Poster attempts to delink multiculturalism from demands for China to conform to Western values

An interesting poster I thought, as it attempts to save the multicultural trope, while desperately trying to apply Canadian cultural standards to Chinese food customs.

In India, they stridently object to the eating of cows, as cows have a sacred place in Hindu society. So much so that in some cities, they still wander the streets and occasionally do huge damage to people and things.

In Islamic culture they do not eat pigs or use any porcine products for the opposite reason. That pigs are somehow unholy and should not be consumed or utilized in any way.

These are 100% cultural behaviours and rules.

In North America, we have dogs and cats inside our homes and in many cases occupy the position of children, and often at the expense of actually having children. This is our Western culture. We value dogs and cats. In parts of China apparently, they eat them.

Asking people to ban this practice is fine. It’s understandable. But claiming it is “not culture” is a desperate attempt to cling to a phoney multicultural narrative while insisting that other cultures conform to the cultural standards of the objector.

We must abandon the concept of multiculturalism. It simply cannot exist. It is a true oxymoron. To pick one example out of hundreds, people from England may not drive on the left hand side of the road in Toronto or New York simply because it is their culture to do so.

And no one wants to build a bullfighting ring in Edmonton.

Law is the formal codification of culture and that’s about all it really is. And that is why you cannot have more than one operating in any given area.

Lastly, I have yet to see any evidence that the concept of multiculturalism is not really just a rhetorical trick to force the world, but first the West, into a single mono-culture of Marxism at the expense of all cultures. And this would seem to culminate into the whole ‘new man, blank slate’ end game of Communism.

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  1. On a planet we can have multiple cutlasses with out having too many problems as long as no one tries to force people into following just one culture. A nation on the other hand has to have one culture that is part of the glue holding the nation together. The Marxists aka the Far Left wants to force us into one culture and thus doesn’t want any nation to have any glue holding it together, not until they get in control and force us into their artificial culture.

  2. About 40 years ago my oldest brother took a vacation to China. When he got home he told me that it was the only vacation he had ever been on where he lost 10 pounds. He claimed that he had been served cat and dog.
    About 6 years ago my husband got home from a business trip to China and had to go to the hospital from food poisoning.

    • CHINA – The Making Of ‘Gutter Oil’

      Most of China’s ‘gutter oil’ winds up in cheap restaurants and among street food vendors.

  3. “We have ancient sayings”???????????????” “???????????”, it means no matter how poor you are, you should not kill your dog, and your dog will never leave you away, just as the child will never consider their mom to be ugly even she is old.

    But there are too many people in China, more than 1.5 billion. Someone foreigners find that 10,000 people eat dog, they post the discovery on every social media, broadcast it on the TV,spread it on the blog, raise awareness, hold public campaign, talk about it to anyone and everyone. Soon most of the people in your country believe that every Chinese abuse and eat dogs.

    Some individuals in China truly eat dogs, but it’s only a very small number of the 1.5 billion population base. When I was young, I often saw the news which people was shot in the US on TV, so I believed that the US was not a safe country, everyone there had a gun, and they would shoot me when they were not in a good mood.

    Is that true?”

    • One of my sons lived in S. Korea from 2010 to 2014. He said that outside his grocery was always a cage with young dogs. They weren’t there for adoption…
      I think the eating of dog might be more prevalent than you imagine.

  4. AFP – In China, maggots finish plates, and food waste

    China faces a food waste problem, but a farm in southwestern Sichuan province has found a solution: it raises “greedy flies” whose larvaes can devour double their weight of garbage every day. Their feces are then turned into an effective organic fertiliser.

    • Maggots are pure protein. Once frozen, all bacterial activity ceases.
      I saw a bird die from a car hit with a laceration. I picked it up, wrapped it in a Kleenex and left it on my deck for one day for its soul to leave in peace.
      One day later, nothing left except the skin and bones. Loaded in maggots, many hundreds of them had eaten the bird.
      Fascinating stuff.

    • You might find me cruel, but once death has occurred, every creature ends up as dust. Thus, in my opinion, deceased/dead bodies should serve another purpose other than underground burial or urn confinement. The spirit has left the body, all that remains is a carcass while the spirit lives on.

      The cruel part is the killing of the innocent.

  5. Vocativ – The Houses Where China’s Babies Are Abandoned

    In an attempt to provide refuge for the 10,000 babies abandoned in China every year, Chinese authorities are funding “baby hatches”—tiny houses where parents can dump their unwanted children, no questions asked.

    Across China, 10,000 babies are abandoned every year, often on the side of the road. One out of three of those left on the street die. Now authorities have launched a radical experiment to rescue at least some of these tossed-aside tots.

    Baby hatches, 32 of which are dotted throughout China, serve as safe houses for parents to abandon children they feel they can’t or simply won’t raise themselves. And while these pastel-colored hatches may look like dollhouses, the babies placed inside are all too real.

  6. europravda – Sanya on China’s Hainan island offers a phoney cultural experience as well as a tropical paradise for globalist consumers

    In Discover Sanya, Europravda explores this fast-growing tourist destination that boasts beautiful beaches and breath-taking mountain scenery as well as a fascinating mix of modern and traditional.…

  7. NOTE to the POSTER:

    The saying ”A dog is a man’s best friend” is true. No other living creature will sacrifice itself to save its human master. A dog is born to protect, not to be killed as food.

    We have assistance dogs for the vulnerable, guide dogs for the blind, military dogs for the soldiers, police dogs for the police, PTSD dogs, and more.

    A dog is the only animal a human being can relate to in terms of emotions.
    Without a dog in our life, our life is not full.

    Thus, those people that raise dogs for food and those who eat them knowing they were raised for such a purpose lack empathy.

    It’s not cultural because only a tiny percentage of Asians eat them as a delicacy, the same as eating pulsating warm monkey brains.

    The only exemption would be dogs killed inadvertently such as vehicle hits or injured dogs that are doomed to die.

  8. CHINA – Toddler falls six storeys and survives

    A toddler in Chongqing, China has survived a six-storey fall after he was caught by passers-by holding out a large blanket.

    State broadcaster CCTV reported that he had no injuries.

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