The foundation of classical thought is crumbling: Links 2, September 13, 2019

1. Prager U video on Google’s black lists

2. Ilhan Omar’s district

3. COVER-UP: Liberals Stopping RCMP From Fully Investigating Possible Obstruction Of Justice In SNC-Lavalin PMO Scandal

A new report by Robert Fife and Daniel Leblanc of the Globe & Mail reveals that the Trudeau Liberals are blocking the RCMP from investigating possible obstruction of justice related to the SNC-Lavalin PMO Scandal.

The report states that cabinet confidential has not been lifted for witness, meaning key witness testimony and essential documents are not being shared with the RCMP.

It’s an outrage, and shows how terrified the Liberals are of Canadians knowing the truth.

The report is behind a paywall, and you can view the link here.

4. French Judge Expresses Concern over Juror Corruption in No-Go Paris Suburbs

The president of the Assize court in the Paris suburb of Bobigny has expressed concerns that corrupt juries could hinder criminal cases across the Seine-Saint-Denis area.

Assize court president Philippe Jean-Draeher made his concerns known in an internal note obtained by French newspaper Le Parisien which reports that the judge is worried about organised gangs influencing and corrupting jurors to acquit suspects in serious cases.


“Very quickly, when speaking to jurors, an almost unanimous tendency appeared, to refuse the guilt of some defendants,” Jean-Draeher wrote and added that some of the acquittals were “totally unfounded”.


The note comes after a jury of seven men and one woman acquitted suspects in a serious violent kidnapping case connected to drug trafficking in which the victim was tortured for 36 hours by being beaten, burned, and nearly drowned in Seine-Saint-Denis earlier this year.


The verdict in the case had even managed to be leaked before it was read in court. An investigation into the jurors on corruption charges led to six indictments, including one of the jurors.

(An excellent example of why and how multiculturalism will always fail)

5. Maoist Unisex Clothing Enforced in U.K — and the Sharia Connection

Demonstrations have recently erupted at Priory School in Lewes, East Sussex (U.K.), where parents and pupils are protesting a new school policy that mandates gender neutral uniforms for students. Girls who now show up to school in skirts are sent home to change into trousers. If they refuse to change and try to enter the school, police are called. The new rules are, of course, a product of the Left’s agenda — especially in regards to its totalitarian “transgender” movement.


The new policy at Priory School is, naturally, being camouflaged with the excuse that the objective is to make transgender students feel more comfortable — and to also have an environment more conducive to “learning and teaching.” But it’s obvious what’s really going on: the Left is waging its traditional war on gender differences, which it believes are socially constructed by the evil white-supremacist capitalist power structures.


As we watch young girls in East Sussex being sent home from school if they commit the crime of wearing a skirt, it would do well for us to reflect on the foundations that serve as the impetus for this new utopian crackdown. The way that the Maoist Cultural Revolution in China imposed desexualized dress serves as a perfect example. Indeed, Maoist China imposed a unisex form of dress on its citizens, and it did so not only as a ruthless war on gender differences and individuality, but also as a calculated assault on the possibilities of private attractions, affections, and desires.

Thank you Wrath of Khan, M., C., EB., Xanthippa, and all who sent in materials, much of which is of tremendous importance, even though it may not look like it from a surface or naive perspective. Item 5 in this post for instance, is of epic importance,

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