Khan’s London

From PI News:

JEFF WINSTON. They still exist, the real superheroes:


When the London policeman Stuart Outten, 28, wanted to check the dark skinned driver of a suspicious white van shortly before midnight after a short chase at a routine traffic check in Leyton in the north-east of London on Friday, he felt discriminated against.


As a result, the driver, Muhammad Rodwan, 56, got out of the vehicle and, after a verbal altercation with his machete, brutally hacked four times on the head and then on the body of the surprised bobby. Seriously injured, the courageous cop Stuart Outten was able to activate his 50,000-volt Taser against the Islamic African-born aggressor as the last official act with presence of mind before he collapsed severely injured.

English media: “The hardest bobby in Britain”

His courage immediately earned Stuart Outten the name “The hardest bobby in Britain”; when a passer-by hurrying to his aid during the bloodbath they pointed out his severed thumb, to which the Stuart replied: ‘Oh, yeah.

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Speaking of Sadiq Khan:

The Fabian Society is every bit as dangerous and loathsome as the Frankfurt School out of Germany and then New York. And its the prophesy of Carlos the Jackal made flesh:

“Only a coalition of Marxists and Islamists can destroy the United States” -Carlos the Jackal.

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4 Replies to “Khan’s London”

  1. It is a formerly unimaginable tragedy that the people of the West should lose the will to survive at the exact same moment in time when they lost their capacity for intelligent thought and use of reason. The people of Great Britain and indeed almost all of Europe have been hypnotized and are now catatonic over political correctness, it has rendered them useless to themselves, their children, their nation, their future, which is all but sealed. They are apparently accepting their fate to be the serfs and whores for Islam forevermore. To see this pustule call for a museum to further denigrate the people of once Great Britain, he who came out of a positive hell hole somewhere in the Middle East, the land of retrograde thinking and even plumbing.

  2. “Acknowledging Britain’s role in the slave trade is key to challenging racist ideology and deepening our understanding of the past.
    That’s why I’m backing @thefabians proposal for a British slavery museum in London.” said Sadiq khan.

    Oh, right. Britain abolished slavery almost 200 years ago. In fact, of all the countries in the world, they were first to lead the fight to abolish it. Shall we talk about the role of muslim countries in the slave trade? In fact Libya STILL has slave markets going on.

    Why the hell is he bringing this up? Oh wait. I know why.

    • Khan is a Pakistani.. when that country was founded, there was a serious debate about whether slavery should be reinstated. It’s based on islamic principles, after all. So, who is he to talk?

      Libya? Try Mauretania, where 20% of the population is literally enslaved. Same in Western Sahara, abolition never happened in those places. And it exists unofficially in places like Sudan, Afghanistan and Somalia. The Arabian peninsula has the kafeel system, which is state-sanctioned slavery by another name, and even still have abusive, hardcore slavery exists there underground as well.

  3. Concerning the severed thumb, the policeman probably didn’t feel a thing, due to adrenaline (and endorfines?), and it being a clean cut.

    I’ve heard a similar story from the grandson of a coal miner. The miner lost several toes in an industrial accident, his foot was run over by a train of loaded carts. He didn’t feel a thing, colleagues had to point it out.

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