Someone really needs to write a pamphlet on the way law really operates today: Links 2, July 23, 2019

1. Meat cleaver killer walks out of facility in Toronto and catches a flight to China

And then this guy as well.

2. Judicial Watch Files House Ethics Complaint against Rep. Ilhan Omar over Potential Immigration, Marriage, Tax, and Student Loan Fraud

(Great! Now do Obama!)

(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch announced today that it hand-delivered ethics complaint to Chairman of the U.S. House of Representatives Office of Congressional Ethics David Skaggs calling for a full investigation into potential crimes tied to allegations that Rep. Ilhan Omar may have married her biological brother.


“The evidence is overwhelming Rep. Omar may have violated the law and House rules.  The House of Representatives must urgently investigate and resolve the serious allegations of wrongdoing by Rep. Omar,” stated Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “We encourage Americans to share their views on Rep. Omar’s apparent misconduct with their congressmen.”

The Judicial Watch complaint is reprinted below:

3. Public Library Deletes Pictures Of Drag Queens Fondling Children At Story Hour

(We posted them some time ago. A full grown man, dressed up as a slutty woman with a Tierra on, having children crawl on top of him at the school/Library’s suggestion.)

4. Tomorrow, Project Veritas will be releasing another statement from a senior Google engineer who will be exposing his identity, as well as the horrendous bias at Google. This should be a great event. Here is a snippet of James O’keefe’s email:

Here’s a snapshot of what he says:

I think it’s, you know, ridiculous to say that there’s no bias. I think everyone who supports anything other than the Democrats, anyone who’s pro-Trump or in any way deviates from what CNN and the New York Times are pushing, notices how bad it is.”


Tomorrow, the world will know his name and Google will know there is dissatisfaction in their ranks.

It’s possible that Google will retaliate. 

YouTube could ban our video.

5. A ‘homophobic stabbing in Hackney UK today. The article just says over and over that a guy was stabbed, a ‘homophobic’ motive was suspected and the suspect fled on a motorcycle wit zero description of the perp or even the motorbike. So yeah, it was probably a muslim. Ever since that assault by a lot of muslims on some gay men a few years ago, the media has decided to make sure no one has the information that they may need to protect themselves or be safe anywhere in case it gives people a factual impression of islam.

6. Germany: Kosovo Albanian pushed young mother in front of an arriving train — she died

In North Rhine-Westphalia, a Kosovo Albanian pushed a young mother in front of an arriving train. The woman and the perpetrator did not know each other. The perpetrator is already known to the police. 

In Voerde, Germany, a 28-year-old Kosovo-Albanian pushed a 34-year-old mother in front of an arriving train out of ” desire to kill”. The woman was run over by the train and died on the spot. According to investigators, the perpetrator and the victim did not know each other.

7. Canada: Imam says “If Allah willing there is a Caliph who arises then we would be obligated to go to that area”

(Al Qaradawi claims that Erdogan is the Caliph and Turkey is the real caliphate. so… off you go then!)

“Senior Canadian Imam says Muslims will be obligated to move to the Islamic State,” by Rachel Ehrenfeld, American Center for Democracy, July 22, 2019:

Imam Dr. Abdullah Hakim Quick is a Director at the Canadian Council of Imams….

“If Allah Willing there is a Caliph [Leader of the Caliphate or the Islamic State] who arises then we would be obligated to go to that area. May Allah raise this Caliph up.”

8. French Region’s Firefighters Attacked Every Day Since July 1st

Firefighters in the French region of Loire-Atlantique claim they have been attacked by members of the public every day since the start of July.

Over the weekend, 15 firefighters in Nantes protested the ongoing violence stating that they were fed up being attacked after between 30 and 40 firefighters had been assaulted since the start of the year, newspaper Ouest Francereports.


Thierry Vogne of the Southern Union at departmental service of fire and rescue services (SDIS) of Loire-Atlantique claimed that since the start of the month a firefighter has been attacked every single day in the region including three who were recently faced death threats.

9. Here is why I have a ‘wait and see’ attitude about Boris:

In a move sure to test the boundaries of Turkey’s partnership with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and its alliance with the United States, the Turkish military this week began to take delivery of components of Russia’s S-400 anti-aircraft missile system. That move prompted the U.S. to oust Turkey from the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program. Turkish pilots and technicians training in the U.S. will be sent back to Turkey by the end of the month.


Turkey was scheduled to take delivery of about 100 F-35s at a cost of some $1.4 billion. In addition, Turkey’s involvement in the F-35 program involved more than just the purchase of aircraft. Ankara was slated to provide some 900 components for the F-35, giving its defense industry and economy a significant boost. That will no longer occur and Lockheed-Martin has already formulated contingency plans so that production will not be impeded by Turkey’s removal.


Turkey’s ouster from the F-35 program was prompted by two overriding considerations. The first is grounded practicability. Standardization and compatibility are integral to NATO’s defense strategy. For logistical purposes, standardization of military equipment is favored when practicable. In addition, sophisticated weapon platforms need to be able to communicate with each other and uniformity facilitates this goal. The Russian S-400 throws an unfamiliar wrench into the wheels of a well-oiled machine.

Thank you Pym Purnell, M., Richard, Wrath of Khan, Gates of Vienna,  EB., SB. and MANY more!

A few random items and follow ups:

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and MORE related: BREAKING: ILHAN OMAR SUPPORTERS Caught Threatening, Attempting “to Dox a Somali WhistleBlower” Who Revealed Ilhan’s Crimes


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  1. 2 – Don’t expect the ethics complaint to go anywhere, she will be cleared by other Congress critters who will expect her to cover for them in the future.

  2. #9
    His listeners know that religious identity is patrilineal, so they can consider him a Muslim, or at least someone who can revert to that. His father’s father’s father worked a few months under this guy — it would be interesting to know what Mr. Johnson thinks of the circumstances during which they worked together. Being a politician, one assumes Mr. Johnson will reveal more when it suits his needs.
    On 11 June 1919, Damat Ferid Pasha officially confessed to massacres against Armenians and was a key figure and initiator of the war crime trials held directly after World War I to condemn to death the chief perpetrators of the genocide

  3. Concerning the rainbow alphabet community, I found a limerick in a comment section of an article about them. I like the fact that the story plays in Sudan, it makes it so much more “inclusive” (here’s the article, for those so might be interested: ):

    A pansy who lived in Khartoum
    Took a lesbian up to his room.
    And they argued all night
    As to who had the right
    To do what and with which and to whom.

  4. Do the words “Kill the Jews” spoken by imams in mosques worldwide have consequences? This panel, including the same mad dog moderator who foamed at the mouth while interviewing Jordan Peterson, is a perfect example of why the U.K. is on a bullet train to hell. Cowards all, cowering under their own words. And I find it disgusting how this imam is brought on to ask such a stupid question when pointed questions should be asked of him. Why did not one of these candidates try to turn this around? Do words have consequences? Orwell answered this brilliantly 71 years ago. If Boris Johnson were the English Trump he would have shown us the mojo by now. Unfortunately there is only one Trump, and only America could have made him.

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