Minnesota Lawmakers just ORDERED the IRS to Investigate Ilhan Omar

(This looks and feels old though. I suspect it is not new. It is months old according to the comments. More below though, there is something going on now with her)

Press release:

Petition (Facts): https://d3n8a8pro7vhmx.cloudfront.net/omartruth/pages/12/attachments/original/1565156072/08-06-2019_Press_Release.pdf?1565156072




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3 Replies to “Minnesota Lawmakers just ORDERED the IRS to Investigate Ilhan Omar”

  1. Steve Drazkowski was on with Tucker on August 7th 2019 – he explains that the last time he was on Tucker’s show it was to discuss the (still ongoing) investigation with the Office of Congressional Ethics, but this time he’s talking about something NEW, a formal IRS request to investigate her income tax violations.

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