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3 Replies to “Retired NSA Arabist discusses the origins of Islam: Part I”

  1. I disagree with using phonetics to explicate theology, but Mr. Webb needs to be accurate if he is going to attempt to do so. The /l/ in “Elohim” is not the /l/ in “Allah.” These are wholly different sounds in many languages, but not in English. “Allah” has a so-called dark-l. By way of analogy, it would be as if you are basing an argument on having these French words pronounced the same as the English “new”: nu (naked) and nous (we/us) .

    These were the quickest references I found; I expect there are ones better than on-line discussion groups.


  2. Linguistic history of theology is speculative at best.
    I suggest the sequence and patterns of trade and settlement be revised for accuracy.

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    Islam for Non-Muslims: Moderate Quranic Messages (1000 verses) ????? from Required on May 21, 2019

    Mohammed (PBUH) by way of example

    “He was so truthful that he never told a lie and such truthfulness gained him the title ‘Al-Amin’ or ‘the trusted one’ even from his arch enemies. He was so charitable that he never told ‘no’ to anyone asking for his help. He was so hospitable that once he fed a non-Muslim so much so (despite his food shortage) that caused him indigestion and loose evacuation which the Prophet himself cleaned. He was so forgiving that his pardon extended to transgressors who tortured him brutally(63:6).” Islam for Non Muslims page 69

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