Netherlands: Migrants increasingly behave badly on public transport

Here is a fun little set of two clips brought to us and translated by C.
At least they haven’t done what Canada has done and made these people the drivers and watched them crash into shelters killing people after already having been in accidents driving these big rigs.

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4 Replies to “Netherlands: Migrants increasingly behave badly on public transport”

  1. I wish I could say that this sickens me (it does) but in many ways this is just another day another Islimic crime against the west.

    • … so the next question is who is doing the importing and are they EVER going to be held to account. Methinks treason.

    • Nobody voted for this. Those Maghrebi kids infiltrated the EU, either through Turkey, posing as Syrians, or by crossing the Med. Their countries refuse to take them back.
      It’s a failure of the EU, which failed to secure the outer border, as well as the european national governments.
      The press also has a lot to answer for, hiding these problems for years and sabotaging any debate.

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