Spanish VOX leader, under investigation for stating obvious fact

In keeping with the new European communist modus operandi of criminalizing any political leader, in power or potential, who holds views that are in opposition to the communist/globalist ones, the leader of Spanish classical liberal party, Ortega Smith, is being investigated for these words…

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  1. How can this be happening? Our ancient enemy has managed to anesthetize practically every leader of the Western World and make them turn a blind eye as Islam takes over the West – with anyone who raises the alarm being dismissed as a far-right white supremacist neo-Nazi. Our hands are completely tied. No matter what you say they have a clever glib little answer that the mainstream media always accepts without question and the sneak attack continues unobstructed.

    This Spaniard in the video is giving his well-considered heartfelt opinion on an important issue and the government is “investigating” him. For what? For having a mind and a brain? It’s his opinion, for Christ’s sake. And if you can’t express your opinions you are not living in a free country…

    • He is going against the communist/globalist narrative, this is something that the left can’t allow if they wish to maintain power in the Western Nations. Marxism/Communism/Globalism thinks that it can use the Islamic Invasion to destroy the west and then they (the far leftist) can step in and remove the Islamic Invaders so Marxism will rule the world.

  2. Everything this man said is true !! So we are expected to say and do nothing about this threat to our culture, our people, the western world !! When do we fight back ? When the blood flows in our neighbourhood streets. As it surely will. …..Sri Lanka. Not to mention all of Western Europe. I am old and I know how quickly the Western Civilization has been dragged down by Islam. How many years ago that we didn’t hear about the terrorists of Islam every day? Look around the world and see what Islam brings !! If you remain a coward and say or do nothing, You will become a slave of Islam. I am old….beware !!

    • I know what you mean, we are headed into many decades if not over a Century of war against the Islamic Invaders and the internal Marxists.

  3. From what I know of Islamic thinking I believe it would be possible to completely halt the process of Islamic Jihad and place the two worlds in a position of “truce” which could auto-renew itself off into the future. If the Western leaders would present a united front and express an accurate understanding of the real nature of Islam and let the Muslims know that we are onto them and they’re not fooling us and they’re not going to get away with it and that we know who the worst Imams are and we’re willing to kill them if we have to.

    I think we’d be surprised at the improvement in attitude that would come if the top Imam knew there was a laser sight on his forehead. Truces are allowed in Islam. Face would be saved. Everybody would win, including the Muslims. But the way we are fighting them now is the worst possible because it keeps encouraging them to keep going. They need to know they cannot possibly win…

    • All we have to do is get organized enough and strong enough to kick them out of our nations and make them worry about us taking over their nations. When we are stronger then them they will seek peace until they think we are weak.

  4. First, they are winning and winning bigly!
    Just think of the changes in our laws and Western culture over the last 18 years. It is tremendous.
    Second, we cannot defeat them. We can’t kill one billion people. The best we could possibly do is contain them and I don’t think even that is going to happen.
    The time to have stopped Islamic immigration into Europe and North America was 1990. At this point demographics is destiny. They will out breed us and we will become minorities in our own countries until the whole thing comes crashing down and there are not enough natives left to pick up the bills.
    There are 57 Islamic majority countries on earth. Many of them do not allow Islamic immigration. They refuse to pick up the tab…

    • Don’t be so defeatist, if you convince people we can’t win and can’t break even you are saying we must surrender. The last time Islam was on the march we contained them and then pushed them back to the point that the European Nations took control of several of the Islamic nations for close to a Century. What was done once can be done again, but not if people keep saying that we can’t win.

      Fight Damn It, Fight.

  5. Just look, while it’s hard to argue with any point Babs makes, the majority of the people we meet each day haven’t a clue about the issues here. The incredible gap in the informational divide never ceases to amaze me.

    Is telling the truth to soldiers wrong, Richard? I wouldn’t know. But I am pretty sure that vigilence is one common character trait to the VTB readership. I’m sure there are many reasons why a person gets here, but a watchdog mentality has got to be one of them.

    Regardless, you can’t tell your kids Western civ is toast and rattle off all the good reasons why they should just call it a day. You can’t hand the tards the keys to the best joint in the ‘hood when they’re not even 5%. They haven’t even faced an honest fight from a fully woke, mobilized populace. The fact that they are over 5% somewhere else is bad for somewhere else. Somewhere Else will deal with it. In the meantime all we can do is like Richard says. I think if we ever do wake up en massé we’ll find out that every Redgreen was a bloody coward. Trudeau and Macaroni Man are soyboys with too much power. A good hard slap in the back of the head and a boot in the arse would knock the thumb out of their mouths.

    • Is telling the truth to soldiers wrong, Richard?

      No its not but all of the Iraq and Afghan vets I meet are all saying we need to kick the Invaders out of all of our nations and then go on to make sure the Islamic Nations don’t try attacking us for several centuries. I say make sure they won’t start anything for several centuries because I don’t think it is possible to eradicate any religion.

    • <Is telling the truth to soldiers wrong, Richard?

      No telling the truth to the soldiers isn’t wrong, if you tell them the Islamic Invaders are winning they already know this. If you tell them we can’t win no matter what we do they know this is major BS. They know the enemy better then we do, they have faced the enemy in armed combat. They know the enemy can be defeated if we will just fight, the problem is that like in so many wars since WWII the politicians are taking the efforts of the soldiers who win the wars and then see the politicians snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

      We can win the Soldiers know this, the problem is that the politicians are helping the invaders so the politicians can gain personal political power. This leftist corruption has happened throughout history and usually leads to either military coups or attempted coups. The leftist corruption has destroyed the rule of law in all Western Nations, and eventually the people and the soldiers who are patriots will wake up and rebel. Once this happens the real fight to save the West will begin. France is showing the rest of Europe how to build support for a rebellion, and Trump is showing the US that we can throw off the cloak of disrepair that the left has cast over us. Canada can throw this cloak off if enough people will work to regain your freedom.

      General Patton said “Don’t take counsel of your fears”, look at what can be done and then do it.

      Fight your fight not your enemies fight, make your enemy/opponent react to you not you react to them. The person/side that is reacting is the person/side that is losing. Be the actor not the reactor, fight and win don’t just decide you can’t win and surrender.

    • In every war and political campaign the losing side always has the power to win but they are defeated by their own attitude. Either they decide the can’t want and surrender or they decide they can’t lose and don’t fight intelligently.

      You win wars by destroying your enemies will to resist, you do this by killing people and breaking things or by using massive skilled propaganda. You and Babs sound like your will to resist has been broken by enemy propaganda and terror tactics. Instead of looking for the ways we are losing the war look for the signs that we are winning.

      1) Nationalism is on the rise around the world, people are raising up and electing people who will work for their nations best interest instead of working to destroy all nations.

      2) Local politicians are starting to move on their own, one member of the State Legislature in Michigan has introduced a bill to ensure that only US laws are used in the courts.

      3) There are signs that in some of the European nations people are starting to organize and work to develop the assets to protect their communities.

      Katie Hopkins (who does good work but at times seems to be infected with the virus of defeat) talks about how the Whites in South Africa are organizing and planning on pulling back into a defensible region around the tip of the Cape for a last stand. As she points out this is similar to what is happening in Britain, Europe and North America with the White Flight from the urban areas. The think is the only place where the Whites are outnumbered is in South Africa, that is the only place where the talk about a last stand is realistic. Everywhere else the Whites are still the majority and can retake their nations making the Invaders plan for last stands.

      Look for how we can win, not how we are losing.

      Fight damn it fight, if we fight we can’t lose. The war will be long and hard but in the end we will win if we will fight. Don’t surrender, fight

      Keep your musket clean your powder dry and watch your back.

      • No Richard you kinda misunderstood me. I acknowledged how and why Babs said what she said, but agree with you that we have no damn choice but to fight the good fight. My kids deserve my best effort!

        • I apologize, I see too many people saying we have to surrender because there is not way we can win that I get upset. Your kids and your grand-kids deserve everyone’s best efforts.

          • Gavin Boby has a very rational way that this can all be resolved with no war or bloodshed in any volume. I think his predictions and methods are both humane and practical and possibly even likely. Ill see if I can get him to make a video on it soon.

            As a crude distillation of it though, people may start to form a kind of 21st century city state where people sign up to a set of laws and rules and if you break them you are exiled and ultimately as muslims seem not to pay for their own keep in the West, they will agree to be sent home as the power will be cut off and other services which the various productive city-states will not feel they need to pay for outside their own communities.

            If Gavin saw this I am sure he would have words but this is a most crude distillation of what is at least one sane practical method to recover our Western democratic and republican cultures without having to reduce ourselves to the level of the thuggish communists and the mass murdering raping Mohammedans.

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