A half truth from the co-founder of Facebook

No, we don’t need new regulations, we need less regulations and an enforcement of the ones we have.

The US has a 1st amendment and strong anti fraud, and anti trust, and anti theft laws. Any and all of these can be directed at Facebook.

In this video he speaks about “breaking up Facebook”. This is what Bill Clinton did to Microsoft, and some people believe that this is what ended the period of excellent economic growth in the US, driven by the computer revolution. This actually makes more sense for Facebook if it leads to an end of their Soviet liked deceptive banning. Which is where Fraud laws come in.

Frankly this deserves an essay by legal experts way above my skill set. But I cannot see how this sort of thing can carry on and not be in direct contravention of half a dozen good and central US laws and regulations.

More laws always become food for tyrants. We see this through the use of selective enforcement across the world. The best and most obvious example, and therefore the one we cannot seem to even get a focus on, is the notion that only the state apparatus should have access to guns and that self defence should be a post hoc thing where you take the rape, robbery, rape or murder and hope the state decides you are enough of a victim to bother getting post-hoc justice for you later, exactly like they did not in the case of the Israeli clarinetist who was beaten by muslims in Berlin in front of a group of police who didn’t bother do to anything for over 5 minutes.

[More on that at Jihad Watch]


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2 Replies to “A half truth from the co-founder of Facebook”

  1. This looks like a case of Br’er Rabbit telling Br’er Fox “don’t throw me in the briar patch”. The new regulations would give Facebook a tool to crush any new upstart competition with while ensuring that as with the old “Fairness Doctrine” on the radio all political speech would be removed. This would take down the alternative media and leave the Propaganda Media once more in the position of being (for all practical purposes) the only game in town. No more upstarts like Donald Trump would be able to jump in and upset the apple cart that the Political Class rides in.

  2. I say that unless someone is saying, “Go and get yourself a gun and shoot Bob” they should be left alone to say what they want on Facebook or anywhere else. And if somebody says that you killed Bob when you didn’t, then that would be slander and the old laws would apply just fine. And if West Coast liberal employees want to play God and discriminate against Conservatives then detect them with your damn algorithms and fire their biased asses. It’s not that complicated.

    In short, we need Mark Zuckerberg and the like to stop being unfair and dishonest and simply run the site for everybody instead of just for Democrat voters. He does not have the right to appoint Presidents. That’s all that needs to happen. And if they don’t want to play ball they should be charged with rigging the elections and interfering with the democratic process, which is exactly what Mr. Zuckerberg is doing right now. And they should have to prove in a court of law that Paul Joseph Watson is “dangerous” before they decide to try to ruin his life…

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