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3 Replies to “This should be interesting”

  1. DA Foxx is in deep trouble.

    Also, Kamala Harris (she’s now so confused) re her lynching bill while Smollett was hanging out with her. Smollett didn’t pull the lynching hoax out of thin air. Someone influenced him.

    And let’s not forget Michelle Obama’s former chief-of-staff.

    Note: the week prior, a White guy was sentenced to 3 yrs jail time for a hoax.

    The surprise was Mayor Emmanuel, a close friend of the Obamas, siding with police officers. Police must have loads of crap on him.

    P.S.: Chicago, home of the Obamas where their presidential library still hasn’t been built because of destruction of the environment.

    • The Clintons and the Obama’s hate each other, Rham is a Clinton man through and through, he is upset that the Obama people came onto his turf and made him look bad with their very raw deal.

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