About that Sputnik article blaming Mossad for the Austrian honey trap…

Just to add to the anti-Israel and antisemitic hysteria that is hitting new heights in the modern world, Sputnik came out with an article claiming that Israel’s Mossad was somehow behind the despicable and ultra-slimy setup of Austria’s best hope for a classical nation’s restoration, Heinz-Christian Strache.

We asked MissPIggy, our German translator, if she could find any articles on this which might give a hint as to where all this came from.

What follows is her translation of what she found:

From Spiegel.De:

Spiegel writes about Rudolf Adam’s article in Cicero:     

The former vice president of the BND, Rudolf Adam, falls right into the anti-Semitic house through the door. “Was it the Mossad?” stands above the article in which he whispers exactly this question. And this without the slightest hint, but solely on the grounds that the “Mossad would be capable of it.” In social media, “Mossad” is identical in meaning to “Jewish world conspiracy,” and it is precisely with this intention that the article by the former BND vice-president is shared by FPÖ fans.

In a bizarre circular conclusion, Adam claims that the anti-Semitism of the FPÖ could have been the driving force behind the Mossad. In Austria, as in Germany, right-wing anti-Semitism is virulent, but there it is exploited in a more politically offensive way. Three years ago, in the context of an SPÖ affair involving a Jewish advisor named Tal Silberstein, “Mossad rumours” extended into the editorial media. By the way, Sebastian Kurz’s having something to do with Silberstein can also be read as an anti-Semitic starting point in the state crisis speech.

The former head of the BND, August Hanning, argues that video recording is a “very costly operation, as we actually only know it from intelligence services”. Hanning’s video clip is shared on Facebook as a supplement to Adam’s article. Hanning explains the motivation: “Obviously there are attempts to manipulate elections.” Then he goes on an absurd offensive: “Even serious crimes don’t justify residential surveillance,” he says, and worries a lot about “political culture. A secret service man whose most important task should be to prevent treason and who has had thousands and thousands of people intercepted — suddenly worries about residential surveillance? Exactly when, according to ex-BND vice-president Adam, it’s about behaviour that seems “half-Mafia, half-treacherous”?

[MissPiggy has discovered more as well on this honey-trap variation, and it shall be posted as it becomes available. -Editor]



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9 Replies to “About that Sputnik article blaming Mossad for the Austrian honey trap…”

  1. It sounds like the fix is in, the globalists aren’t going to allow any real investigation into their illegal.

  2. Obama, Samantha Power used unmasking to betray US allies. Why?

    It’s a dangerous outlook that leaves our friends vulnerable to chaos and anarchy. It should be no surprise when they yearn for a Trump to step in and help them clean up the resulting mess.


    Not mentioned in this article, 2015: Americans working in teams in the U.S. to oppose the Iran Deal were surveilled.

    • Don’t forget the way the IRS slow walked the tax exempt status of the TEA Party groups. Also don’t forget the way they bugged Journalists who disagreed with them and the way Obama had the IRS audit everyone that publicly disagreed with him.

    • This sentence bothers me as it is asymmetric in describing the two men–both by profession, one by nationality, and one by religion. If you look at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Soros , you’ll see that Mr. Soro’s self-identification as a Jew is sparse, and the relevant part of that identity relates to WWII and his son’s bar mitzva. The sentence makes me doubt the tone of the article along with the author’s use of English for an audience outside his sphere. Certainly, it appears from the author’s bio that he is not American, so probably unaware of when the adjective “Jewish” is used in an arguably pejorative way.
      “He underlined his support for George Soros in the disagreement between the Jewish billionaire and the Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orbán”

      Here is it again — the use of an adjective for no other reason than what? That use puts me at a disadvantage, preventing me from getting much out of the article. “Among the many narratives of dubious informational content, they published stories suggesting that Jewish billionaire George Soros, the bête noire of reactionary forces, finances Sebastian Kurz.” Successful capitalist may or may not have supported XYZ .

      It is asking too much of the author to write a decent and nuanced article on antisemitism as a factor in a German election.

      • I read it the same way.

        There’s a German troll who appears occasionally at VTB (till he gets the boot). He’s sniffs out the {jew} in any context. Whether the subject is politics, films, business – it’s find the jew-y-ness of every single entity. Sick obsession.

  3. And this without the slightest hint, but solely on the grounds that the “Mossad would be capable of it.”

    The fact that Mossad “would be capable” of impregnating Rudolf Adam’s wife while he’s lying beside her in bed (twice!), still doesn’t mean they had any involvement in this mess.

    American operatives could probably do the same thing two or three times in the same night and still get it past a totally sober and awake Adam. Butt that doesn’t mean they’d have any interest in doing so either (even if she did enjoy it! … which she did, twice!).

    This honey-of-a-trap sounds like a honey-of-a-crap.

    • She was there along with other combatants to assassinate Ali Salameh: the chief of operations for Black September, and Yasser Arafat’s right-hand man…

      Never a bad idea, even on the worst of days.

      Despite calls from Sylvia to the rest of the team to hold off on the operation until they were 100 percent sure they had their man, two hit men from the Special Operations Unit shot an innocent Norwegian waiter 14 times.

      Good help is so hard to find.

      But Mossad carried on, corrected their mistakes, improved what was wrong, and then went on. Time is often the best remedy for correcting these errors.

      So, does this mean that they did eventually end up tracking down and killing Arafat’s boy toy, Salameh? Come on, tell us. People like stories with happy endings!

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