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7 Replies to “Jewish family attacked by bombs, hit and runs and verbally for 20 years in The Netherlands by…”

    • Is that fair, Dapto? C’mon.

      What a living hell for this poor family. And unable to sell his house and no real help from the cops.

    • Anti-semitism is very rare among native dutch, so this is an odd case. Some backgrounds, and my htoughts:

      This man lives in Hippolytushoef, a village of 4,200+ souls. It’s possible it’s an isolated bulwark of (for example) a zealot protestant cult. But it has churches of different denominations (incl Roman Catholic), so that’s unlikely. Also, the family received a lot of flowers, so they’re supported by at least part of the village.

      In such a small place, everybody must know who is doing this. Maybe they’re afraid to talk? Certainly the kids know names and faces of their bullies. Police arrested and released a suspect in connection with the bombing – I’m sure they know names too, but they need evidence.

      Maybe the harassment comes from people from another town. Den Helder is close by, it’s the main naval base. It’s pretty scummy, has lots of brothels and drug dealers. It has a little ghetto, with associated violence.

      What strikes me most about this is how long it’s been going on. So it’s not just dumb teenagers, this goes across generations. Young adults siccing their younger brothers at this family? It sounds like a blood feud.

      • I was touched by all the flowers. Neighbors do seem to care.
        (The cutesy shrines with candles and teddybears where people have been murdered are simply appalling.)

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