Two videos which show government deceptions

Both of these were posted by different readers last night and for different reasons. But both show a powerful flaw which relates to the issues of this site.

First, from China Uncensored and posted by Richard:

Of course the problem with the Chinese logic is that they should not pretend to surveil the muslims in order to keep them safe. This is an offensive dishonesty to all concerned.

They should have the muslims and mosques under surveillance because every holy book and every mosque teaches muslims that to be observant you must destroy every other method of organizing society by any and all means possible. Koran phrases this as, “By the sword, the pen and the purse”. And the muslim Brotherhood’s motto is, “Against them make ready”.

Every single one of us reading this, including our enemies, know that if so many as three of us wrote and passed out literature that was as hate-filled, and conspiratorial as the koran, Hadiths, and the various interpretations of them which are common in every muslim book store, or if we put up even shacks, let alone buildings in major cities that held thousands, and preached this stuff and then every now and again one of our number saying our attack words and wearing our uniforms where to slaughter the innocent we would be in jail, let alone under state observation well before it got to the stage islam is at. In fact it probably would be stopped before that group had 5 people and a single garden shed.

Also studies have been done under methods which meet every facet of scientific scrutiny that over 80% of US mosques, (if I remember correctly but it may be higher,) teach kinetic jihad and all of them teach jihad because that is all islam is. Think about what we are afraid to say to each other these days over the phone! But muslims can say and do these things. And that is why China should be watching muslims closely.

Second, NorseRadish posted this worthy video as an emphasis on another point:

Many of us have already figured out bottled water was a corporate scam and certainly anyone who watched Penn & Teller’s fun series, “Bullshit”, knows that most bottled water is just water from another municipal supply trucked in to your city.

But the thing of it is, as I watched, the reasoning used for how they trick people into buying this environmental catastrophe, is identical to the reasoning Western governments used to import a giant amount of unneeded toxic extra nationals.

We “need”, apparently, the diversity. And we  “need” a few other bogus attributes that not only do we not need but will destroy us in every way you can define us as a people and a culture.

Notice how now politicians who do their jobs in opposition, and disagree with the open door to muslims policies of the corrupted Soros influenced governments, are being charged, convicted and soon maybe even jailed for doing the job they were elected to do under a system which relies on effective opposition to remain democratic. Geert Wilders, Marine Le Pen, and others. And we know what happens when one of them wins of course.

Years of bogus proceedings against them to try and remove them from office by non-democratic means while no scrutiny is ever made of those who cooperate with these globalist agencies. The list of Obama and Clinton’s crimes alone make this point.

But the same method was made on Israeli PM Netanyahu, as was used on President Trump, right before his sweeping victory that the media also was dishonest about.

There is now enough data that a clear picture of the global modus can be seen should anyone actually desire it. And should enough people seek it out, these methods will no longer work.

And clearly in some places where the polls say one thing and the elections say another, enough people have.

Eeyore for VladTepesBlog.

Mandatory disclaimer:

My statement about toxic extra nationals does not mean I am anti immigrant. I am not. But I have every right to be if I was. I, as a citizen in a free country have a right to hold whatever arcane or unfashionable views as I want to have, and to promote those views by publishing and speaking wherever I have that option or am invited to do so.

I do not accept there is such a thing as hate speech laws, and I do not accept that if there were, anyone has the authority to decide to what and how it should be applied as those interests will not be mine.

Women’s rights, gay rights and every other kind of collective rights activists used their power of freedom of speech to accomplish their goals for better or worse. One suspects for worse as it is those exact same groups and in some cases people, who seek to crush those rights for the rest of us now.



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6 Replies to “Two videos which show government deceptions”

    • A documentary on China’s moslems said they only permitted a government censored koran along with a spy in every mosque.

      You make that sound like it’s a bad thing.

      One can only fantasize about how many hundred thousands of innocent lives might have been spared (most of them Muslim) if the last three decades had seen Red China’s policy implemented on a global scale.

      This is pointed out strictly as a pragmatic and practicable issue.

      Ever since Beijing began “reeducating” its Uighur population, I’ve highlighted Chicom strategies, be they evil or benign (“beneficial” not really being up for grabs here), as models whose results can’t be ignored. As in: Almost nowhere else on Earth will a longstanding, well-established, and devout Muslim population be forcibly assimilated into an Atheist one.

      My pet Trowel insists that some mention be made of how the EU is imposing “Reverse Assimilation” (you saw it here first!). As in: Indigenous populations are being obliged to legally surrender their ancestral lands and—salting the wounds like navy bacongetting forced to adopt the culture of their invading displacers.

      As noted, for better or worse (and the PRC rarely suggests, “better”), this will be one of the only meaningful, polar opposite examples of suicidal EU wilkommenskulture.

      Some might even call it a sort of “control” group…

  1. You are right, they are using the same tactics that the companies use to sell their goods. One reason I hadn’t noticed this is because I stopped paying attention to advertising a long time ago. Politicians have hired advertising to design their commercials so it was to be expected that they would start using the tactics used to create a demand in the commerical sector.

    We are seeing this in the growth of the online shopping, I am old enough to remember when Sears, Penny’s and Montgomery Wards sent out mail order catalogues to every house. We ever very happy when their brick and mortar stores were opened in the smaller towns because it let us see the products before we bought them.

    Now slick advertising is driving us back to the “mail order” business and causing the big companies to close most of their stores. The same people pushing this are the on es pushing the idea that flooding our nations with illegals who want to change everything is good for the nations and our cultures. The people pushing this are ignoring the fact that there any and all nations can assimilate only so many people and then only if the people want to assimilate into the base culture of their new home. This fact is being ignored so the left wing politicians can gain personal political power and force our nations into left wing shit holes like was done in Venezuela. Venezuela use to be a rich nation that was a safe and comfortable place to live. Now people are drinking water from sewers and eating garbage because the left win elite have stolen from the job producing companies to the extent that the companies have left Venezuela for places where they aren’t stolen from.

    The way populist politicians like Donald Trump are being elected show that the voters either have or are learning to ignore the political rhetoric of the left and to look at what their actions of the left are saying. In many, probably in most nations this has happened too late to prevent the civil wars against the totalitarian governments the left has created.

    As more and more people turn against the left we can expect the left to turn more violent. The police actions in France and the antifa actions during the 2016 campaign and 2017 on the left coast are probably going to become so common no one expects anything different. Leftists on the Social Media platforms are at times openly talking about targeted assassinations of their political enemies. This is the next step in all nations, the left is unpersoning as many of their political enemies as they can, the next step is for the totalitarian governments to start disappearing low level political opponents and for left wing hit squads to start attacking the media types the left vilifies.

    For those who are old enough or can find the true histories of the Red Brigades and other left wing terror groups of the 1960s through parts of the 1980s you can expect a replay of that time with more groups being active in more nations.

    As always, keep your musket clean, your powder dry and watch your backs.

    • Thank you, Richard, for the well-considered analysis.

      Why so many fail to connect these neon, day-glo dots is beyond me.

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