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7 Replies to “Chicago McDonalds security guard changes equation with teen attackers”

  1. Teens, eh? Kinda like Richie Cunningham and his buddy Potsie getting a little frisky at the diner on Friday night? Instead of pulling a gun the guard should have just put on a Buddy Holly record and they would have all started jiving. It’s a wonder the Fonze didn’t show up and say, “Woah!”. That would make those darned teens sit up and listen. Quick! Somebody build those teens a community center so they can work together toward a safer more prosperous future without pig security guards always shooting at them for no reason.

    And, of course, that guard probably lost his job and his reputation for defending himself against those rambunctious darn kids…

  2. The scariest about the video is that a Fast Food Joint needs a security guard.

    Having said that the video shows why firearms are called equalizers.

    • Can – and does – happen anywhere.
      The more citizens with cc, the higher the risk for the thug. Deterrence value? Statistics must be available, but that won’t convince Hogg-tied pacificists.

      • There are a lot of stats out here about how CCW reduces crime, and as you say the true believers in disarming the victims refuse to believe it. It doesn’t fit their preconceived ideas so it has to be a fake.

        In many ways it is a religion just like the Global Warming religion.

        Two sayings from commercials that fit this discussion:

        1: What’s in your pocket.

        2: Don’t leave home without it.

  3. Security officer is attacked, pulls gun to defend himself, i see no problem here. The scary part are all the curling childrens: no, noooo, no no…

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