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6 Replies to “Truth to power”

  1. What are we going to do? The media has taken over the world and they are showing no intentions of giving it back. What’s more, the media controls the information and, more importantly, the reaction to the information so they are not just the people we get our information from but also the people who tell us which items are important and which ones are not. It leaves the people utterly powerless against their sheer might. No matter how right I am or how important my voice may be it doesn’t matter because they can just change the subject to gay bullying and climate change and bury my voice in the massive scrap-heap of other voices. And they seem intent on keeping all our attention focused on silly imaginary things like climate change and plastic drinking straws and transgender issues and rape culture at universities and the rejection of the Second Amendment…

    It’s great that they showed this clip but you gotta know what they’re going to do with it, and on and on it goes… The media has taken over the world just like Adolf and Napoleon and Joseph and Mao wanted to do…

    Unplug your TV!

  2. Respons to Chris Jones: Well the media could be mistaken, because if people really had enough of their bullshit and arrogance they will one day go to this media and burn their ugly concreet buildings down and beat the fucking shit in 7 colors out of every moronic marxist liar who tries to get out!
    THAT WILL HAPPEN namely and very SOON also and it will be GOOD!
    The rest is defaistism and not very hopefull as a comment!

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