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14 Replies to “Merkel has plans for Africa”

  1. All of the objections about European and British colonialists will seem like a walk in the park once China rules.
    “The British did this, the French did that.”
    The Chinese model is to loan immense sums of money that the corrupt rulers siphon off. When the gov’t can’t make the payments, the Chinese come in and take strategic parts of the country.
    Africa will rue the day of protest against “Western Imperialism,”

      • that is wishful thinking Richard.
        The Chinese use the long view. Their current economic problems are just that. They intend to rule the globe and what better way than to control the resources of Africa?

        • You may be right but there is a significant chance that their economy is going to implode, especially with the current economic pressure PT is putting on them. Combine this with the reported social unrest and China is in more trouble then most people realize.

          The more money they are forced to spend to prop up Venezuela the African nations they are seeking to take ove, spreading chaos in South America and help Iran in its struggle to survive the economic sanctions imposed by PT the weaker they get. The weaker they get the stronger the social pressure becomes.

          Everyone said that Russia’s economy was strong and would survive any pressure President Reagan could bring to bear. Look what happened there.

        • Also I have been expecting someone (European or Mideastern) to start using bio weapons of varying lethal potential. With what is happening LA we may get various natural plagues. Given the modern speed of transportation they will spread around the world.

          Yes a lot of them are spread by fleas but last week there was a report of an investation of mice and rats in Buckingham Palace.

    • All of the objections about European and British colonialists will seem like a walk in the park once China rules.

      Thank you, Babs. I’ve been saying this ever since the Chicoms first started laying chopsticks on Africa’s goodies. Back in 2016, I was talking with a (White) woman from Kenya about Red Chinese colonialism. When asked whether Africans would end up looking back fondly upon the days of European “exploitation”, she emphatically agreed.

      Africa will rue the day of protest against “Western Imperialism,”

      In my private library, there is a very rare (i.e., 99¢ at Salvation Army) early 19th century, hardbound first printing that details one of the earliest White men who traversed the Andes end-to-end on foot. The author knew that even riding a horse or burro would mark him as a caballero (i.e., gentleman) and, consequently, would see him excluded from over ninety percent of the daily peasant life he sought to chronicle.

      In a moment of rare candor, one of his ranchero hosts for an evening lamented how, “…if only South America had been colonized by some of those industrial northern Europeans instead of the lazy Spanish…”

      Just like that famous pre-2K satellite image of North Korea: Communist China’s outposts will ensure that Africa spends another century being the darkest of continents. All that lightens in the sub-Sahara will be the skin color of a million abandoned half-breed brats which will become yet another relentless tribal scourge upon that already benighted hellhole.

      What could possibly go wrong?

  2. “Und heute hört uns Deutschland und morgen…..(Today Germany listens to us and tomorrow…)” The old hag is simply crazy. For the first time in my life I am afraid of the future.

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