Czech song about Islam with English titles

I quite like Remove the Kabab, the Serbian song about the joys of living in close proximity to many religious muslims. It has a really Eastern European, almost Gypsy flavour to the melody, although its as likely the Gypsies learned those melodic devices from the Serbs.

Hard to find that song now that Youtube applied the new normal, retroactive guilt by association that destroys everything good.


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    • I hadn’t been taking GoT as anything besides some escapism viewing. Looking at it as a twisted mirror of the modern world I can see where BPS gets the ideas he is talking about in the video.

      Watch the video, it is thought provoking.

    • I can’t remember which video I watched that said that if the US isn’t careful we will get Syria in Venezuela. That is what Russia, China and Cuba want and I wouldn’t put it past some of the US leftist to support creating a destabilized South America to create chaos in the US. Think about this when you read the reports about Antifa trying to buy Chinese military weapons from the Cartels.

  1. Journalism Institute Poynter Tries to ‘Blacklist’ 29 Conservative Outlets as ‘UnNews’
    By Corinne Weaver | May 2, 2019 7:58 AM EDT

    The attack on the conservative internet has reached a new low.

    Poynter, the journalism institute responsible for training writers and reporters, decided to promote a left-wing smear of conservative groups online. The result was a hit job written by someone who works for the anti-conservative Southern Poverty Law Center for a journalism organization funded by prominent liberal billionaires such as George Soros and Pierre Omidyar.

    Poynter, which has started the International Fact-Checking Network, shared the new report and dataset called “UnNews,” declaring at least 29 right-leaning news outlets and organizations to be “unreliable news websites.”

    Report author and SPLC producer Barrett Golding combined five major lists of websites marked “unreliable.” That result, which consisted of 515 names, included many prominent conservative sites — Breitbart,, Daily Signal, Daily Wire, Drudge Report, Free Beacon, Judicial Watch, LifeNews, LifeSiteNews, LifeZette, LiveAction News, the Media Research Center, PJ Media, Project Veritas, Red State, The Blaze, Twitchy, and the Washington Examiner.

  2. Supporters of Chinese billionaire’s accuser decry censorship

    Qiangdong Liu
    1 of 2
    FILE – In this file photo taken May 22, 2014, Liu Qiangdong, also known as Richard Liu, CEO of, raises his arms to celebrate the IPO for his company at the Nasdaq MarketSite, in New York. Six Chinese social media accounts have been shut down after advocating support for a woman who has accused founder Richard Liu of rape. (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan, File)

    BEIJING (AP) — For three years, Chen Chun published articles on his public WeChat account touching on politics, philosophy and current affairs — subjects that are often censored on Chinese social media.

    More recently, the writer in southern China has focused on the country’s growing #MeToo movement. He drew attention to several sexual assault cases, and collected money for victims’ families.

    Yet it was only after Chen advocated support for Jingyao Liu, a woman who accused online shopping giant founder Richard Liu of rape in Minnesota, that his account was permanently shut down.

  3. North Korea cuts rations to record low after bad harvest, U.N. says

    2 Min Read

    GENEVA (Reuters) – North Korea has cut food rations to 300 grams a day — less than 11 ounces — the lowest ever for this time of year, and further cuts are likely after the worst harvest in a decade, the United Nations said on Friday.

    The U.N. carried out a food assessment at the request of North Korea from March 29 to April 12. It was granted wide access, including to cooperative farms, rural and urban households, nurseries and food distribution centers.

    “This new food security assessment … has found that following the worst harvests in 10 years, due to dry spells, heat waves and flooding, 10.1 million people suffer from severe food insecurity, meaning they do not have enough food till the next harvest,” World Food Program spokesman Herve Verhoosel said.

  4. Pentagon warns on risk of Chinese submarines in Arctic
    Phil Stewart, Idrees Ali

    5 Min Read

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Deepening Chinese activities in the Arctic region could pave the way for a strengthened military presence, including the deployment of submarines to act as deterrents against nuclear attack, the Pentagon said in a report released on Thursday.

  5. China poised to deploy stealth fighters in South China Sea says US as tensions mount
    CHINA will “keep pushing the envelope”, particularly in the South China Sea region, as it prepares to unveil its first stealth fighter before the end of the year, and is also developing long-range bombers capable of carrying nuclear weapons, a top US Air Force commander has warned.

    And General Charles Brown, the head of Pacific Air Forces, admitted the region would see a military escalation in the years to come as the US seeks to keep pace with the emerging superpower. Mr Brown said the J-20 fighter could “possibly” be operational this year, indicating “greater threat, greater capability” for China in the Pacific. The US would seek to counter Beijing’s build-up with increased deployment of next-generation F-35 jets and continuing overflights of strategic areas such as the South China Sea, he acknowledged.

  6. Not chatting with your neighbours? Rights group discovers harmless activities that are enough to imprison Uighur Muslims

    iving cash to mosques, failing to chat to to neighbours, and walking in public without authorisation have been revealed as the seemingly mundane reasons for police investigations of Muslims in west China’s Xinjiang region.

    Human Rights Watch (HRW) made changes to a police app to reveal the scores of seemingly lawful acts that officers record on phones then link to a mass surveillance database.

    The United Nations believes at least a million Muslims in the vast region have been detained by Chinese authorities in “re-education” centres.

    Beyond the detainment camps, many Xinjiang citizens are believed to be under house arrest or barred from entering public spaces. The app can track individuals’ movements and alert officers when they enter public spaces without permission.

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