rather than bullet proof. But still, resistant is better than nothing. Like when you fall in the pool with your phone or watch on.)

4. As the UK heads at Mach 1 for an Orwellian present, people are lined up for the job of Winston Smith.

‘Bad for mental health’ Millennial sparks FURY claiming kids shouldn’t be taught about WW2

(We were always at war with Germania. We were NEVER at war with Germania)

GOOD MORNING BRITAIN welcomed Sir Michael Wilshaw and millennial Freddie Bentley to the show today to debate whether children should be taught more about World War II in schools. However, viewers watching at home weren’t too pleased with the latter claiming teachings were affecting mental health.


Good Morning Britain hosts Ben Shepherd, 44, and Kate Garraway, 52, had been teasing the debate throughout the show after a strong reaction to this week’s edition of The Apprentice where the candidates didn’t know the years World War II took place. As the conversation unfolded about the subject being taught in schools, Bentley claimed there were greater things in the world to worry about than reflecting on history and the teachings were affecting youngster’s mental health.

(Over the course of my short time living in and amongst Western peoples and ideas, news programs have routinely exaggerated situations in order to sell copy or gain authority. Selling fear is a huge business, especially when it isn’t real. When it is, no one wants any part of it of course. The use of Orwell’s prophetic works has been a huge reference for news people to use when describing things they don’t like but have nothing to do with Orwell’s ideas. News people feel safe doing this because the chances are few have read it and even fewer understand his works, because frankly, till you live it its very hard to understand. I think a lot more do now.

But the point is, we have burned out certain phrases and ideas we need with abuse of these terms. Calling a thing “Orwellian” doesn’t have the impact it should. Same with Soviet like, or totalitarian.

This is the time that it may be worth the effort to seek out those who escaped communist regimes, whether its China today or people who got out from behind the Iron Curtain and look for understanding.

Recently I spoke to a Czech shop owner. He gave up talking to Canadians as they are so deluded about socialism. They think, according to him, that its a more fair economic system. And they won’t listen to him explain the reality of it. Even, as I understand him, his own children more influenced by privileged professors then by the ample proof of the reality of socialism. The story above here, is genuine Winston Smithism but using the modern socialist tactics of claiming its for public health. We have to “protect the children from truth as it may harm them to know”. The real reasons for this are too obvious to even state here without offending the intelligence of our great readership.)

5. Pics: Indonesian Man Who Enforced Sharia Adultery Laws Flogged… for Adultery

A strictly observant Muslim Indonesian man – who worked as a religious policeman enforcing adultery laws – has been publicly whipped after being caught with a married woman. He now stands to lose his job after local Islamic officials expressed a lack of confidence in his ability to discharge his duties.


Aceh Ulema Council (MPU) member Mukhlis helped draft the strict Sharia religious laws ordering adulterers to be publicly flogged and faced the punishment himself when he was publicly thrashed 28 times with a rattan cane on Thursday.


Photos reveal Mukhlis, who like many Indonesians goes by one name, grimacing and flinching during the ordeal in the provincial capital of Banda Aceh, which is controlled by Islamic police.

(Your Schadenfreude moment brought to you by

6. Vandals Profane 100 Christian Tombs in French Cemetery

(The mayor of the area covers for the vandals in case its muslims. Which it almost certainly is. Read the whole article at link please)

Vandals went through a graveyard in southwest France before dawn on Wednesday smashing anything relating to Christian symbolism, including dozens of stone crosses, crucifixes, and images of angels and the Virgin Mary.


According to local reports, the marauders profaned nearly 100 Christian graves in the Breuil cemetery in Cognac, destroying mostly crosses but also smashing a number of statues, plaques, and representations of angels and of the Blessed Virgin Mary.


The desecration of the cemetery took place just days before the Christian celebration of All Souls Day on November 2, when Catholics visit the graves of their loved ones to pray for the repose of their souls.


The mayor of Cognac, Michel Gourinchas, went to the graveyard Wednesday to survey the extent of the damage, describing the incident as “lamentable” and “shameful.” The socialist mayor said he hopes the incident was nothing more than an act of gratuitous and foolish vandalism without anti-Christian motivation.

Thank you Johnny U., Wrath of Khan, EB., Richard, ET., and a long list of wonderful people who posted important materials today to the Reader’s Links post(s)


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5 Replies to “More attempted attacks on Jewish Canadians by muslims, and some fashion advice: Links 1, Nov. 1 2019”

  1. 3 – first all flak jackets are bullet resistant not bullet proof. Second not knowing much about firearms or history most punks (terrorists included) carry 9mm or 38 Special with a few venturing into more realistic calibers. IIA will stop 9mm and 38 Spe4cial unless they are using armor piercing ammo. . Having said that if I had the money Second Chance Body Armor would be my choice, looks like a T-shirt and will stop a 41 or 44 mag.

  2. As a Socialist, this Mayor would say something deliberately stupid like that.
    We cannot possibly have Anti Christian, or Anti Jewish for that matter, sentiments in a Country with such a large Muslim population, that incidentally HATE us, now can we?

  3. The Muslim Brotherhood hoods most followed Imam, Yusuf Qaradawi, who was wanted on an INTERPOL Red Notice, is regularly cited as the leading figure in the Muslim Brotherhood.
    “Conquest through da’awa, that is what we hope for. we will CONQUER Europe, we will CONQUER America! Not through sword but through da’awa.”

    Again he said “The peaceful conquest has foundation in this religion, and therefore, I expect that Islam will CONQUER Europe without resorting to the sword or fighting. it will do it by so many means of da’awa and ideology. Europe is miserable with materialism, with the philosophy of promiscuity, and with the immoral considerations that rule the world “considerations of self-interest and self-indulgence.”

    I cannot believe the nerve of such speech, when one takes a look at what has happened in Europe—grooming gangs, what so-called religion are the majority of men in the gangs from?

    What are Trudeau and all the globalists thinking, flooding countries with the migrants? They have stated quite clearly, they will NOT integrate. The people of the world need to start pushing back, if the politicians are too naive , and I doubt that, then they are aware of the EVIL they are promoting. Politicians are elected to protect their people, not put their lives in danger. Diversity is not our strength, it is handing our lives over to barbarians who talk of nothing but conquering.

    Did the people not vote to leave the EU in 2016? Government of, for and by the people or GOVERNMENT.

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