About that cigarette that started the Notre Dame fire

Thank you MissPiggy for the work on this one. I hope it goes viral. Watch the NYT do yet another Oped on why this is wrong with no actual science behind it.

Meanwhile, the architect (which we have posted before)

And now the French government has forbidden the architects from speaking about the cause of the fire.

quelle surprise

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  1. INTERNATIONAL REVIEW “The West Has Fallen” – The Notre Dame Fire and the Narrative of “Clash of Civilisations”

    Fires had barely begun to erupt on the roof of the Notre Dame cathedral before talk about the “real” cause had begun to swirl. Government false-flags, Yellow Vests, and especially the proximity of the fire’s start and the French president’s speech on the results of the Grand Débat produced a great many theories about the French government’s alleged involvement in this developing catastrophe.

    […]Despite assurances from officials and reporters that the fire had been an accident due to ongoing renovations, a narrative of a “clash of civilisations” began to emerge from the burning wreckage.

    […]where the outrage had been when mosques of the same age, or even older than Notre Dame, such as the ones bulldozed in China, had been destroyed.

    […]Some argued that after France was conquered by the Caliphate, Notre Dame should not be destroyed like others had been arguing, but should be converted into a mosque.

    […]Abu Umar, a white British foreign fighter affiliated with the “Incite the Believers” jihadi coalition, compared the vastly different reactions by Twitter users to the destruction of the Great Mosque of al-Nouri during the Battle of Mosul. He went on to remark that he is happy to see when anything “remotely French” is destroyed, as penance for “colonialism. For North Africa, Afghanistan and Syria. For the treatment of Muslims in France.”

    […]on the other side of the aisle, Christian conservatives, nationalists, and white supremacists, all dug themselves in against what they viewed as the true culprit of the fire: not an accident, but arson. Not just run-of-the-mill arson either. To them, it was an intentional, Muslim-perpetrated act of terror against western civilization itself.

    […]At the time of those tweets, French prosecutors had said the exact opposite, that this was an accident related to renovations, and not anything intentional.

    […]InfoWars figures such as Mike Cernovich, and those InfoWars-adjacent such as Jack Posobiec of One America News Network, began drawing connections between the fire and recent attacks on Catholic churches around France.[…] figures thrown around by websites such as Breitbart of the timescale being only a single week are false, and many of the attacks have been solely acts of vandalism.

    […]Despite this pushback from certain Fox News hosts, the claims of Islamic terror began to make their way through notable conservative figures, both beloved by mainstream Republicans and those who have had accusations of white nationalism

    […]Mark Steyn, a proponent of the “Eurabia” conspiracy theory, went on Tucker Carlson’s show the night of the fire to bring up the spread of Islam in France

    […]Richard Spencer, a self-avowed white nationalist, spoke on the subject of the Notre Dame fire

    […]Although it is pained to say, as the theories continue to build, and mainstream outlets continue to propagate them without total push-back, the line, that being the tipping point, from unfounded rumors turning to undoable action, becomes closer and thinner.


  2. No electricity in roof area, no workers, no cigarettes, no pigeon’s nests, no computer glitches, no ISIS claiming responsibility and wood that is so old that it is like concrete that doesn’t burn easily.

    Lots of donations from really rich French families, and plans for a re-conceptialisation of the entire area and now a glass monstrosity for a new roof with a spire that will end up looking more like a minaret.


  3. It’s all pre-Zechariah 14. This is the beginning of the end. I even side with atheists, like bill Mahon and R. Dawkins in their true impression that Islam is EVIL. CAPITAL LETTERS TOO. Islam is the anti-Christ to the max; all so many hundreds of millions of ’em. Christ was a ‘prophet’ that’s all, nothing else.

  4. Here’s another video, a much better one that one expert claims as conspiracy theorists and MSM are following suit.
    The oak beam is 300 years old. When the video started, it had been lit for one hour.
    The expert claims conditions are not the same as below the Cathedral roof. He goes on to say it’s harder for wood to take fire when lit outside. And I agree.
    He then compares to a fireplace wood burning where heat is condensed, thus spreading the fire on the wood and consuming it.
    But there is a difference between an open-air fire and that huge space below the roof that had been fireproofed and a fireplace.
    Said expert doesn’t explain how the fire spread so fast.
    Which leads me to conclude he is a government-controlled individual.


  5. Macron says Notre Dame should be rebuilt consistent with the modern, diverse France – and architects suggest a glass roof, steel spire and minaret

    “Perhaps most controversial is a proposal in Domus, the architecture magazine, by Tom Wilkinson, for the fallen spire to be replaced with an Islamic minaret, to memorialize Algerians who protested the French government in the 1960s.”


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