As the people and leaders tach into totalitarianism: Links 1, May 6, 2019

1. This is very sad. What looks to be muslims in the US treat North Korean refugees very badly because they support the USA and this president.

2. Here are a couple of truly horrifying stories from Canada. One of which, is straight outa the Obama playbook of transforming your people into dhimmis.

Government removes all mention of ‘Sunni’ and ‘Shia’ extremism from terrorism threat report

(“Canadian Extremist Travellers”) Except that none of those three adjectives apply to most terrorists as they hate Canada and its values but do like our documents for the moment, and travellers is an obscene distraction from anything meaningful. How many terrorists blow themselves up in their own homes on purpose? They all travel like they all wear clothes. And “extremist”?They are obeying the most central and orthodox teachings of all Islamic scripture. Goodale is the worst kind of Quisling, dhimmi.)

And then there is this:

Canada considering forcing social media companies to remove extremist content

(We already know from the first story that Canada will define “extremist” willy nilly however it feels is politically expedient for that moment. In terms of the Trudeau government, it will be a combination of ideological, and what fits its increasingly obvious massively corrupt crony-capitalism values. So when it says “remove extremist” we can count on it meaning “remove anything opposing Islam in any form at all” while allowing the orthodox, terrorism demanding islamic clerics etc. to remain unmolested. Amazing what a little oil money and influence can do to a corrupt twerp like Justin.)

ABOVE: Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale says the government is looking at whether to force social media companies to remove extremist content.

Canada is considering whether to force social media companies to remove hateful and extremist content online.


That comes after a spate of terrorist attacks in New Zealand, Quebec City, Pittsburgh and other places where right-wing extremists have used the internet to spread hate speech and incitements for others to commit similar violence targeting minorities who they wrongly assert are part of a broader effort to “replace” and subjugate white people.

This is all I can stomach for one post.

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3 Replies to “As the people and leaders tach into totalitarianism: Links 1, May 6, 2019”

  1. The Holy Grail to these people is to establish hate speech laws that are not contingent upon truthfulness or accuracy but upon the reaction that the speech evokes in its targets. For example, if Jordan Peterson says he can’t stand Marxist radical feminist activist professors they will be able to charge him with a crime based solely on how that sentiment makes them feel rather than on any objective standard and he won’t stand a chance in court no matter how right he might be. That is the big prize – the Big Casino and will certainly mark the end of this blog or anything I might have to say on the subject. The Pakistanis are the main driving force behind this emerging blasphemy legislation and they are willing to fight for decades to establish it. Most younger people are too stupid to understand the nuances just as they cannot understand “multiculturalism” due to its nuances and carefully hidden smoke and mirrors…

    If the left/Muslims manage to achieve this victory we will be virtually unable to say anything at all about Islam or feminism or climate change or LGBGTSE or transgenderism or school bullying or immigration or gun violence out of fear of being arrested for hurting somebody’s feelings or, God forbid, making them feel “unsafe”.

    Maybe that’s the day the war starts in earnest…

  2. All of the signs are saying it is going to go kinetic soon, I could be reading them wrong but I don’t think I am.

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