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3 Replies to “Killing Canada”

  1. It’s in America too! If the left is able to impeach Trump, it will come more. I need a director/producer names to offer some funds. Was that Vlad Tepes? Or a close associate? The video is excellent!

  2. Canadian situations are coming to America. The video is excellent and I need to know the director/producer. Is it Vlad Tepes? Or a close associate? Can I offer some funds here at vladtepesblog.com?

    • http://www.killingfreespeech.com/ Watch his other two there.

      And no, its not me, or a close associate. But the Danish fellow who made it does excellent work and I strongly recommend watching his other two films, killing Europe, and Killing Free Speech, perhaps especially as it deals with US loss of freedom of speech specifically and does an excellent job of looking at how bad actors cause policy changes via disinformation and far-left wing propaganda.

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