Ingrid Carlqvist convicted on ancient publishing law

Above is the follow up interview after the verdict, which was today. The original interview before the court appearance and after charges were made formal is below:

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2 Replies to “Ingrid Carlqvist convicted on ancient publishing law”

  1. If it turns out that most people are against the concept of “freedom of speech” then I guess there is ultimately nothing we can do to stop it from being banned in the future. A lot of modern people, especially educated women, think of disagreeable language as being absolutely unacceptable and inappropriate and can see no reason not to ban it out of hand. They simply don’t get all that rights of man stuff, which they see as patriarchal capitalist bullshit. Obviously, Sweden is being run by an army of such women and we can all see how that is turning out. The thing is that they really do not believe in freedom they believe in “my way or the highway”…

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