Leftism and islam, selective enforcement, and Jordan Peterson opens a new platform: Links 1, June 13, 2019

1. A wonderful example of a grateful muslim migrant sounds like. Nickel to dollar she came as a refugee.

2. The mistake in this tweet is the ludicrous notion that Sweden is “not at war”. In fact it is at war, as are we all with Islam and socialism. One of the tactics, and indeed the principle tactic of both, is to convince us we are not, so that fighting back would be a criminal act.

(“The best trick the devil ever pulled was to convince the world he did not exist” Suddenly I get the meaning of this so much better.)

3. What happens when you ask a Toronto politician or official questions that may reveal deceptions on the public that are a threat to its safety? The police tell you to leave. 

(When the police become an instrument of political enforcement and not an instrument of the law, then they become the enemy of the people. This is a historical constant.)

4. Interesting use of language in this Australian story about two converts to islam, now shot by police, which seems to be a family tradition. In this article they are referred to as, “reverts”. This is a uniquely Islamic deception. Attempting to convince the world that all people are born muslim for all time but their parents cause them to apostatize.

This deception in one way, gives permission to kill all non-muslims for apostasy. But in this case, its disturbing to see an Australian major, referring to these men this way.

5. Germany: Muslim vandalized a mosque because he suspected it was a church

(One of the sweeter ironies. The reportage the other day about a stone thrower at a mosque didn’t sit right. It is not like non-muslims to throw stones at things they don’t like. But the media loved the story of a mosque being attacked and for all the wrong reasons.

So this is a nice breakfast read)

Presumably to the annoyance of the political lefties, it turned out last week that the stone thrower on the Dresden mosque was a Muslim from Tunisia. At the court hearing, the orthodox believer now also expressed his motivation: The mosque he attacked was “not a real mosque”, rather a church.Only one week after the 30-year-old rejected asylum seeker Hosni S. had thrown three windows of the Fatih Camiine Mosque in Cotta, which was funded by Turkey, with stones, the Tunisian admitted in a so-called accelerated procedure before the district court of Dresden that he had also thrown in the windows of a Turkish kebab stand and two shop windows.In response to the judge’s question about his motivation, the “refugee” replied according to the newspaper SZ: This was not a real mosque, rather a church. 

Let’s watch as no MSM picks up this story.

6. Swedish police make claim about Christian extremist no go areas, then walk it back.

Swedish police have walked back on comments made about the prevalence of religious extremism in “vulnerable areas” across the country, suggesting that there may have been a problem with radical Christian extremism.

The initial comments were made on broadcaster Sveriges Radio by Mats Löfving, head of the National Operational Department (NOA), in response to a question on whether or not Islamic extremism was specifically an issue in the “vulnerable areas” that are often referred to as no-go areas, Nyheter Idag reports.


Löfving suggested that the problem was not with Islamic extremism in particular but with extremists of all religions.

When the Sveriges Radio reporter asked if that included Christians, Buddhists, and others, Löfving said: “Yes exactly. Together with the security police, we see that different forms of recruitment, different forms of bringing young people towards extremist views are stronger in vulnerable areas than generally in society.”

7. Montreal woman says STM bus driver didn’t stop for her because of her niqab

(One presumes that ‘niqab’ means face cloth)

8. Black Pigeon Speaks has been terminated on Youtube

9. Strict Muslim father ‘inflicted a campaign of controlling psychological abuse on his own family after two of his eight daughters refused to enter into arranged marriages’

10. Jordan Peterson Launches Free-Speech Platform in Response to Leftist Censorship

Following a wave of criticism of YouTube and Facebook’s stringent content policy as well as Patreon’s crackdown on conservative content creators, Peterson has announced that the new platform won’t ban anyone unless ordered to do so by the court.


Canadian public thinker and staunch defendant of free speech Jordan Peterson has announced the launch of a new online community, following an exodus from the crowdfunding platform Patreon.


The new subscription-based platform is called Thinkspot and is billed as “an intellectual playground for censorship-free discourse”.


In a recent podcast with Joe Rogan, Peterson advertised the platform as having “some cool features that no other platform has”.

Thank you Dumbstruck, M., EB., Wrath of Khan, Fred Alan Medforth, Richard, and all who sent in materials. The past few days, particularly yesterday but today also, has significant news and events that define these times, and may predict the near future. Its worth having a closer look at the posts over the past 48 hours, both on the front page and the Contributor’s Links posts.

“Switching away from plastic is a great idea, but then what will Trudeau use for a personality?” – Johnny U.

A good example of the reality of the state of equality of the law today in the UK:

A woman can say anything as long as its a provocation to the non-left



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10 Replies to “Leftism and islam, selective enforcement, and Jordan Peterson opens a new platform: Links 1, June 13, 2019”

  1. 8 – Black Pigeon
    10 – Dr. Jordon Peterson

    “A Chat With Ray Vahey, CEO of Bitchute (Censorship, Alt Tech, BPS Ban)”
    Styxh – June 12, 2019 – Streamed 2 hours ago

  2. “Switching away from plastic is a great idea, but then what will Trudeau use for a personality?” – Johnny U.

    This would be very funny if it wasn’t true.

    1 – The new colonists are trying to get the people they want to oppress to help them take over Canada.

  3. 5.
    Not correct.He dint think its a church,he sayed they are more like a church because he didnt like the Islam they teach.
    Also he sayed the Kebeb shop sells Poisoned Food…

    just another inbreed…

    Why the hell Peterson made a new plattform?usa.life just opened and they say the dont censor.also you have vk.com and they also dont censor.bittube want also open an new plattform like fb at bittubers.com

    Man,thats stupid.

    • First. thanks for the clarification. The main point is, a muslim attacked the mosque because for whatever reason. It was not an ‘islamophobic’ attack.

      Bit tube seems to have gone off the rails for the moment. I cannot figure out what they did to their platform that was excellent before, and now barely works. They are launching some new thing but the public wont be able to use it for months from now, and I have no idea at all if in fact it will be useful.

      Bitchiute is great but the video quality is low and I dont think its really distributed, although they dont censor and the owner seems a great guy. We use Bichute a great deal. We also use D tube.

      Peterson may be doing something huge and integrated and monetizable. Lets wait and see what it is before we condemn it.

  4. People like Jo Brand came to the fore with the Alternative Comedy movement, largely a matter of middle class lefties taking over what had been a primarily working-class form of entertainment. The comedy shows on the Beeb are mostly a bunch of such luvvies trying to prove to each other how ‘woke’ they are, without realizing most of the country have no time for them. It’s the classic bubble, inside of which ‘shocking’ is okay if you’re one of them, but any shocks from the right are suppressed and condemned. Imagine if Tommy Robinson had said he felt like chucking acid into one of their faces! Think of the very different treatment of Carl Benjamin and Count Dunkula.

  5. Black Pigeon Deleted

    If we look forward one year we will find ourselves well within the gentle honeymoon period that President Biden will have been enjoying with the media as our dim memories of Paul Joseph Watson and Jordan Peterson and Sargon of Assad grow dimmer and dimmer by the day. Which beautiful blond was Lauren Southern and which one was Liz Wheeler? No matter, they are both fading into the distant past and disappearing like the rings from a pebble dropped into a still pool. It’s as if they never existed.

    Since people “opted for sanity” and elected Uncle Joe the whole political scene has quieted down as we settle into the final waiting period in which the last of the essential Muslim and Hispanic “refugees” will be entering the country almost as quickly as they are having babies and the great goal of BrownMinority-supremacy and a permanent one-party anti-white conglomerate will be within striking distance.

    And it will be quiet – so much more so than it is today. Sure, we’ll still be able to hear extreme right-wing hate on BitChute but BitChute will be banned everywhere except Hungary and Poland so what difference will it make what they say there? And then the conservatives will follow Lauren Southern and simply give up in despair as the left-wing plot unfolds and surrounds us like quicksand and the thousand-year Reich of Political Correctness begins…

    Oh, and Sean Hannity, Laura Ingram, and Tucker Carlson will be doing life without parole in solitary confinement at Marion Supermax – for their own protection, of course. How thoughtful of Mr. Nadler…

  6. 8. Black Pigeon Speaks has been terminated on Youtube

    “Your winnings, sir.”

    Timeless. Bwahahahahahahaha! It may as well be Gluetube taking the chit.

    T = 00:00:19 TSFW

  7. “Switching away from plastic is a great idea, but then what will Trudeau use for a personality?” – Johnny U.

    Ecktually, Trudy and bottled water have everything in common. To begin with: They’re both monumental frauds and just as easy to see through. For another, near beer has more proof and strength than either. Justine really should consider switching to Crazy Water No.4.

    T = 00:08:04 TSFW

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