Part III of explaining Habermas Marxism: Stigmatizing the whole culture

This is part III of the series being translated by Ava Lon, of the Polish academic and artist, who has retooled his life to expose to the public what communism really is. In this segment, he shows the tactic of how communists stigmatize all normality within a culture.

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The first two parts can be seen at these links:

How a minority can dominate a majority

How truth becomes Hate Speech 


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9 Replies to “Part III of explaining Habermas Marxism: Stigmatizing the whole culture”

  1. Habermas is indeed a cancer. Whether the “thoughts”, which he still (celebrated) spread, actually originate from him, is something professionals should argue about. (There are probably other some wrongdoers like Marcuse or Adorno who proberly indoctrinated him.) But this cancerous ulcer a la déformation professionnelle made definetively the biggest personal profit out of it through his youth.

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