Black Pigeon Speaks on the state of things on Youtube

There is also D tube, where a lot of our videos are now being uploaded.

Once the migration to Bitchute hits a point where it is also a threat to the tyrants and crony-capitalists, they will implement DNS poisoning like they have in Australia so people cannot see Bitchute without a VPN, or learning how to change DNS.

D Tube, and whatever the people at are cooking up, is a genuinely distributed system and its an excellent alternative to single server platforms which seem to be vulnerable in a lot of ways, to the new crop of tyrants.

(I know nothing about PJW’s new platform, but I would go with D Tube, Bitchute, and Jordan Peterson’s new venue when it launches. These have track records and the technology will defeat censorship for now.)


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2 Replies to “Black Pigeon Speaks on the state of things on Youtube”

  1. bittube will move to that will be not only a videoplattform…

    the released also now a bittube browser based on firefox.

    but also the airtime app is very interesting because they monetize the websurfing and also the website owners(if they connect).

    • Still a lot of unanswered questions though. Can one upload a video and get an embed code that works on WP? I have 300+ videos on then they stopped supporting it and I dont know if they will transfer them to the new platform and if the embeds will still work or much of anything at this point.

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