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3 Replies to “Brad Johnson discusses the Epstien case”

  1. I’m hearing that Mueller, as then FBI Director, gave Epstein a “pass” so he could use Epstein to “Honey-trap” rich and powerful people to compromise and blackmail them

    Mueller is scum – typical FBI crap perfected long ago by its cross-dressing first director, Hoover

  2. Richard: This makes sense, and today there are a lot of photos (mostly photoshopped showing Trump with Epstein. The following article is hopefully only one of many to follow that will talk about the fake news photos that are being put out to destroy President Trump and save the Deep State Operators who are working to destroy the rule of law and the Constitution.

    Photos of Bill Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein vanishing; fake photos of Trump and Epstein appearing
    By LU Staff July 10, 2019


    Fake news giveth and fake news taketh away.

    Earlier today, conservative author and columnist Paul Sperry noted in a tweet that “Google photos of Jeffrey Epstein and his friend Bill Clinton, previously available on Google Images, appear to have been scrubbed.” Indeed a search of Google Images using the terms “Bill Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein” (or the same names in the reverse order) turns up a great many split images of the two men (like the one above) but none in which they appear in the same photo. Interestingly, included in the photos that do show up among the search results are several of Epstein and a younger Donald Trump:

    But there’s more — much more. There is this one, posted to Facebook by someone named Lisa Marie Durkot, who captions the image “Jeffrey Epstein and his buddy, fellow accused child rapist, Trump. Epstein smirks as Trump inappropriately touches a young girl.”
    Image via Facebook

    Something suggests Lisa Marie does not like the president.

    Latest: Iraqi refugee in Germany convicted of raping, murdering teenage girl

    She’s not too fond of telling the truth, either, according to Politifact, which headlines a piece on the photo “This image of Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein is doctored.” Politifact writer Ciara O’Rourke provides the provenance of the image:

    [T]he purported photo of Trump and Epstein featured in the Facebook post is made up of two separate images. The one of Trump is from October 1993, when he was photographed with his daughter Ivanka — the girl mentioned in the Facebook post — at the grand opening of the Harley Davidson Cafe in New York City.

    The photo of Epstein is from May 2005. He was attending the launch of RADAR MAGAZINE at Hotel QT, also in New York City. Trump is not in the picture.

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