Democracy dies in the light as well, and muslims behaving badly: Links 1, July 3, 2019

1. Geert Wilders interview on one of the never ending trials that he endures as part of the left wing tactic to render him ineffective.

2. German report and update on the case of the human smuggling vessel, Sea Watch

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3. Italian NGO Defies Salvini, Launches New Migrant Transport Vessel

Italian migrant transport NGO Mediterranea Saving Humans has launched a new vessel into the Mediterranean following the confiscation of their other ship.

The new ship, the Alex, set sail this week to the area off the coast of Libya known as the SAR (search and rescue) zone with the head of the group declaring that the vessel will pick up illegal immigrants and take them to Italian ports, Il Giornalereports.


Luca Casarini, the head of the NGO, had been under investigation by Italian authorities in connection with people trafficking and was interrogated by deputy prosecutor of Agrigento Salvatore Vella in April.

(If Salvini has no better ability to stop this ship than the last one, it makes one wonder if he is who he says he is)

4. Footage of an Afghan muslim asking if people are English then stabbing them if they are.

5. Catholic woman faces five years in jail after she is accused of blasphemy for letting her DOG run around in a mosque in Indonesia

(Is that cause dog is God spelled backwards or something?)

A Catholic woman is facing five years in jail in Indonesia under strict blasphemy laws after she allowed her dog to run around inside a mosque.


The woman, identified in local reports only by her initials S.M., was filmed letting her dog off its leash inside a mosque in the West Java district of Bogor this week.

Dogs are considered impure animals by conservative Muslims, with even guide dogs rarely allowed inside mosques. The woman also failed to remove her shoes, which is another sign of disrespect.


The footage caused outrage after being posted online, prompting Indonesia’s highest Islamic clerical body to call for calm amid fears it could inspire attacks by the majority Muslim population on minority Christians.

(If you watch the video, the muslims should be arrested for assault. The woman possibly for trespassing.)

6. Immigration crackdown, more foreign workers in regional towns – and good news for parents: The huge visa changes coming to Australia

Cuts to immigration, major changes to visa programs and a focus on giving a leg up to regional Australians will soon come into effect across the country.


Scott Morrison announced in March the immigration intake would be cut from 190,000 to 160,000 for the next four years, but this is unlikely to have a major impact as immigration rates fell to a record low of 162,000 in 2017-2018.


Those falls come largely on the back of a rapid decline in Skilled Independent visa approvals, which fell from 43,000 to 18,000 in the same time period. 

Now, some immigrants already in Australia are concerned they will be unable to gain permanent residency. 

(Actually the story looks like an attempt to lower immigration while doing nothing different at all if you read the whole piece.)

7. Two Dead as Suspect Opens Fire at Lahore Airport in Pakistan – Reports

New Delhi (Sputnik): At least two people were killed and one was left seriously wounded when a person opened fire at Lahore’s Allama Iqbal International Airport in Pakistan on Wednesday.


Police have reportedly managed to detain the suspected shooter from the site of the incident. According to a police official, the person opened fire at people while they were returning after performing Umrah (a Muslim ritual).

The police did not divulge any details about the shooter following the preliminary questioning.

Thank you Richard, M., Wrath of Khan, Johnny U., and all who contributed today. Still to come, Barry Webb’s weekly, Oddities and Peculiarities of Islam. Allah, was Mohammad’s sock puppet.

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  1. More on the swimming pool jihad referenced by Wilders. An article from ’98 on this old problem. In dutch, I pasted passages (automatic translation):

    That these troublesome boys are often of Moroccan descent, Carpenter attributes to the prudish Islamic education, in which women are shielded. “When you come to the pool as a Moroccan boy, it seems to be a free for all, it is difficult for them to control themselves. Plus they have no respect for Western women. ”
    Or send a female lifegaurd at a group of difficult Moroccan youngsters. Carpenter: “The odds of it going out of control is about one hundred percent. In that culture, men do not make themselves commended by women, certainly not by Western.
    Pool workers often want to confront. They think that Moroccan boys must learn that women are maintaining order here.
    His youngest daughter, crying. Whether he wants to come to the Charlois swimming pool, where his daughters (11 and 13) are going to swim with a girlfriend this afternoon. “For the first time they went alone. There they were now old enough, we thought. He finds his eldest daughter with a gaping wound in the head, totally upset, just like her little sister.
    The girls were chased in the pool by three Turkish boys of around thirteen. When those paws started to become, the girlfriends warned a lifeguard who sent the lads out of the bath. Outside the pool they had their victims awaited. The father: “When my daughters wanted to go home, those lads suddenly stood in front of their unsuspecting. My youngest got a headbutt, the oldest one was beaten with a bicycle pump. The wound in her face had to be stitched. Everything played off just before a fries stall, where quite a few people were eating. A number of witnesses have been able to give the police a precise description of the perpetrators. But no one came to my daughters aid. ”
    In part, this relaxed attitude is fake, because sometimes Peter is afraid. Of Moroccan lads. “A few years ago someone tried to kill me. He threatened me with a knife. It turned out to be a lad of fourteen years, he says.
    This Friday evening it is relatively quiet in Den Hommel. The six employees only need to intervene occasionally. If a couple of guys try to get in without paying, because they “just want to check it out”, the security officer appears in uniform on the scene. He has been back in the pool for two weeks because of the problems that Moroccan youngsters have caused. No misdemeanors, but the heavy work: threat, abuse and assault and rape of girls in the pool.

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