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Each day at just after midnight Eastern, a post like this one is created for contributors and readers of this site to upload news links and video links on the issues that concern this site. Most notably, Islam and its effects on Classical Civilization, and various forms of leftism from Soviet era communism, to postmodernism and all the flavours of galloping statism and totalitarianism such as Nazism and Fascism which are increasingly snuffing out the classical liberalism which created our near, miraculous civilization the West has been building since the time of Socrates.

This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

So please post all links, thoughts and ideas that you feel will benefit the readers of this site to the comments under this post each day. And thank you all for your contributions.

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    • Found this discussion from a Jewish body, which mentions possible illegality of not reporting a faith marriage, depending on state. More importantly, it notes that the offciating rabbi should not be aiding and abetting the civil law a couple may wish to skirt by not having the marriage recorded. The example here is social security payments to couples vs singles.

  1. College Republicans Perform Citizen’s Arrest on Masked Antifa Member Who Attempted to Chain Them in a Room (VIDEO)

    A masked man who appeared to be a member of Antifa has been arrested for attempting to lock a group of College Republicans in a room at the University of Washington-Seattle on Wednesday.

    Ezra Benner, 18, has been charged with disorderly conduct, but the victims intend to pursue an additional charge of unlawful imprisonment.

    The incident took place while the College Republicans were hosting a speaker from the Operation Cold Front YouTube channel. A local Antifa group had been calling for disruption of the event on Facebook, urging people to attend with whistles or other noise makers so they could drown out the speaker.

  2. PRISON IS COMING: US Attorney Durham ‘Very Dialed In” on Obama FISA Court Scandal – Will Handle Prosecution of Any Criminal Action
    Jim Hoft by Jim Hoft June 7, 2019 281 Comments

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    Multiple sources familiar with US Attorney John Durham’s investigation on the origins of the Russia collusion probe say he is very dialed in.
    Any criminal actions uncovered in the investigation will be handled by Durham.

    PRISON IS COMING: US Attorney Durham ‘Very Dialed In” on Obama FISA Court Scandal – Will Handle Prosecution of Any Criminal Action
    Jim Hoft by Jim Hoft June 7, 2019 281 Comments

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    Multiple sources familiar with US Attorney John Durham’s investigation on the origins of the Russia collusion probe say he is very dialed in.
    Any criminal actions uncovered in the investigation will be handled by Durham.

    John Brennan, John Durham

    According to DOJ sources, US Attorney John Durham is examining documents generated by an inter-agency “fusion cell” that former CIA Chief John Brennan set up in mid 2016.

    Attorney General Barr appointed special prosecutor John Durham to investigate the origins of Spygate and it was recently revealed the probe is much broader than previously known.

    Barr and Durham are working closely with CIA Director Gina Haspel, Director of National Intelligence, Dan Coats and FBI Director Christopher Wray on surveillance issues related to Trump’s 2016 campaign.

    This suggests a broader inter-agency effort is underway which is why former CIA Director John Brennan, whose fingerprints are all over Spygate, is lashing out at Trump and Barr on Twitter and in media appearances.

    Investigative journalist Paul Sperry reported: According to Main DOJ sources, Durham’s portfolio for looking into the provenance of CH includes examining docs generated by an interagency “fusion cell” Brennan set up in mid-2016 on Russian election interference + pre-election briefings Steele gave to UK intelligence

  3. Putin’s Turkish Gambit

    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: The first-ever NATO member state to shoot down a Russian military jet has willingly fallen in line with Vladimir Putin’s “Turkish Gambit,” a strategy designed to drive a deep crack into the NATO alliance.

    The Ottoman and Tsarist militaries fought several wars during their imperial histories, all of them ending in Russian victory – a pattern that created a persistent Russophobia among the modern-day rulers of Turkey.

    A mutual antipathy is baked into both cultures. In Russian, the word “Turkey” is used to denote an uninvited guest, and the word “Turk” is used to mean “ignorant.” The Turkish right wing, which comprises about 65-70% of the population, uses the phrase “Moskof gavuru” to mean “Russian.” The phrase translates to “an infidel from Moscow.”

    In the summer of 2015, Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdo?an started to show public signs of frustration over Russia’s protection of his nemesis, Syrian president Bashar Assad. Vladimir Putin responded by setting in motion a clever and effective game of political chess. Here, in chronological order, are the events that made up Putin’s “Turkish Gambit:”

  4. By Ross McKitrick

    This week in Vancouver, Prime Minister Trudeau said the federal carbon tax, a key pillar in his government’s climate policy, will help protect Canadians from extreme weather. “Extreme weather events are extraordinarily expensive for Canadians, our communities and our economy,” he said, citing the recent tornadoes in Ottawa and wildfires in Western Canada. “That’s why we need to act.”

    While members of the media may nod along to such claims, the evidence paints a different story. Roger Pielke Jr. is a scientist at University of Colorado in Boulder who, up until a few years ago, did world-leading research on climate change and extreme weather. He found convincing evidence that climate change was not leading to higher rates of weather-related damages worldwide, once you correct for increasing population and wealth. He also helped convene major academic panels to survey the evidence and communicate the near-unanimous scientific consensus on this topic to policymakers. For his efforts, Pielke was subjected to a vicious, well-funded smear campaign backed by, among others, the Obama White House and leading Democratic congressmen, culminating in his decision in 2015 to quit the field.

  5. David Akin ??
    Verified account

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    French President @EmmanuelMacron just cut short joint press conference with @JustinTrudeau . Passed note to aid saying. “I don’t have time for 1 hour press conference” He passed that note to aid at the 30 minute mark. After answering one question from a Cdn reporter.

  6. A Manitoba judge says a man was justified in trying to defend himself from a late-night intruder, but sentenced him to jail time for killing the intruder when he took that defence too far.

    Dakota Pratt, 28, was sentenced on Thursday to five years in prison, after a jury at Brandon’s Court of Queen’s Bench found him guilty in April of manslaughter in the attack that killed Vincent Bunn.

    Court heard Bunn, 21, entered Pratt’s home on the Birdtail Sioux First Nation, about 115 kilometres northwest of Brandon, Man., in the early morning of Sept. 2, 2016.

    Pratt, who was asleep in a basement bedroom, awoke to a “feeling of being stabbed” in the head, court heard. He got up and found a knife-wielding intruder in his room and — not knowing who the person was — chased him into the hallway.

    “Mr. Pratt was the victim of an unprovoked assault … and knew he was in a struggle for his own life,” Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Robert Cummings said in his sentencing decision.

    This is not waking up to someone yelling at you. Someone’s cutting his head open … that’s somebody who is showing from the beginning how serious they are.”?????? – Defence lawyer Matt Gould
    A struggle ensued and continued through the home’s main floor and then outside to the deck, where Bunn was stabbed with his own knife 13 times, according to the agreed upon facts read out by Cummings at Pratt’s sentencing hearing.

    Court was told the final stab, to Bunn’s heart, was the fatal one, and that he was kicked a number of times afterwards.

    It’s unknown when exactly Pratt got Bunn’s knife during the struggle. However, Pratt suffered significant blood loss and wounds to his scalp sometime during the incident.

    “He was justified in taking defensive action, but the jury has concluded that his taking the knife of Mr. Bunn and stabbing him multiple times went beyond what was necessary for self-defence,” Cummings said.

    Pratt’s defence lawyer, Matt Gould, asked for a three-year sentence. The Crown recommended a sentence of eight years.

  7. Syrian Army Repels Terrorist Attack, 140 Militants Estimated Dead – Russian MoD (sputniknews, Jun 7, 2019)

    “Militants attacked Hama province on 6-7 June, according to the Russian centre for Syrian reconciliation.

    Militants from the *Hayat Tahrir al-Sham terror group launched an offensive late on Thursday. At least 500 terrorists with the support of armoured vehicles and tanks, attacked Syrian army positions near the towns of Jabin and Tal Melh, according to Maj. Gen. Viktor Kupchishin, commander of the Russian centre for Syrian reconciliation.

    “While repelling the attack, Syrian government forces killed over 120 terrorists and destroyed five tanks, three IFV, nine off-road vehicles, a multiple-launch rocket system and two mortars”, Kupchishin said at a daily briefing.

    The Russian general also said that on 7 June armed opposition groups from the Idlib de-escalation zone launched attacks on the positions of government forces near the towns of Karnaz and Hamamiyat in Hama province.

    According to Kupchishin, about 80 militants and seven pickup trucks participated in the attack on Karnaz. About 60 militants took part in the attack on Hamamiyat with the support of two tanks, an IFV and a pickup truck.

    “While repelling the attacks by armed opposition groups, the Syrian Arab Republic armed forces destroyed more than 20 militants, a tank and two pickup trucks”, he concluded…”

  8. US Gives Turkey Two Months to Drop S-400 Deal With Russia – Report (sputniknews, Jun 7, 2019)—report/

    “Earlier, acting US Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan has formally informed Turkey that it will not be allowed to buy F-35 fighter jets if it goes ahead with plans to purchase Russian S-400 air defense systems.

    The United States gave Turkey time until the 31st of July to backtrack on S-400 missile deal, media report citing Pentagon.

    Acting Defence Secretary Patrick Shanahan has sent a list to the Turkish defence minister describing actions that the United States will take in order to suspend Turkey’s participation in the F-35 programme by 31 July if the NATO ally goes through with its acquisition of Russian S-400 surface-to-air missile defence systems.

    Earlier in the day acting US Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan wrote in a letter to his Turkish counterpart Defense Minister Hulusi Akar that while the US seeks “to maintain our valued relationship, Turkey will not receive the F-35 if Turkey takes delivery of the S-400”.

    “In addition to threatening the security of platforms like the F-35, Turkey’s procurement of the S-400 will hinder your nation’s ability to enhance or maintain cooperation with the United States and within NATO, lead to Turkish strategic and economic over-dependence on Russia, and undermine Turkey’s very capable defense industry and ambitious economic development goals”, he wrote.

    Washington has reportedly given Ankara a chance to either abandon the S-400 deal with Russia until the end of the first week of June or face penalties, which would include sanctions, removal from Lockheed Martin’s F-35 jet program and canceling the delivery of 100 F-35 jets.

    Moscow and Ankara signed in 2017 a loan agreement for the delivery of the S-400 air defence systems to Turkey. In spite of the US threats to impose sanctions against Ankara, Turkish officials have said that purchasing of military equipment is a sovereign right and ruled out the possibility of abandoning plans to acquire the S-400 systems.”

    • First it was a 2 week notice.
      Now a 2 month notice?
      Looks weak. Don’t make hollow promises/threats.
      “We’re leaving Syria”.
      Maybe. 3 months. 6 months.
      Not all of us.
      First, more of us are coming…

  9. Hundreds of Illegal Aliens From Ebola-Stricken Congo Dumped in the Streets of San Antonio

    Hundreds of illegal aliens from ebola-stricken Democratic Republic of Congo were dumped in the streets of San Antonio, Texas this week.

    The aliens didn’t speak English and according to a local reporter, San Antonio is in desperate need for French speaking volunteers.

    “City confirms hundreds of migrants from the Congo have arrived in SA. The city is in desperate need for French speaking volunteers,” reported Jaleesa Irizarry of Kens 5 San Antonio.

  10. DAILY MAIL – True bromance: Emmanuel Macron embraces Canadian PM Justin Trudeau as he welcomes him to the Elysee Palace to agree new EU trade deal

    Emmanuel Macron and Justin Trudeau pictured hugging each other warmly
    The two leaders have a well-publicised bromance and openly admire each other
    They met in Paris today to discuss a controversial new EU-Canada trade deal

  11. Iran responsible for oil tanker attacks: Al-Mouallimi (saudigazette, Jun 7, 2019)

    “Ambassador Abdullah Al-Mouallimi, permanent representative of Saudi Arabia to the United Nations, has affirmed that there is enough evidence to prove that the coordinated attacks on four oil tankers on May 12 off the port of Fujairah in the United Arab Emirates bore the hallmarks of a sophisticated and coordinated operation consistent with the usual behavior of the Iranian regime.

    Al-Mouallimi made the remarks while addressing a joint press conference along with delegates of the UAE and Norway on Thursday evening following the briefing at the UN Security Council session on the preliminary findings of the investigation into the attacks on the oil tankers.

    “The responsibility lies on the shoulders of Iran,” he said while citing history of Iran’s sponsoring of terrorism, sabotage and spread of chaos in many places.

    Al-Mouallimi urged the Security Council to deal with this situation as well as those involved in the attacks through reflecting the will of the world community and not remain passive toward such behavior. — SG/SPA”

  12. Pakistanis Assault Moroccans at Migrant Center in Bosnia (moroccoworldnews, Jun 7, 2019)

    “Pakistanis at the Mali migrants reception center in the city of Velika Kladusa, northwest Bosnia and Herzegovina, picked a fierce fight with Moroccans and Algerians who are guests at the same center.

    The assault resulted in several Moroccans and Algerians injured.

    Italian news outlet ANSAmed reported on Wednesday, June 6, that the fight involved a hundred of the inmates at the center.

    Before local authorities intervened to disperse the violent confrontation, whose cause is not yet known, the Pakistani inmates prevented the Moroccans and Algerians from entering the center.

    The same source added that the Pakistanis were armed with metal bars and other objects while on roaming the streets on the lookout for their supposed “adversaries.”

    The confrontation subsided as police arrested many and are now monitoring the situation, ANSA maintained.”

  13. Rescued migrants off Tunisia for 7 days ‘want to go to EU’ (ansamed, Jun 7, 2019)

    “Seventy-five migrants aboard a towboat that rescued them off Libya, who have been waiting for the past seven days off the Tunisian port of Zarziz for an authorization to disembark, said in a newly published video that they want to go to Europe.

    ”We want to go to Europe, we don’t want food, we don’t want to stay here, we want Europe”, the migrants screamed in the video published on the Facebook page of the NGO ‘Tunisian forum for economic and social rights’ (Ftdes). The towboat Maridive 601 rescued them off Libya.

    According to local sources, the migrants refused to be checked by doctors who were sent on board by the international Red Crescent and the Arab Institute for Human Rights.

    The governor of Medenine, Habib Chaouat, authorized the medical checkups and food and water to be sent on board.

    However, he is not allowing the boat to dock and offload the migrants, saying the region doesn’t have adequate logistical means. He has asked other Tunisian governorates to help.

    The International Organization for Migration (IOM) has expressed concern for the health of the migrants on board and urged the Tunisian government to authorize them to disembark.

    ”Tunisia doesn’t have a functioning asylum system and can’t be described as a safe place for migrants and refugees”, Doctors Without Borders (MSF) wrote on Twitter. ”The closest safe ports are in Italy and Malta”.

    Ftbes has urged Tunisian authorities to allow the boat to dock and to find a solution for the migrants.

    According to IOM, the migrants on board the Maridive 601, which flies the Belize flag, include 64 Bangladeshi and nine Egyptian nationals, along with a Moroccan and a Sudanese. A reported 32 migrants are unaccompanied minors.

    In a similar case last summer, a commercial boat, the Sarost 5, with 40 migrants on board rescued in the Mediterranean, waited for seven days for the authorization to dock in Zarzis.”

    • Bruce Ohr given $28K bonus during Russia probe: DOJ documents

      Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton and Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett react to new evidence of Clinton probe irregularities

  14. MECCA – Eid ‘Hip Hop’ performance in holy city angers Saudis

    A ‘hip hop’ dance performance in Saudi Arabia’s Mecca organised by the local authorities for the Eid Muslim holiday has left many Saudis angry over what they said is a ‘desecration’ unbefitting of the sanctity of Islam’s holiest city.

    A video of the performance shared by Mecca’s municipality’s official Twitter account was widely circulated by Saudi social media users, drawing angry responses from some who said it was incompatible with ‘local heritage and traditions’.

    “I’m sorry, dear municipality of the holy capital, this is Mecca, it is like no other city,” tweeted Fahd al-Rouqi, deputy chairman of Mecca’s municipal council.

    “Are these scenes befitting of Holy Mecca? This celebration does not represent Mecca in any way,” he added angrily.

    Many other Saudis expressed similar sentiments.

    “Where is the sanctity of the holiest spot on Earth? How dare you perform this silly and odd hip hop dance which is strange in our heritage and values, and so close to the Holy Mosque? We demand those responsible held accountable!” tweeted local journalist Meshal al-Zahed.

    A spokesman for the Mecca municipality later defended the performance.

    “Those upset with the modern art performance are entitled to their personal opinions, and it is difficult to please everyone….but there was nothing indecent or sinful about the performance,” he told local newspaper Sabq.

    Mecca is the birthplace of Prophet Muhammad, the Islamic faith and is home to the religion’s holiest site, the Kaaba in the Holy Mosque.

    Saudis and Muslims are sensitive about any act or display seen as sacriligious or disrespectful to the city.

  15. France’s hated 80km/h speed limit could be scrapped after vote in parliament

    The French parliament has agreed to allow local officials to decide whether to get rid of the highly controversial 80km/h limit on secondary roads.

    The limit was introduced in 2018 and billed as a safety measure, but quickly became the focus of anger among drivers in rural areas, who saw the lowering of the limit from 90 km/h to 80 km/h as a way for the government to make money out of speeding fines.

    The issue became one of the early rallying cries of the ‘yellow vest’ movement and thousands of speed cameras around the country were vandalised – at one point is was estimated that 80 percent of the country’s fixed cameras were out of action.

    Eventually last month Prime Minister Edouard Philippe bowed to pressure and said he would allow local officials to decide whether the limit in their area should be 80 km/h or 90 km/h.

    He said: “If the presidents of departmental councils wish to assume their responsibilities, I have no problem with that.”

    This week an amendment to France’s wide-ranging loi d’orientation des mobilités transport bill that would devolve the issue to local official was approved by the Assemblée Nationale.

    However, before drivers in rural areas put their foot down, the amendment still needs to go through several stages to become law, and the ultimate decision rests with local authorities.

    While many have indicated that they will change it back some say they are concerned about safety implications.

    Philippe’s announcement has a sting in the tail for local authorities, as he added that a change: “must be “systematically accompanied by measures” guaranteeing “the highest possible level of road safety”.

    France votes potential return to 90 kph on some roads

    The French Assembly has voted in favour of potentially reversing the 80 kph speed limit drop from 90 kph on some departmental roads, almost a year after the controversial measure was introduced.

    The government’s decision to reduce the speed limit from 90 kph to 80 kph on certain secondary roads was strongly contested even before it came into force in July 2018, and has been blamed as one of the factors contributing to the gilets jaunes crisis.

    The government said the measure would save hundreds of lives on the roads – a claim disputed by critics – but always maintained that the success of the decision would be re-evaluated at a future stage.

    This week, on June 6, the Assemblée Nationale voted in favour of potentially allowing local Mayors to change the speed limit on 80 kph roads themselves, if they wish.

    And in mid-May, Prime Minister Edouard Philippe, credited as the creator of the initial 80 kph law, said: “If departmental council presidents want to take [the measure] under their responsibility, I see no issues.”

    Following the vote, critics of the speed change continued to attack it, calling it “stupid”, “a symbol of a two-speed France”, and “one of the causes of the long weeks of crisis”.

    Yet, transport minister Elisabeth Borne continued to defend the measure. She said: “This is about saving lives. In the second half of 2018, we saw 127 lives saved thanks to the decision on 80 kph.”

    She added: “We want to trust ministers [and mayors], but local authorities cannot deviate from the decisions of the Prime Minister.”

    Road authority la Sécurité Routière has said that excessive speed is the number one cause of road deaths in France.

    In January, this year, Mr Philippe claimed that 116 lives had already been saved due to the lower speed limit, but that number was quickly called into question by critics.

    A rise in road deaths across the country was reported in February, although this was blamed on damage to speed cameras between 2018 and 2019, which cost the State an estimated €660 million.

    Critics said the rise in deaths showed that “80 kph did not work”, but road safety expert, Anne Lavaud, from the association Prévention Routière, said it was still too soon to tell.

    She said: “As a minimum, we would need this measure to be in place for 2-5 years to show its effectiveness. [We may even need] a generation so that things are understood, and [speed limits are] not seen as a punishment or a limit on freedom.”

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