Chabad Rabbi of Ottawa, Rabbi Blum, speaks at the Ottawa ceremony of the Israeli 71st anniversary

On Thursday, there was a small ceremony at City Hall Ottawa for the 71st anniversary for the founding of the state of Israel. A number of speakers were there, including some members of Parliament and municipal council as well as a Chabad Rabbi.

Most of the speeches were political pot boilers, especially the Liberal Party speakers who have quite obvious thrown their lot in with the millions of muslims they are importing steadily, as a new voter base to Canada. As the German poet said: “If the government does not like the people, they should dissolve the people and elect a new people”.

The Liberals aren’t bothering to elect a new one. They are flying them in at actual Canadian’s expense.

This is the only speech I have found a video of, so far, which is the Chabbad Rabbi.

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