Australian media shows real unity on freedom of speech

One can only wish American and Canadian media did the same after the treatment of Assange and possibly even Snowdon depending on the leaks. With Assange for sure, it was leaks from whistle blowers who leaked important material for Democracy which upset powerful people who felt they had a right to rule like the Clintons and their associates. With Snowdon its more complex as he may have leaked real military materials that could have gotten assets for US intel killed. However his revelations about NSA spying on the people and the obliteration of the 4th amendment deserved a Pulitzer.

Australian newspapers black out front pages in ‘secrecy’ protest

Australia’s biggest newspaper rivals have made a rare showing of unity by publishing redacted front pages in a protest against press restrictions.


The News Corp Australia and Nine mastheads on Monday showed blacked-out text beside red stamps marked “secret”.


The protest is aimed at national security laws which journalists say have stifled reporting and created a “culture of secrecy” in Australia.


The government said it backed press freedom but “no one was above the law”.

In June, police raids on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) and the home of a News Corp Australia journalist generated a huge backlash.


The media organisations said the raids had been conducted over articles which had relied on leaks from whistleblowers. One detailed allegations of war crimes, while the other reported an alleged attempt by a government agency to spy on Australian citizens.

One can only wish these papers had done this when the Union of Journalist rules came into effect, which were entirely a forced dialectic twist to the left in all cases and have been observed by MSM for over a decade now across the Western world. These rules are one of the main the reasons that we cannot know who did a thing if it was a muslim etc. etc. but if it is a white person we know right away, and dozens more subtle decisions which force a paper to always make non whites and non-Christians look less guilty than the proportion of their acts, and White Christians look more guilty by proportion.  This defines dialectic twists leading leftwards in all ways. Policy is set using this illusion.

(The link to the rules on minority reporting is now much more difficult to find than it was last time I posted it. Will add to this when found.)

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3 Replies to “Australian media shows real unity on freedom of speech”

  1. Some of the Australian media are at least partially awake. The next question is will they remain active against the new rules or will they be broken or bribed into submission?

  2. These “journalists” complaining about Government censorship are the same people who cheered when counter jihadists were being censored and criminalised. Their poster boy journalist who was imprisoned in Egypt was a shill for the muslim brotherhood like most of the Australian media.
    This “fighting back against censorship” is not on our behalf, it’s for the left only. As far as I’m concerned they are just getting a taste of the medicine they have been handing out to the likes of us for the past 5 years.
    So whilst I dislike censorship I have no sympathy for them.

    • Yeah its the kind of selective enforcement to repressive tolerance we see everywhere. A Canadian Muslim Brotherhood shill was also imprisoned in Egypt. Our lefty journos screeched to get him out as well, but he was a perfect example of jihad by the pen, as Koran demands.

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