From 7 11s to Boko Haram, Australia jails a Cardinal: Links 1, September 4, 2019

1. Debate sparked by 7-Eleven clerk washing feet at Roseville store

ROSEVILLE, Mich. (WXYZ) — A video posted on social media is sparking a debate. An employee at the 7-eleven on Gratiot and 13 Mile Road in Roseville was captured washing his feet in a sink that is meant for washing hands.


The sink is next to a coffee machine and across from a grill station. The footage turned stomachs while others came to the employee’s defense.

Emily Divel recorded the video and posted it to social media.


“As I walked in I could hear him loudly spitting in the sink,” Divel said.


Divel said he then put his foot in the sink. Action News confronted the employee who said it was a religious practice.


The unidentified employee said he’s Muslim and it’s mandatory he clean his feet, arms, and face at least five times a day.

Customers had mixed reaction outside the store on Tuesday.

2. Italy: New coalition to be sworn in

3. IS the US FEC now trying to warp the information landscape to tilt the election leftwards?

4. Donald Trump on the attacks against him because of his exposure of the “Squad” for what they are.

5. “Cleaning human faces off of a public street in Seattle is racist”

(In the example I gave in the title of this video, the narrator leaves it as a point of confusion, or how unreasonable the left is. In fact, the politician’s example of it being racist to clean the streets as racist because, well Ill let you listen for yourselves, is a classic example of the dialectical engine of destruction, and evidence that the left created this problem and does not want a solution and uses this form of reasoning to prevent a solution. How can they get the destruction of the West and especially the USA without this collapse? It is not lost on them that they are spending billions in tax money creating more and more homeless defecating on streets. Therefore this is the DESIRED outcome. And that is what communism is. First you destroy everything good and that works. Then it’s destroyed.)

6. Boko Haram Burns Chibok, Home of the Christian Girls Kidnapped in 2014

Boko Haram terrorists entered the northeastern Nigerian village of Chibok, Borno, this weekend, burning down homes and looting food to sustain themselves according to locals.

Chibok became world-famous after the jihadist group raided the village in 2014 and abducted 276 schoolgirls from the local secondary school during an annual exam. Over 100 girls remain missing more than five years after the attack, and a significant percentage of those who survived were not rescued but escaped on their own.

The Nigerian government has repeatedly claimed it has defeated Boko Haram and that the group no longer exists. When confronted by repeated Boko Haram attacks and the fact that hundreds of people abducted by the terrorists are still missing, Abuja contends that the terrorists currently active are members of the Islamic State West Africa Province (ISWAP), an offshoot of the original Boko Haram.

Boko Haram pledged allegiance to the Islamic State in 2015.

The jihadist terrorists “sacked community members, destroyed and set houses on fire” in Chibok this weekend, according to Nigeria’s Vanguard newspaper. This Day, another newspaper, cited eyewitnesses who said the assault began late Saturday. Due to the remote location of many Boko Haram attacks, it often takes days for news of an attack to get to the general public.

7. No one identified! How odd! As a point of interest, Trudeau made this city a landing point for a lot of muslim migrants.

8. Hong Kong withdraws extradition bill after leaked audio

9. Judge Upholds Charges For Straight Pride Parade Protesters In Court

10. San Francisco council calls NRA ‘domestic terrorist organisation’

The San Francisco city government has formally labelled the pro-gun lobbyist National Rifle Association (NRA) a “domestic terrorist organisation”.


The condemnation of the most powerful gun-ownership advocacy group in the US was unanimously passed on Tuesday by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.

It follows a shooting attack against the Gilroy Garlic Festival, south of the city, which killed three in July.


Democrats have often blamed the NRA’s rhetoric for fuelling mass shootings.


The resolution says the US is “plagued by an epidemic of gun violence” and accuses the NRA of using “its considerable wealth and organisation strength to promote gun ownership and incite gun owners to acts of violence”.

“All countries have violent and hateful people, but only in America do we give them ready access to assault weapons and large-capacity magazines, thanks, in large part, to the National Rifle Association’s influence,” the resolution says.

The bill also urges the city and county to reconsider its relationship with companies that do business with the NRA.


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Earlier we posted a story about a rather far left seeming vegan, who is, in what may be an unprecedentedly unneighbourly act, taking residents of adjoined homes on both sides to the Oz Supreme Court over their insistence of using their backyards the same way everyone else does. Here is another example of Australian justice where standard jurisprudence was suspended to create a politically desirable outcome rather than one of actual truth or justice. And one with a deeply sinister root philosophy. More on Cardinal Pell here. 

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4 Replies to “From 7 11s to Boko Haram, Australia jails a Cardinal: Links 1, September 4, 2019”

    • You got that right, the Mayor and the DA want to turn Boston into another Portland but the police and a brave Judge have other ideas. The left win militias will increase the level of violence as the approach the election. They think they can terrorize the people into voting for the Dems but don’t have any way to see who is voting for whom. Earlier today Johnny U said that we are all underground and will have to stay underground to protect ourselves.

  1. 8 – I don’t think that the protests in Hong Kong are over, this move would have satisfied the protesters if it had been done a week after the protests started. They didn’t do this then and let the protests run while they tried using brutality to crush the protests, when this didn’t work they decided to give in on the original demand but are ignoring the rest of the demands. The protesters will hold out for at least amnesty for the protesters who have been arrested and an independent commission to investigate the police brutality.

    I don’t think the CCP can give the protesters either one much less both and survive, they are faced with either giving in and run the risk of the protests spreading to the mainland cities. Or using force and getting massive sanctions on China and many of the Central Committee and the Oligarchs. Doing the latter will probably (a high order probability) cause the Chinese economy to crash and the CCP lose control of China. Doing the first has a significant probability of spreading the protests but it is much lower then the probablity of an economic crash. The bad debt that the Chinese banks are setting on is between 2 and 3 times the GDP, this is an unsustainable level and will lead to many of the banks collapsing, either from the debt or from the massive deflation of the currency that will occur if/when they print money to cover the bad debts. The problem of the bad debt is increased by the capital flight from China and party members and Oligarchs find ways to move their money out of China to the Western nations. Hong Kong has had a massive capital flight during the protests and it is highly probable that the mainland has a large possible massive capital flight during the protests. This flight tells us who the rich in China think will win the cold war and the trade war between the US and China. The people who are moving their money know a lot more about the Chinese economy then we do so pay close attention to what they are doing.

    Yes I know about the US debt and all of the US debt is still below the GDP, if we don’t grow the economy this debt will eventually cause the US economy to collapse but even so not as fast as the bad debt in the Chinese Banks. Also when we talk about the US debt it hasn’t yet become bad debt, bad debt is debt that everyone knows will never be repaid.

  2. 1. Before each of the mandatory islamic prayers, it is essential to wash certain body parts in accodance to scripture.

    (In a desert, entering a mosque, the imams would naturally expect, and had commanded this procedure).

    Government office and workplace are not mosques and should not have prayer rooms.

    Like smokers and vapers congregate outside, or exotic pole-dancers support office-cattle in cities, religious addicts can also find shops with a trick to sell. Fifteen minute breaks morning and afternoon, and lunch times already satiate the weak.

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