‘And selective enforcement be the whole of the law’. (More Satanic than Aleister Crowley ‘s original) Links 2, May 21, 2019

1. One example of thousands of Facebook, elective enforcement of community standards, that were designed to be selectively enforced.


2. Migrant bites cop’s finger off

(The EU will likely pass a law saying not to point at migrants)

(ANSA) – Turin, May 21 – A 23-year-old Nigerian undocumented Migrant bit a policeman’s finger off to stop him identifying him in Turin on Tuesday.
    The man, already known to police, but off the tip of the cop’s ring finger.
    Interior Minister Matteo Salvini said he was following the case and the migrant could be deported.

3. For the muslim dentist file. And also the muslim singer file

MEMRI – Kuwaiti Singer Dr. Monia Al-Hob: On Judgment Day, We Will All Kill Jews</b>

Kuwaiti singer Dr. Monia Al-Hob said in a January 27, 2019 interview on Al-Rawdatain TV (Kuwait) that Muslims must not recognize Israel.

She cited a hadith that said the Muslims will fight the Jews on Judgement Day and that the trees and rocks will call to the Muslims and tell them about Jews that are hiding behind them.

Dr. Al-Hob also claimed that the Jews plant gharqad trees everywhere they go because this is the only kind of tree that will not call to the Muslims on Judgement Day.

She further said that there will be eight gates to Hell on Judgement Day, and that one of them will be a special gate for the Jews.

She emphasized that the “Zionist entity” is unacceptable, that relations with Israel must never be normalized, and that the legal punishment for doing so is hard labor and a large fine.

Al-Hob, who was born Hoda Abd Al-Rahman, is a dental surgeon. She used to present a medical show on Kuwait TV.

4. Future white supremacist shoots some people in The Hague

(Don’t let his African appearance fool you. By the weekend he will be a white supremacist if it gets reported at all)

At this link, a video of the shot.

5. US Revokes Citizenship of Portland Imam

After many years in process, the U.S. government revoked the U.S. citizenship of the former imam of the largest mosque in Portland.


As part of a settlement deal, Mohamed Sheikh Abdirahman Kariye, 57, agreed to acknowledge that he had given false information to immigration officials in July 1997 when he applied for U.S. citizenship.


In return, even though he was on the no-fly list, the government arranged for him to fly to Somaliland, where he arrived last week.


Kariye became a naturalized citizen in 1998.

The government made a case that Kariye failed to reveal his past associations with Islamist extremists in his application for U.S. citizenship.

6. This is a thing now I guess

7. Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri are SEXIST because its female voice reinforces the idea that women are ‘subservient’, claims UN

Alexa is a common cry in most homes and the smart speaker has become a household staple along with Apple’s Siri. 


But AI-powered voice assistants with female voices may not be norm in the future as they encourage harmful gender biases.


A UN study revealed that the voices used by smart speakers reinforce ideas that women are ‘subservient’ as they are portrayed as ‘obliging and eager to please.’ 

It also criticised the way female AI’s respond to gender-based insults with ‘deflecting, lacklustre or apologetic responses.’ The Unesco report, called ‘I’d blush if I could’ calls for technology firms to stop making voice assistants female by default and to hire more women to work on them.

(Yup. The UN proves its usefulness every dang day)

8. German Socialist Party Youth Wing Threatens Nationalists with Baseball Bat in Facebook Post

In the latest example of threatening political behaviour sweeping Europe, a youth branch of the left-wing German SPD (Social Democrat Party) has posted a picture of a member wearing a hoody bearing the European Union flag on while holding a baseball bat with a caption threatening nationalists.

The girl, a member of the Jusos (youth wing of the SPD) in Berlin is pictured in an official poster brandishing the weapon with a caption that translates as “drop nationalists ice cold.”

(I hope these guys know what they are asking for)

9. Is this postmodern thought? Or is she just off her meds?

Thank you everyone who sent in materials. There are still a few translations in the works that I hope to post tonight. A price station was burned down in Italy and more from the Netherlands.

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  1. You know, I have to ask: Why do people use crap like this? I get that farcebok, twatter et al, gets traffic.
    So? Are the type of spergs that obsess about this electronic cancer the kind of people worth reaching? Worth saving?
    It’s a claque of narcissistic SJW’s, trannies, 14 year old thot’s, roasties, commies, muslims…
    in short, the physical bottom scrapings of humanity.
    It is a privately owned enterprise. Yes, it’s discriminatory, fascist and it is the sole right of the owners to do as they please.
    If it’s that terrible, I’m guessing (all ‘social media’ is cancer) why use it?
    Delete your account. Boycott it. Set your firewall and spam filters to strain out all of this stinking tumour.
    If enough people bail, it hits them in the pocket book. Eventually, they whiter and die.

  2. 7 (Alexa / Siri): it was shown a long time ago already that female voices are easier to understand than males’ (partly due to them being higher in pitch). That’s actually sexist against males.

    • But this rally was different.

      Where were the pro-Palestinian activists with their loud and raging chants? Not there. Not a single Islamist, or member of Students for Justice in Palestine, or of CAIR—and absolutely no Palestinian activists were there. Only the Neturai Karta came out to oppose us.

      Just think about that for a minute. It’s beyond belief.
      It’s a good question.
      Maybe we’re already discounted. Insignificant. Why bother, why draw more attention?

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