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5 Replies to “French movie excerpt about Halal store”

  1. I thought only sexuals and liberals were in front and behind the cameras.

    Remarkable then to see wit and satire still exists. The Hate Crime meter twitcheth not understanding the joke. Had me at having fun in prayer. And Ramadan tourists travelling to destinations with 3hr days.

    There is no happiness in islam and if you do not suffer there is no Mercy Stick to beat you with.

    • i dont know as i havent seen more than this. But i get the feeling that its purpose is to mock those who make work-arounds to religious rules. I bet the hero is the new employee who cuts in, and the msg isnt meant to be humorous.

  2. 2. Muruha – “flexibilty” or temporary suspension of Shari’ah to make Muslim migrants appear “moderate” and blend in until Muslims numerically strong enough to enforce Shari’ah.

    Kitman – deceit by omission

    Tawriya – deceit by deliberate ambiguity

    Taysir – deceit through facilitation (not observing all the tenets of Shari’ah by making things easier)

    Darura – deceit through necessity (to engage something “Haram” or forbidden such as drinking to exploit non-Muslims)

    “Muslims imitate Allah the Greatest of Deceivers”

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