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3 Replies to “Barry Webb on Qatar and its influence”

  1. I am sure it wouldn’t be too hard to find other people in Congress (people in both parties) that have shall we say interesting financial records.

    Also how much money from that region has found its way to the Clinton foundation or to what every organization that Obama is using to launder his bribes.

  2. Wouldn’t it be nice if some U.S. and Canadian politicians with real integrity decided to root out the corruption of their fellow politicians. Are these people not constantly approached by lobbyists representing Red Chinese or Muslim interests? Seems like it would be a very easy operation if only Integrity were not the second rarest element in the universe, behind Irony.

    • I am sure that there are people in every nation keeping track of those that have taken the bribes, they may not be able to do something now but it won’t be long before they will be free to act.

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