Colombus Ohio


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  1. I see a rising tide of backlash against this human garbage lately. Immigration will eventually have to be stopped altogether until we can sort out what to do with the parasitic and violent muslims that were let in by Obama and the globalists. We can’t let this go on forever. We must have our own country with our own culture, and it cannot be some backward, violent, halfwitted death cult from the dark ages.

    • Yeah, but the minute anybody lifts a finger it is described as a “white-supremacist hate crime” and is dealt with ten times as seriously as a similar crime committed by an Islamist, then the media puts a spin on it that makes it look as if the only real problem is the existence of ignorant hateful “white nationalists” and “The Alt-Right”. The Muslims are nestled so comfortably within the left that attacking them is seen as attacking fellow Americans. Hell! This turkey probably has a shiny new American passport in his pocket right now. He’s a regular little Davey Crocket, he is…

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