Profile of a real far right wing person

First it needs to be said, that I mean this title, not as a pejorative in any way. In fact I admire this guy in the same way I admire the legendary, Wyatt Earp or Doc Holiday.

I refer to him as “far right wing” to straighten the record. One of the most effective Marxist dialectic scams played on us, that we all bought in to.

So let’s define terms to get back to sanity.

Left wing: The politics of increased state power and authority. That much like Islam, all that is not expressly permitted, is prohibited. Truth is no defence, and there are no individual rights. All is for the glory of the state.

Two major examples of a left wing government historically in Europe, are the Soviets, and the Nazis.

In left wing thought, if an innocent person is killed by the state, he should be grateful that he died for the glorification of the state. As it has been said to be the communist slogan:

“There is no God, and Marx is his prophet”

One of the main Marxist scams that has been played on the West is the ludicrous notion that the Nazis were right wing. Hitler’s speeches were nearly perfect quotes from Marx, and other political philosophers who modelled their work on Marx and socialist/fascist thought. (Please see Postmodernism Explained, by Steven Hicks)

Right wing: Maximum individual rights and responsibilities. Truth is always an absolute defence. Government power is limited as much as possible and the people are the sovereign.

Left and right is not a circle that meets at some point. It is a straight line from liberty to being a slave of the state. Islam actually means submission (to the sharia) and so an Islamic government is strictly speaking, a far left wing, extremist form of control.

The USA as it was initially formed, is a far right wing government. Not because of slavery, slavery is a left wing institution. Right wing, or libertarianism, holds that all men are qual before the law, but only before the law.

And in this way, I would like to introduce you to a far right wing man, who seems to be a pretty direct philosophical descendant of the early and legendary libertarians.

John McAfee.


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  1. The problem with this is that when people don’t believe that truth is important, who is telling the truth? Many people feel it’s ok to slander another person if it furthers your agenda. And it’s a hard habit not to fall into, even if you mean well. If you have an agenda then it’s considered ok to promote your cause whoever you have to slander to do it.
    William F Buckley promoting abortion, drugs and pornography?? I find that hard to believe. I mean, really hard to believe.
    Who is John F McManus? Where is he coming from? Does he have an agenda or a bias?

    I started listening to “Explaining Post Modernism,”
    He seems to be making the point that it was only after the Enlightenment that people discovered reason, and that Faith is irrational and opposed to reason.
    The belief that the world was created by God for a reason and that there is a purpose in life, made science possible: that the truth about the universe was knowable because there were laws governing the universe.
    He fails to mention medieval thinkers like Thomas Aquinas.
    It was at the Reformation that reason was thrown out and the reformers believed in faith alone.
    We say that God is above Reason but not below Reason, in other words He is not irrational.
    The Catholic teaching is that human reason, given to us by God, is flawed since the Fall, because we cut ourselves off from God, the source of our reason. But reason is not completely wrecked, and we are capable of learning much. But, human reason can take us only so far, revelation from God is needed to complete it, to understand why we are here and what is our purpose in life.
    The idea that Faith and Reason are opposed is false.
    He also gives the impression that slavery was ended because of the enlightenment.
    The forming of the Jewish people in Exodus resulted because God led them out of slavery. And it was an evangelical Christian who fought to end slavery in the British Empire: Wilberforce. Because of his faith, that all men are equal in the eyes of God.

  2. “The Psychopath Under the Bed – PART TWO”
    by Jeff Nyquist – November 16, 2014

    Excerpted from the sixth paragraph:

    In 1984, when Anatoliy Golitsyn’s analysis of Soviet strategy was published in the United States, the mainstream rejected his “new methodology” without apparently reading it; for it hardly registered when his predictions of a Soviet revolution “from above” came true. It is quite astonishing that William F. Buckley, for example, attacked Golitsyn’s work publicly at the exact moment Golitsyn’s predictions were vindicated. From the Right and the Left the message was the same. Golitsyn was an evil troll who didn’t deserve the common courtesy of a hearing. In the book Cold Warrior, Tom Mangold described Golitsyn as a deranged paranoid. Buckley was only a little gentler. The facts did not matter to Buckley or Mangold. Both writers felt no embarrassment that they were trashing someone who predicted the future correctly. Not only did they deny the accuracy of Golitsyn’s predictions (see Part One), they maligned Golitsyn’s chief sponsor at the CIA, James Angleton. Mangold’s shameless attack on Angleton received a passionate though belated rebuff by Pete Bagley, one of Angleton’s former CIA colleagues, when I spoke to him a few years ago. “James Angleton was my friend,” Bagley said with rising anger, denying that Angleton was paranoid or crazy, or that a “damaging” mole hunt had taken place at CIA. The facts as reported in the libelous histories about Angleton and Golitsyn do not fully correspond with the real facts. A falsification of history has taken place not unlike what happened to Senator Joseph McCarthy. Of course, the falsification of CIA history has a special significance and suggests two possible conclusions: (1) That the CIA lost the Cold War in 1974 when William Colby became DCI and moved against Angleton’s counterintelligence staff, or (2) that Angleton and Golitsyn were thrown to the wolves as part of a massive American counter-deception operation orchestrated to hide the fact that the United States was perfectly aware of the Soviet long-range deception strategy.

    • “Getting it wrong: with his latest novel, William F. Buckley continues his effort to rewrite history to his liking, this time targeting the John Birch Society. (Conservatism).”
      by the late William Norman Grigg – March 10, 2003

      Excerpted under the subtitle “Details Small and Large.”:

      In recent years, Buckley has effectively renounced not only the “Old Right” but conservatism in toto. In a February 2001 interview with Lingua Franca magazine about the neoconservative movement, Buckley was asked what his politics would be like if he were “an enfant terrible graduating from college in 2000.” “I’d be a socialist,” replied Buckley. “A Mike Harrington socialist….I’d even say a communist.”…-a098576856

      Lingua Franca Magazine – Volume II, No.1- February 2001

      “The Ex-Cons – Right-WingThinkers Go Left!”
      by Corey Robin – February 2001

      Excerpt under the subtitle “THE DEFECTIONS.”:

      Except, it turns out, for William F. Buckley Jr., the original bad boy of the American right. At the end of our interview, I ask Buckley to imagine a younger version of himself, an aspiring political enfant terrible graduating from college in 2000, bringing to today’s political world the same insurgent spirit that Buckley brought to his. What kind of politics would this youthful Buckley embrace? “I’d be a socialist,” he replies. “A Mike Harrington socialist.” He pauses. “I’d even say a communist.”

  3. PS “Attacks on Trump Echo Smears of John Birch Society”
    By William F. Jasper – October 4, 2018


    This controlled right-left pincers strategy was on full display during the 2016 election cycle, as Buckley’s neoconservative heirs at National Review and the Weekly Standard — William Kristol, David French, Jonah Goldberg, Rich Lowry, George Will, Mona Charen, Andrew McCarthy, et al. — formed the core of the “Never Trump” Republicans. Their smearbund attacked Trump more ferociously than even many of Trump’s detractors on the Left. The fact that Trump overcame this combined left-right ambush to win the White House is an indication that a great many more Americans have become awakened to this deadly con game and are no longer willing to follow the “leaders” assigned by the glob­alist thought cartel.

    “The Weekly Standard Folds; Good Riddance”
    by John McManus – December 21, 2018

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