Joe Biden joins the BBC in the art of the patently childish lie

Check out this video by David Wood. Its sort using art against art:

David is pretending that Biden criticized Islam here because if Biden had a single honest sinew in his body he would have. But his original tweet artfully avoided it.

Notice how CNN also managed to avoid mentioning sharia or Islam as the stated reason Brunai is implementing stoning.

The Sultan however, he has no problems explaining it at all:

Here is the BBC practicing some cognitive Kung Fu on homosexuality and Islam.

Much to my amazement, The CBC both attributes these laws to Islam and Sharia in the same article. Its almost as if they think Trudeau won’t be there to protect the narrative much longer. This does not mean the CBC is no longer the enemy of the people, they most certainly are. And when they ‘interview’ people who are not leftists, they really just try and make them look like racist bigots or apologists for racist bigots which has the same effect. And at no point do they actually try and extract the real views and values of the subject. A CBC ‘interview’ is a seek and destroy mission by overpaid civil servants.

But still, this bit of honest reporting (unless they change it between now and when you read it) is a huge breath of fresh air from the postmodern and Neo-Marxist CBC.

Thanks for the help, GB.

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